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    Looking for lift from Melb to Perth in Aug

    Have you looked at car hire relocation? Or campervan relocation. You can rent them dirt cheap as they want them moved to different places. I'm considering flying round aus and collecting them and driving back to Sydney. They do rates from $1 per day
  2. Peemacgee

    2nd stage de facto visa requirements

    My application was done in the uk. Are you on a 309 visa at the moment to move to a 100 visa ?? If so the paperwork would just be the same
  3. Peemacgee

    2nd stage de facto visa requirements

    Hi guys, I've just received my paperwork for the second stage (100) defacto spouse visa. I imagine you have done all the paperwork in the Uk (big file of evidence). The second part seams too easy. All we have to do is a stat dec from me, and one from my partner (sponsor) and do a AFP police check, that is it! Hope it helps
  4. Hi guys just wanted to see if people had done their second part of the defacto spouse visa, for permanent residency, and how long it takes, I am just waiting my police check I have the stat decs so just need to send it off and wait
  5. Peemacgee

    Second stage of 309/100 visa app - my thoughts on it

    Hi frogian, I know it's a daft question as you did put 21 months ago, but what date did you apply for the visa as I think I may be up soon
  6. Peemacgee

    Should we leave our dog in the Uk or bring her

    Speak to your vet, but there are loads of dogs here from colder countries, the amount of Alaskan malamutes I see is unreal. We brought our finish spitz over from the uk. He has malted a it more, but they adjust. I found having the dog here helped me settle in, as I would have been worried if I left him, my dog too is as furry as they come, and he is fine
  7. Peemacgee

    Whats Christmas like in Australia???

    We do not have kids so can't comment about the schools, but they have big Carol concerts in parks, some houses around go mad with the lights round their house. It is strange as it is summer but gonna be great.
  8. Peemacgee

    Maggie Thatcher - Leaving London 19th Dec

    She will be fine, we brought our dog a couple of months ago to Sydney, eastern creek and they were great really looked after him, said he was tired from the flight but nothing more, probably slept for most of it, and now he loves his Aussie walks. What part are you moving to?
  9. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    I've not got my bike yet either, what kind you looking at?
  10. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    I was.considering the domain car park and take a hike. Although reception at work has loads of room so wonder if they would mind me parking indoors?
  11. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    What street do you work on?
  12. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows any decent places to park a motorbike near Clarence street? I have seen the free parking spots but don't want my bike to get trashed, I have seen the domain car park is $5 per day does anyone else park there or now how easy it is to get a spot?
  13. Peemacgee

    Oakley started his journey today!

    We have had monty out of quarantine at Sydney now for nearly a week, and they were fantastic. He was really well looked after.
  14. Peemacgee

    Dogs in quarantine

    I bet you are like a kid on Christmas eve, wanting to get an early night! We are the same going to rock up early at quarantine and free monty
  15. Peemacgee

    Dogs in quarantine

    Superb, when I read your first post about it I wondered why. Glad it is sorted. Bet your counting down the days. Our monty is cheeky boy at quarantine, as each time we leave he tries to sneak out with us