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  1. jdizzle

    Shipping Company - Wales

    Avoid (please pm member for name) . They were ok in the UK but useless in Australia. I currently have a container in Australia somewhere but no one knows where it is! Worth paying a bit more for peace of mind but these guys weren't the cheapest so it can be a lottery. Personal recommendation is your best bet I reckon.
  2. We moved from Perth to Sydney. It was around $1200 for a 20ft container. Avoid ?£%# Storage at all costs they let me down massively. No point me ranting on but if you ever want to see your stuff again avoid them!
  3. jdizzle

    Stamping Visa

    I have done it and its pretty much as you describe. The visa is electronically linked to your passport, so you just check in as normal and away you go. The airline actually wouldn't let you fly if you didn't have a valid visa on check in.
  4. jdizzle

    Manila Airport is the Worlds Worst

    Take a trip to Conakry, I had to bribe my way out the airport and have an armed guard thereafter. I'd take waiting in a queue over that any day!
  5. jdizzle

    Daily Mail hits a new low.

    The Mail is a racist, misogynist, fascist rag whose editor is a coward. Around the same time that Mr Miliband was writing his diary, the Mail was cosying up to a certain Mr Hitler. They are strangely quiet on this topic. To anyone who says that simply not buying the paper or ignoring stories like this is the answer is entirely missing the point. Have a look at the Mail Online and see how many pictures of girls getting out of cars or how many comments about women’s weight you can count. This is the kind of pervasive, insulting filth that is slowly infecting the minds of our future generation. This kind of cowardly, lazy 'journalism' has to be stamped out because it restricts and devalues real journalism which is a necessary tool for freedom of speech for us all. 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'
  6. jdizzle

    Vehicle Insurance Docs for UK

    Are you talking a permanent move back to the UK or a holiday? If you don't know what the document is or shows its a bit hard to give any guidance. If its a full time move back to the UK are you perhaps wanting a document showing you were insured and didn't make any claims?
  7. jdizzle


    Ipads are great and very user friendly. However they are eye wateringly expensive and not very flexible in my opinion. I personally have a Google Nexus tablet which is Android based and I find it far more open and easy to use/change. I work in IT though so I may be looking at things from a more geek POV! I have an Ipad too BTW but the Nexus is the one I use daily.
  8. jdizzle

    What does a permanent visa medical actually involve?

    When I gave my urine sample it had to be with the door open so that the nurse could make sure I wasn't pulling one out of my pocket and using it instead! Everything else was as described, only took 20 minutes for the whole thing from start to finish.
  9. Don't forget about the shipping time, it takes around 12 weeks so you will be without your stuff for this period if you do ship.
  10. jdizzle

    For the love of OZ...

    Hi, You are so right, For some reason people on this site seem worse than most. People don't even read the question or your reason for asking it as you can see from the above! For me I am married to an Aussie but fell in love with the place when I worked there in 2000. I love the weather, being able to plan days out without worrying if it will rain. I love the work, I love the massive nature of the place, driving up North and camping under the stars. If you head out from Perth a little the stars at night are simply astonishing. You can only decide for yourself whats best, I would suggest ignoring 99% of whats on this site and go experience things for yourself - from your question I can see you have the right attitide to succeed.
  11. jdizzle

    How did you book your flights?

    Hi I'd be wary of booking with Flight Centre. Once you book with them they 'own' your booking so if you want to change anything, book a meal, pre book a seat you need to do it via it them and to be frank I find that a pain. Plus if anything happens while you are away, or before you leave, the airline can't liaise with you directly, they aren't allowed. So you might find yourself needing to get hold of someone in Flight Centre at 3am which won't be easy. My personal opinion is that you are much better just booking direct with the airline then you own your own booking and can do what you want with it.
  12. jdizzle

    25 year old man dies of thirst in outback queensland.

    Apart from all the things mentioned you need to tell someone where you are going, what route you are taking and when you expect to arrive. Its a dull but simple method when all technology fails you which it can.
  13. jdizzle

    Disadvantages of being good looking.

    I will tell you one thing about good looking people. We are not well liked.
  14. jdizzle

    June Spouse Visa

    No, the visa is electronic and simply associated with your passport number. They send you an email with a reference number on it and recommend you print this out and take it with you but thats all.