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    Move to Oz with no qualifications

    To be honest if you can get over here the qualifications you have won't matter.....as NONE of mine or my partners have been recognised at all...I am an Australian by birth but moved to UK when I was ten with my mother...now I'm 34 I have Sponcerd my finance and we have returned to NSW and arrived on the 1st of march 2013 ...we started looking or employment 3 weeks afterwe first arrived and since then we have been consistently been looking for a job for weeks on end now...from morning to night.....the is no word of a lie ..we have both applied for over thirty jobs each and have all the necessary things like a OZ bank accounts, drivers licence, residence (living with my father) and still we haven't heard back from one single job !..........NOW...I have been offered a position finally at the employment Center we have been going to as they were that impressed of our attendance !!...but this is lucky...but I didn't actually apply for this job !! ...you need a licence or a qualification to absolutely everything out here and all have to be done here in OZ......even the easiest of jobs like a lollipop lady and cleaner need a qualification...you need first aid to do absolute everything and a licence just to work in a bar !! It's a joke ! :-( shame as this experience has almost ruined the excitement of returning here after 24 years ! Ad my partner is not happy at all.
  2. Hi all, this is juts a bit of a heads up and slight warning to all those soon to be making the move to OZ trying to find work !! I am actually and Australian by birth but moved to the u.k when I was ten with my mother, now that I am 34 I have Sponcerd my fiancée for a partner visa...(he and I have been together for 7 years) and he was granted a permanent Australian visa and we packed up and made arrangements with my OZ family to live with them in NSW (my father lives here) my fiancce and I arrived in NSW on the 1st of march 2013 , the first week we went and sorted our tax file number applications (this is like a national insurance number for tax reasons) and we also opened a joint bank account , got our NSW drivers licences sorted and we also registered at a government job finding Center. The second week we just relaxed a bit .......and then by the third week we were "all systems go" to try and sort out employment ! Now my partner is a fully qualified fiberglass fabricator and has a huge amount of experience building very large boats with super references, he also has ten years experience in the security industry again with super references , he is also ex police and a very employable type of person, fit and healthy with a tidy presentable outlook. I would consider myself to be pretty well experienced and good at a few things including sales, customer service, management and I am also ex British armed forces,I also have a lot of experience in the security industry and am a fully diploma level 3 qualified personal fitness trainer and sports Rehab massage therapist. Neither of us smoke or drink and we don't have children at the moment, we have a clean criminal background and full NSW drivers licences...........we are both well presented and have access to a car. We have had our CV done professionally and they look pretty good..and we tailor our cover letters to suit the job type.....now it has been about 9 weeks since we arrived and up until last week neither of us had found employment despite a HUGE amount of effort !! .....With luck I did finally get a job but my fiancée is still searching . We have consistently from 10 in the morning until 4.30 Monday to Friday been in that job Center looking and calling and dropping CVs into places looking for a job....and as a result of that this is where I have actaly found employment !!!!!!! ........The job center we were at offered me a job !!!!!.........but NONE of the jobs either of us have applied for have returned to us at all.....and that is now over 30 each !!! you need a "licence or a qualification" to do absolutely everything over here ..no word of a lie...this including bar work and you will need to completely re do your security qualification completely with is 1000 dollars to do ! , cleaning and the most simplest of jobs all have licences including lollipop ladies and laboures...everything !!!!...and all licences cost quite allot of money !! ...and without a job money is hard to come by...none of our U.K qualifications are recognised here at all and we cannot transfer them either !!! We would need to do the course again !!!! It's RIDICULOUS ! So please BE WARNED...IT'S PRETTY RIDICULOUS! :-( not happy right now about this. ​
  3. Hiya, we are due to leave u.k for Sydney on the 28th of feb :-) . we are going to move just a few large cardboard boxes (x 8) with the shipping company PPS as they seem really easy to contact and nice to get on with ......my question is...I haven't booked a container as I haven't enough stuff...I haven't been told I need too ??? And I was quoted about 400 pounds with delivery in OZ ...so how will my stuff get sent...I am shipping not flying it.......I'm assuming it will just get added to another half empty container ???? And will I have to pay customs fees when I come to collect my stuff in O.Z ????? As I have just had to pay seventy pounds just to collect a large parcel that i was sent from the u.s.a (a gift) To the u.k....and because of this i was worrying this simler situation might happen in O.Z but with our belongings ...on a larger scale !!!!! ...!!!:skeptical::twitcy::twitcy::no::goofy::confused:
  4. I did the visa application myself...I didn't waste tones of money on an agent ....I am a female australian by birth and we live in the U.K, and So I Sponcerd my u.k male partner on a 309/100 partner visa. We launched his application on the 21st feb 2012 police check was applied for 27th feb 2012 Medicals were done on the 13 th of march 2012 Police check was sent to them on the 14th of march. We received an email on the 18th of march saying that no further evidence was needed and visa was being proccessed we got the answer back this week via email on the 8th of August that they have given him a PERMINENT subclass 100 visa for australia :-) !!!! Hooorrrraay ! We have to be in the county by 16th of march 2013 next year to activate it. Plan to go in feb 2013 3 cat too ..Sydney location.
  5. We decided to take the plunge because I have lived in the U.K since 1990, I was born in Sydney and most of my family are still there in N.S.W (apart from my mum who is here in the U.K ) I met my partner in the U.K and we have been engaged for 5 years now and live together , we both work so much and things never seem to get easier...we never have much down time and when we do it's not very good quality and always costs money no matter what it is...I am sick of the pants weather in the U.K, chavs, poor employment oppertunitys and low wages, not to mention the non existent chance of getting a mortgage !!! We want our free time to be worth while and to have a better quality of life..... I suggested to him last year that we move, to start with he was pretty negative on the idea and scared about the whole subject.....but since he has warmed on the idea and he has now applied and payed for his visa and all his medicals and the visa is now being waited for ( partner visa) we launched it in feb and we want to go out by next feb...taking my three cats and hope that it will all work out...sometimes you have to take a bit if a leap of faith...and if all else fails and we aren't better off..........Then i would rather be poor and in a pants job in a beautiful sunny country with stunning beaches that are clean and free with stunning wildlife , than poor and in a pants job in this country that is full to the brim with people, and nothing to do and awful weather, and little prospects for the future....go compare ! L.o.l
  6. cacoonkitty

    do you regret it?

    no problems hunny, yes we all worry but as you say leave that until later...but make provisions and plans to go ahead with your dreams...your pups will be juts fine as you now know...so no need to be sad or worry...just see it as a long holiday...and you can still come back and see them when you visit the uk and give them lots of yummy treats and things so dont fret. x :wink:
  7. cacoonkitty

    do you regret it?

    Hun the thing is to stop thinkinh your giving them up....your not!!...your letting them saty with daves mum....they are just fine...and guess what if its that bad when you get out there , then there is the choice to have them shipped out from daves mums....juts look at it as a recce...get your selfs sorted first and they get the dogs out afterwards....you will be missing out if you dont try australia...and remember the dogs are just fine and being loved and fussed over...they will be very happy im sure...so stop being silly and knocking yourself...your not doing anything wrong ok. x katt :hug:
  8. cacoonkitty

    do you regret it?

    Hi Hunny, i know how hard it is when it come to giving up pets that you love, but if you take them with you it would be very expensive...if you can afford to take them well thats great...and if they are healthy and you have somwhere to keep them at the other side after quarenteen then do so...but remember if you would be jepordizing your own chances...such as finding a rental as a new resident of australia then the thing i would do (and have done with my 5 cats) is to find them new loving homes all together (which i have done and they are juuuust fine).....i wish i could have taken them with me but at over £12000 pounds to pet air them all and to pay for there quarenntee fees i sydney at the other end we simply couldnt afford to do this then there was the problem of finding a rental as alot wont accept pets and as a new resident i wanted to give myself the best chances i could (even if i am an australian by birth who left 22 years ago) ...so sadly but well thought out we found new homes for our 5 kittys....(make sure you give youself time to do this properly and NOT panicked at the last minute) this way you can assure they are well settled before you leave and that way u will be happier about your choice....im sure dogs would be fine on the flight over if you DO choose to take them but i personaly wouldnt want to split them up at the last minute...if this is the case then give it time before you go so they can adjust ok...but it is terribly expensive sadly...and so it was not a choice we had. xxxx its not your fault and remember they arent going to be hurt if they are re homed and will be happy with a good adopted family to look after them for you and im sure they will keep in touch aswell . x:wink::jimlad:
  9. cacoonkitty

    Help !! 1 person in uk 1 in OZ 309/100 visa!!

    Ahhh thanks guys, thats all a big releife to know, takes some stress off the old shoulders again!!...thankyou for your help peeps. xxxx:biggrin:
  10. cacoonkitty

    Help !! 1 person in uk 1 in OZ 309/100 visa!!

    Hi Guys, Oh thats good!!!...feeeew!!....i will call the aussie emigartion aswell juts to double check...but i thought i would ask on peoples experiance from australia aswell....was it more difficult??..... We have been together for 5 years here in the u.k ...and have evidence to support that for at least 3 years...such as tennanacy agreements and houshold bills with the same addrersses on them and some with both our names listed on them..and bank statemenst.. (should we blank out the account numbers ???) , aswell as a few other things too such as pictures of us and stuff so thats a good thing...we have nearly done the paperwork part so it would be just after he sends it off that i should emagine that i would need to go over...my father is telling me to come over now !!!...but i cant just yet due to cash flow.....but as i said it will probably be before my partner has had the visa granted so i am looking at in a couple of months time around december time otr early jan....that way i can sort a few things out before he arrives at around april may time ( i hope)...its very scary for him...as he is petrifed of not getting on over there without his family and friends...my thought is he will make new friends,and we will still be coming back to see family here(as my mum will be staying in the uk) and if we dont try australia...how will we know if we would have a better life style or not!!...he is so scared of not getting a ok paid job in/near sydney as a trades person ( he works within the boat building trade)...I think he will be ok...and as my dad says it depends on the person !!...if you slack off and dont try to look for employment then you would find a job... but if you look and try then you will ....same as anywhere i guess !!....it has to be better over there than the uk...its so boring here...and looks so beautifull over there. x
  11. Hi Guys, please can anyone tell me IM SO WORRIED !!!...i am a born australian woman living in the u.k and i am ( 32 years old) with her fiancee who is a british man of (29 years old)....we are both currently preparing the paperwork for his aplication for a partner visa subclass 309/100 so he can come and live in australia with me on a permanant basis.....however i have just found out today that i might need to go out to australia before him and before his visa has even been applyed for ......can he still be sponcerd by me from australia if he has to stay in the u.k until its granted.......under the plan he will come out a few months after me once his visa is granted??...PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ??. x:chatterbox::wideeyed::eek::shocked::unsure:
  12. cacoonkitty

    An Aussie moving home!

    hiya, yes i heard that the used cars were pricey, i gessed we would need around $5000 for a little run around (nothing swanky just a set of wheels )...my father said i could use or possibly even keep one of his cars (an old geep)...they are older but a car is a car...so thats all that matters and a big bonus for us to start with !!..i guessed that to compare the cost of everthing in the u.k to the cost of everything in australia woud be daft as the cost would be more in some areas and less in others as you say...but the australian minimum wage is higher so it kind of seems like it will level out to be simler .in the u.k on my holidays and days off i can never seem to find anything to do, and we always seem to do the same things...cinema and gym, and the Same resteraunt !.........most of the people seem to orientate around drinking and geting drunk and wasted on a weekend and my partner and i simply dont go partying every weekend and dont drink alchahole very much at all..so we wanted a better quality of life with more variety of things to see and do and sydney seemed to have that.....the u.k seems so samey all the time...!!!..i look at the beaches in australia and lovely weather and i imagine that on a weekend we could have barbeques at the beach or in parks as you say , invite friends over to do the same or to go out in the lovely weather on the beach and swim and enjoy the wildlife and country...rather than staying in out of the cold and rain and dull skys , i see a better ocean with more than juts one beach to visit that is beautifull of nearby ..so an offer of valiety of places to go which seems so nice seems more...i juts hope i am right....i havent been back to sydney for a long while about 9 years but i do remember being at the beach ALL the time when i lived there before 22 years ago and also remember my mother doing to same and always doing sometghing diferent...snorkling , scuba diving, body boarding , dinner, partys and so on...but in the u.k the beach is pretty rubbish and its normaly too cold to get in anyway...so a quality of life is essential for me as i feel so lost and restless right now. :daydreaming::chatterbox::wacko:..sorry about this rant.l.o.l. x
  13. cacoonkitty

    An Aussie moving home!

    yeah i know, we will have it easier than alot of people do when emigratingas i am lucky to have my dad out there in a lovely house... !!...thats for sure!!....im even doing all the paperwork for my fiancees visa ..(he has proof read and signed it of course) and all he really has to do is save up some of his money ( as i am )until march next year and them come out there with me !!....l.o.l.....i wish we could go on a holiday there first to sydney !!!...but we cant afford to pay for this aswell , as it will eat right into our savings ...and we need all the cash we can get !!..this is the problem u see as we dont own a house here to sell and so will only have a few thousand pounds to take with us and at the most we will only have £10000 by march,..we would go out for a few weeks to check the place out first before commiting to the visa costs...but we cant afford it !!!...its a real shame but i guess that the price of the (recce flights £1600) will be the same as the visa price so its one or the other!!..and the only thing holding chris back from being happy about emigrating is his blooing job !!!...i wish he could go out to check first...it would certainly make things alot easier and ease his mind...i told him i too am making sacrafices...but i am tryting to keep positive about it the whole time for us both... of course its easier to stay here in the u.k...but i hate it here now...and australia has to be better than the u.k.....surely !!!.....as this place is getting worse by the minute :unsure:!!!!. sure it has its good bits but the bad out weigh the good in my eyes.
  14. cacoonkitty

    An Aussie moving home!

    Hi all, i too am an australian wanting to rwturn home,,,i have been in the uk for 22 years, moved here with my mum when i was 10 so now at 32, i want to go back with my uk fiancee...hes not so keen but all my family are there in sydney and my dad has said we could live in his lovely house...it has plently fo space and he said he would give us one of his cars..(bomb or not its still wheels!!) so im trying to get my other half to see the positive side to moving...i dont know what i will do if he doesnt want to go..as im not happy in the uk anymorre and wish he would come and see how much nicer the country is...as someone rightly sadi above yes the cost of living is higher but you get paid higher wages to match it so it kind of works out that your the same in the end...i juts want us both to have a better quality of life and a nicer outdoors life, im so sick of the crappy dull skys making everyone feel depressed with noting to do as its too cold to go to the beach...sydney is where i wanna be. i hope everyone else gets on well too!. x :chatterbox::cool:
  15. cacoonkitty

    i dont know what to do....rant !!!!!

    Hi all..thanx 4 all ur replys, currently we are staying with a parent to save money on rent /bills ect...he has been to australia quite a few years ago now for a rugby tour and liked it there but as he was younger it would be diffrent as a working adult and diffresnt if you were living there rather than a holiday.....the only thing in this country holding him back is that fact he has an alright job ( £1500 a month so nothing amazing! ) ...i told him that i needed him to at least apply for the visa so he will juts have a CHOICE to go out next year (when i wanted us to go in april /may)...i said that once his visa had been granted he just needs to visit the country once to activate it and he doesnt even have to stay out there if he hates it and can come back..or juts go on holiday and not leave his job until hes been out there and i could stay in australia until he had decided if he wanted to give his notice and come out to live...i said this and he knows it but he still does nothing, juts carrys on as normal...i am being left to do ALLL the paperwork and it feel its very one sided, he doenst want for us to split up and neither do i as we love one another and we r engarged and in a 5 year relationship..but if i give in and do the easy option of juts staying here in the u.k i will just be going along with what he wants AGAIN because he cant be botherd to wih the hassle and emotion involved.....he is younger than me 28 and scared i am 32 , i understand that its a big move and scary but i said we would do it together and support one another..and also that he/we will never know if we dont try it and he simply sais that if he does give up his current job to go to australia that he wont get a job like the one he has now when he comes back to the U.K ...so hes already admitting defeat !!..and already assuming its going to fail !!!...i juts cant win...i told him that he would get a job out there as hes a hard worker and that there would be no instant pressure when we got there as my father is letting us live with him in his lovely house..and letting us have a car too!!!..but he still sees only the negative side..he has friends that have moved out there who love it but he still seem to see only the negative sides and doesnt even look on the internet at pictures or anything!!!!...i am beggining to feel verey upsett as i have told him for the last 3 months to do something about the visa..even juts to right his statement sand he still hasnt even picked up the forms and looked at them..so i have done them for him ...he seems to go along with that and hasnt said no to going and i am telling him what i am doing and he juts lets me do it.....but he hasnt really spoken about it with me either...and time is ticking on..when we could have applied at least !!!, i cant really afford to pay 1600 for his visa ect but if it will give him a choice to go next year then its better than not being able to go at all...becaue he hasnt applied earlier!!!...my mother has said to me more than once firmly...that i should just go wothout him as hes not making any move to decide or disscuss it...and if he wants to follow me then she will help him with the forms..i am so torn up...., i hate the u.k now..its so over run with debt and poverty and misery its draging me down, crappy weather and sad people with nothing better to do than drin and smoke( sorry to smokers l.o.l). x...australia seems so much more of a happy country to live and work...at least it has all those beautifull beaches and bright sunny days....and birds