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  1. Kylie83

    New to oz

    Hi Adam the further north you go it becomes a little cheaper.. Again depending where you get work there are some really big plumbing companies that work both in Syd and further up north my way... Maybe contact them about getting some work n that may help u work out where you wanna be:) Kyles
  2. Kylie83

    New to oz

    Phi there we live on the Central Coast in a place called Umina. Where r u guys looking to move too? Kylie
  3. Kylie83

    New to oz

    Hi Adam... I live an hr nth of Sydney so don't really know where are the best places to live I know the northern beaches is a lovely area.. I guess it depends what your looking for...you will get work easily being a plumber tradies go well over here if I can help u with anything let me know.. I am an Ozzie
  4. Kylie83

    New to oz

    Hi Adam what part of oz are you coming too?
  5. A few of us are meeting at Newport Arms on Saturday around midday.. None of us have met before so if anyone wants to come think it will be a more the merrier
  6. Hi lindsay/Mike... It doesn't matter where you guys wanna meet up if Newport is too difficult we can meet anywhere Kyles/Ben
  7. Hi there we are in Umina on the central coast keen to meet up
  8. Hi guys.. That sounds good I'm not 100% where neutral bay is bt know manly n that.. Do u know Newport at all? I'm on fb if u wanna add me Kylie Geeves
  9. Looking for some new mates.. My husband Ben and I moved from UK 4 years ago and have struggled making new friends we live on the Central Coast but happy to travel into Sydney for a meet up... I'm and Ozzie and Ben is from SE London... We are 28 and 29 keen for an afternoon meet up at Newport arms if anyone else is up for it :tongue:
  10. Hi Jane we r in Umina... How long have u been here?? I am actually an Aussie who lived In the uk my husband is from London x
  11. Anyone fancy a few drinks and a pub lunch?? Ben and Kylie
  12. We live in umina happy to meet up if u like I am 28 and my husband is 27 x
  13. Hi Hun we are just across the water on the central coast both 27 x If ur keen to meet up just let me know Kylie