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  1. Hello we are the same my husband, I and 2 children moved to oz beginning of 2013 and 16 months later we back in UK, I had my second child only 6 wks before we emegrated, had rough couple months for various reasons ended up being forced to move to another park of oz which turnt out to be s good move, but I just couldn't get over the hearts ache of feeling lonely and missing people, my hubby got offered his old job back with relocation package and we jumped at it but now............... Surprisingly despite my longing to be back here in UK I am craving to be back In oz!! Just can't shift the feeling ists driving me crazy lol. Yes I love having my family and friends bs I in my life so much but our lifestyle is shocking!! Don't like the schools etc deffo regretting coming back but at same time couldn't say yes I woukd deffo go back if given thr chance coz I know I would still have that feeling of longing for my friends/family very hard thing, hope you make a decision that suits you all and works out.
  2. ftmummy

    Reverse Culture Shock?

    We were only in oz for 16months we had some ups and downs but I felt so home sick the whole time only for friends and family though, we were very fortunate in oz in some ways such as we were financially stable for the 1st time in our married life! my husbands job was an 8 on 8 off shift so although him being away was very hard it did mean every other week he was home, could take our boy to and from school lots of family time, standard of living was lovely beautiful place. then a chance to come back to UK came up and we were so torn as to what to do! we loved our life in oz but were struggling to make friends and missed people so much so after doing a pros and cons list for uk and oz we decided to come back which I was so excited about was so lonely in oz. anyway been back 6 months now and although things are EXACTLY the same in every way I have really struggled to settle back home, we are even living back in same house as we rented it out so things are exactly how they used to be but this hasn't helped the feelings of confusion and missing oz! I read on here many of times not to move back just for family and friends and athough I felt this wasn't true and that family and friends make your life (as we had the life in oz but struggled to enjoy it as we had no one to share it with) well I can now see what they meant.....I love having those special people back in my life spending time together having support and and htaving them in my kids life but have only just came to the conclusion that actually that's no enough our life here sucks compared to what we had in oz my hubby now works 12hr days 5 days a week I cant even find work! my kids arnt as lively and outgoing as they were and we have no money to do anything so we have left a lovely outdoor lifestyle with amazing schools for my boy to a life of being stuck in and not being able to afford to do anything, schools are no comparison I dislike them so much now that I have experienced oz ones!. so reality is we made the wrong choice coming back but for now it is our life and will just have to try and make the most of it. Obviously everyone is different this is just my personal feelings and experiences. and actually we met a family fro devon I oz and they were adamant the whole time they were there that they would never retyrn to uk then all of a sudden they decided to go back and they have been back 8 months now and couldn't be happier! so just decided your reasons for coming back thoroughly and then go from there. it may be the best thing you do or you may regret it truth is you wont really know until you get back and start living life. Good luck with your decisions and the move
  3. ftmummy

    Not sure we made the right choice!

    Yes family and friends are more important and we didn't really want to live elsewhere because it defeated the object of coming back and having them people in the doorstep and eg support I think moving back to same house hasn't helped we will move in coupleyears again but still close by
  4. ftmummy

    Not sure we made the right choice!

    Hi everyone so my husband and I moved over to OZ in Jan 2013 on a sponsored visa with the intent to stay long term, first 6 months were extremely hard for various reasons from me being a new mum (moved with a 6 week old baby) leaving loved ones behind and then issues with my husbands employers but anyway we ended up In Cairns which was a beautiful place we really loved it there had a lovely lifestyle my husband was home every other 8 days FIFO of mines we had lots of time as a family, did lots of exciting things and for the first time in our life together we had no money worries things were the stereotypical 'dream life' but.............my god despite the amazing lifestyle we had the pull of missing loved ones was overtaking all of the above more on by behalf than my husbands, and after 16 months there I still felt the same as day 1 I couldn't think of anything other than those special people that wasn't in my life! we had our first batch of visitors this year between feb-april and seeing them all was the most amazing feeling in the world, and sharing all our wonderful experiences with them made us realise that although we had a lovely life we didn't have anyone to share it with, we were struggling to met new people and after 16 months only I made couple friends and my husband none with all this in mind we decided that we would give it another year and see how we felt but that we would prob head home to the uk, but..................an ideal job and relocation package arrised for my husband from the company he used to work for in the uk so we were almost put in that position of move now and take that opportunity or leave it and see what happens next year which in turn would risk my husband not getting a job back at his old company n which he was reluctant to leave in the first place. so we made the decision to return and within 6 weeks of receiving the job offer we were back home.. we stayed with family for a few months whilst waiting for our house and being back with everyone was amazing we did all the social things we really missed with family and friends and eventually moved back into our house (we rented it out when we moved away) so anyway we are now on month 5 of being home and surprisingly I am feeling really unsettled I really miss our life in OZ, after 5 months we are already back to how we were before we left, my hubby working all the time, back to struggling financially cant have the social life we came back for as we can just about afford to live, people really don't respect the world we live in, crime is shocking compared to when we left and with all this in mind am starting to wonder if we made the right choice???????? don't think we have, problem is I have to accept this decision and try and make the most of being back with our loved ones (like I always wanted) its a typical example of you cant have everything we loved oz and our lifestyle but missed people had to choose one or the other and we decided that as long as we were happy the children would be and we would be fine, but am not as happy as I thought I would be guess my missing them when away was clouding what we really had over there. anyway a long and winded write up sorry but if anyone else is feeling the same be nice to hear from you.
  5. ftmummy

    relocate to Cairns?

    Hi all so my story is myself my husband and our 2 boys 5yrs and 6mnths moved to Mackay in QLD 6 months ago we like the area beautiful local areas etc close to Whitsunday islands but its a little too remote for us we would like a bit more to do with the kids rather than just beaches and parks! my husband is a diesel fitter and his job has landed a contract in weipa and they want people to relocate to cairns or Townsville and we are considering the move, I have done some research looks like we can rent cheaper up there and there seems more to do i.e zoos water parks etc, can anyone that lives there or has been their share their views on the place and any reccomendations on what area is best to live? would like to be close to beach and have shopping malls etc close by, also how do you find the schools thanks in advance for any help.
  6. ftmummy

    Who Do I tell??

    Are we classed as resident immediately as we on working visa or is it just when it becomes permanent residencey?
  7. ftmummy

    Who Do I tell??

    Hi calling all those that have made the move already or anyone else that may know.......my family and I are off to QLD in the new year and I was just wondering if anyone knew as to whether I needed to let any local authority/council etc in the UK know that we are emgrating?? might be a silly question but dont want to leave and then end up getting any comeback/problems for not declaring it if we need to! and are we still entitled to child benefit from UK until we become permament residents in Oz (we are going on sponsored working visa and wont be able to claim residence until 1-2yrs), hope someone can help x
  8. Thank you to everyone that has left comments they are all food for thought and helpful in their own way, this will be baby no: 2 for me so will have a boy of 5 too! good to know that i will get good care in Oz if this was what we had to do, I dont like change and take a while to adapt to things and can be quite emotional at best of times let alone with pregnancy hormones too lol, so i really would like to have in UK as i know the big move is goinf to be hard enough without being pregnant and having it in a new country! The move will be hard whatever i know that i am quite close to family so gonna break my heart whatever! anyhow will hopefully find out in couple of weeks if hubby has job and whether they will wait so guess its just a waiting game for now and see what happens next. Thanks again for all help
  9. Ok thanks we not got medical insurance here, not sure what visa we getting yet as company sponsoring us and sorting it all so none the wiser as to what we need at the moment so cheers for the heads up!! so we wil qualify for some sort of medicare then? is that what u mean? sorry 4 all the questions
  10. Is that a certain type of insurance with medicare? thanks for reply, we heading to QLD!
  11. Hi so am almost 12wks pregnant now was planned but unexpected as didnt think it would happen for personal reasons, anyway has now put spanner in works for emegrating, hubby been offered jobs/relocation packages etc we were aiming for the move by september but obviously now i am expecting am anxious to stay i uk with friends and family support to have baby then make the move early next year after its born! however am panicking incase hubbys possible new employers arnt willing to wait that long for him, can anyone advice on what its like to have baby in oz been told so many different things dont know what to think! been told i wont qualify for medicare as not permanent resident and therefore will pay a fotune in costs for apps and to have it etc! is this true? also worried about the extreme heat and being alone with no support and a new born baby and toddler, anyone been here and can comment??? please help
  12. ftmummy

    Pregnant!!! spanner in the works, help

    Deffo not the only one lol and yh we are our worst enemies haha, will just have to learn to sit back and let things happen as they happen not everything can be planned...!! much to my disgust lol. cheers Dawn will deffo take it easy! So are u already there or in process?
  13. ftmummy

    Pregnant!!! spanner in the works, help

    Thanks Dawn its all so scary as it is without worrying about bump/hospitals etc! I worry a lot and like to know things have everything planned/mapped out lol hence the hesitation now! am sure it will all fall into place as hubby likes to keep telling me lol, will keep posts updated thanks again
  14. ftmummy

    Pregnant!!! spanner in the works, help

    Thanks for your views everybody and trubeliever this is number 2 already have a 4 yr old too!! just cant decide!! will prob still carry on with all the visa's/arrangements etc then just go from there i think!
  15. Hi all so hubby and I been trying for baby for 15months now found out last month it prob wouldnt happen without a procedure to unblock my tubes so we decided to give up and chase our OZ dream and started pushing to go this year instead of next, we in process of colecting documents for visas and hubby got job lined up however.........................just found out i am pregnant arrrrgh am sooooo excited as it was what we wanted but now what do we do about OZ??????????? I am thinking hold off till after i have had it just to have support from family etc but i know hubby still keen on going b4!!! Argh really dont know what to do now!! also house not sold yet and i oly got till sep them wont be able to fly so not even sure it could even go through that quick! Any opinions, views advide anyone been or in this position help!!