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  1. Helen Lauwers

    Who's Migrating in September???

    We fly 2nd Sept to Perth! Can't wait!! Feels like it will never come x
  2. Helen Lauwers

    Hi new to site, heading to Perth!

    Melissa cant believe my eyes reading your info. We live in Billingham too!! Small world!! We have just allocated our agent and are also applying for a 176, hoping to move to Perth too!! Helen x
  3. Helen Lauwers

    Perth or Sydney???

    Hi Sandra thanks for your comment. My husband is getting asked how much he wishes his salary to be. Do you know how much welding inspectors/QA qc managers earn in WA? Thanks
  4. Helen Lauwers

    Perth or Sydney???

    Thank you all for your advice. I think with regards the job situation Perth looks more promising! We live in North East England now (near Middlesbrough for our sins!) so anywhere is better than here! We r only an hour away from Newcastle and Leeds which we love so really we are not used to living in a big city and I suppose we are quite isolated up here which had never really bothered me. When I have been to the likes of London I have always thought how much I like it but would hate to live there so Perth is more likely the place for us!
  5. Helen Lauwers

    Perth or Sydney???

    Hello myself, husband and 2 boys (aged 4 and 7 months) cannot decide whether to move to Perth or Sydney! We have pros and cons for both so would appreciate any advice people may have! My main worry about Perth is the fact it's very isolated from the rest if Oz however my husband is a Welding Inspector and have been informed that work is plentiful in WA?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated x
  6. Helen Lauwers

    how much are we looking at???????

    Hello we have just allocated our agent and have decided to do state sponsorship route. However it ses pricey!! It's about $4500 for fees plus same again for all the other charges including visa charge, skills assessment etc! Works out about £6000. Would this be about right? Can anyone help! Also we are looking at Perth, but I am wondering whether it may be too hot in the summer and maybe a little bit to laid back for me as u get bored. Also we have a 4 year d and a 6 month old so good schooling is important too!! Is Melbourne possibly a better alternative? My husband is a Welding Inspector so we need to really be where the work is. Any advice would be very much appreciated!!