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  1. OzzHammer

    Moving to Queensland? Join our state specific forum

    Hi there, Not much going on on that site I'm afraid..... I've registered, but not many people posting. Cheers Sent from my Hudl 2 using PomsinOz mobile app
  2. Hi all, Same here, my daughter will be finishing June next year and my son finishing college. My daughter will be 17 on 8th September 2018 so we were wondering if she would need to legally return to school ? We plan to move to Gold Coast / Brisbane straight after. Anyone able to advise ?? Regards Colin
  3. OzzHammer

    RRV Questions

    Hi Westly, Thanks again!! Good thing you mentioned the visitor visa as I was contemplating flying out there for a week or so to have some job interviews and get a job offer to support my RRv application. Are you able to provide any further comments on my points 2,3 and 4 at all? Kind regards Colin
  4. OzzHammer

    RRV Questions

    Hi Westly, Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated. Just so I'm clear, because the travel right has expired on the 856, we are not entitled to re-enter Australia on that visa even though the visa is still valid? Kind regards Colin
  5. OzzHammer

    RRV Questions

    Hi all, Background: 457 Granted 31.01.2005 Arrived in Oz 04.03.2005 856 Granted 18.12.2007 Left Oz 01.06.2012 (Transfer within BMW Group back to UK) 856 Expired 18.12.2012 We now want to return to Australia and have read through the form 1085 and have a few queries. 1. Is there a time limit on when you have to enter Australia after the visa is granted ? 2. Question 31 on the form "Do you have any substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties with Australia which are of benefit to Australia? Answer - NO. I am applying for jobs in Oz while in the UK but getting responses stating they are happy to talk to me once I am IN Oz. When talking to the call centre at Australia house, i was told without a job offer it would be difficult to get this visa - chicken and egg scenario...... 3. Q34 "Have you been absent from Australia for a continuous period of 5 years or more immediately before lodging this application? Answer - NO, but from June 1st this year, YES. Is this likely to cause me an issue if we can't apply until after June ? Also, I will be 52 in July, could this also go against me ? And lastly on this question, what is the relevance of 5 years, it is asked in Q29, Q34, Q36 and Q37? 4. Q39 "Did you have a compelling and compassionate reason for last departing Australia? I would have said YES given it was a transfer within the BMW but also a chance of a lifetime to which I have supporting documentation. So, sorry for the lengthy post, hopefully there's some experience out there that can help and guide me here. Many thanks Colin
  6. OzzHammer

    Moving back to UK in six to nine months

    Hi All, Well, the flights are booked for 1st June, so now we are looking at areas to live around Chichester, Goodwood. I found this thread on another forum (sorry for posting): http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=394817 albeit six years old, and I'm not quite sure if a lot of what has been said is true by today's standards. If there's anyone on here from around that area or has moved away in the last year or so, I would love to hear your thoughts on where to live, our budget is around the 250k - 275k mark. Many Thanks
  7. Hi there, I'm in the same situation as you, moving back to the UK in early June. I spoke to my tax person on Monday, she is happy for me to provide her a folder with ALL invoices, receipts for the 2011/2012 tax year and she will process the tax return for me even though we have left the country. She will then email me once she has the funds in a holding account to obtain my UK bank details, however what I will more than likely do is tell her to put the funds into my still active Ozzie bank account and then wait on the exchange rates for a bit, maybe use Moneycrop or one of the recommended companies on this site for the transfer of funds back tot he UK. Hope this helps you.
  8. OzzHammer

    Moving back to UK in six to nine months

    Well, it took a bit more than six to nine months, but we are off !!!! Got the fantastic news on Friday that I have been accepted for a position down in Chichester and I start second week of June. A lot to do in a very short space of time, my last day of work being 30th May, our house isn't sold yet and we also have a car to sell and two iphone contracts to sort out before we go.....:eek: . The only thing we'll need help with once back in the UK is finding a nice house rent along with some rental furniture until ours arrives. We'll keep our Ozzie bank account for a couple of months until all outstanding bills and credit cards have been paid, if anyone else can think of anything else or advice, you are welcome to post up. Can't wait...........:biggrin:
  9. OzzHammer

    Expensive Australia

    - LMFAO !!! Brilliant post.
  10. OzzHammer

    Expensive Australia

    - I work for a major worldwide prestige car manufacturer, so I know what I'm talking about regarding vehicle pricing. I heard it on the ABC radio news program I'm sure they said that Commonwealth had put their rate up by 1%
  11. OzzHammer

    Expensive Australia

    Hi All, Firstly, please don't think that this is an anti Australia post, but having just watched a news program tonight "Today Tonight" I have had my thoughts confirmed - people living in Australia are being taken for a ride financially. The program, and I'm sure there are posters on here that also saw it, basically have proved that Australians are being way over charged for practically everything they purchase, food, cars, electrical goods, etc etc sometimes up to 14 times more expensive that other countries - mainly the U.S and U.K were covered. So for anyone thinking they are going to come here and be financially better off, you should really do your homework first, check the prices of cars in the UK and then compare to AU pricing for example take a Ford Focus on a UK web site then price up the same car here, or look at MINI car prices - cheap cars in the UK and Europe but cost waaaaay more than they should over here. Also, the main four banks have just put up interest rates, some by a whole 1 percent, totally independant of the Reserve Bank - then they go and announce huge profits - in the Billions of dollars and have the cheek to say they raised the interest rates because of rising costs, despite making hundreds of people redundant in the same few weeks !! Lastly, have a look at some of your utility bills from the last year or two and ask some people on here what their average gas, electricity bills are, this year they are only going one way with recent changes being made through parliament Sorry for the rant, but I honestly wanted to provide anyone thinking of coming over with some very useful real time information as to what is going on down here. Again, apologies if any takes offence as none is intended by this post, this is supposed to be information for people to use to make an informed decision before moving country. Regards
  12. - That would probably be The Snooty Fox in Olinda - nice place but has gone downhill over the last year or so. Good post Dave, thoroughly enjoyed reading it, perfectly sums it up for me...agree on everything you said !! We have our house on the market and can't wait to get back - job or no job - I'll do what I have to....although there is a possibilty of a job in Chichester - fingers crossed.... Regards.
  13. OzzHammer

    Moving back to UK in six to nine months

    - Hey WN, Your'e not Nick Price by any chance are you and a friend of Nick Prevost ?? Anyways, you'll be fine down here to watch the Hammers. Even in the npower they have been on at least eight or nine times and have been the main game on the hoghlights show a fair few times. I think me and my boy saw them maybe 20 - 25 times last year.......back in the Prem. Thanks for all the posts guys, some may think we are completely bonkers, but to be honest if we can sell our house we will go back to the UK even if I dont have a job as we have decided the U.K is most definitely home. I also feel that it would give me a better chance of finding a job being in the U.K rather than having email 'chats' and skype interviews....people would see what they are getting. Anyhow, thanks again all, and come on you ironz. !!! Good luck Watford Nick !! Ozz
  14. OzzHammer

    Moving back to UK in six to nine months

    Hi All, Mr OzzHammer here, Quick update, the house has been on the market since September but the a*** seems to have dropped out of the market in South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and we are facing a $100k drop in the value of our house in less than a year !!!!! This along with listening to the ABC and hearing all about the IMF boss saying the eurozone is in deep sh*t with Greece about to default yet again is really beginning to but doubts in our mind if going back to the UK is going to be the best thing to do for at least the forseeable future. Tonight driving home an economy specialist stated that Australia along with maybe two or three other countries will be best placed to get through another slow down or even a full on depression....although the depression WOULD affect Oz in some ways. So, here we are back in that indecision zone again - what to do....... Any advice from posters that have been back in the UK for the last few months would greatly be appreciated, we were looking to move back to Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, so if anyone has moved back to that area we would like to get some feedback on what the current financial status/feel is like. Thanks again Oz (Mr)
  15. OzzHammer

    I need a crystal ball

    Hello & thanks for your post - yes we have given it along time, which again could work for me or against - I think this is why I have concerns, as soo much as changed since we moved here & back in the UK. I know nothing can stay the same,but I guess its the dreaded fear of the unknown which is scary. I want to be positive but I find it really hard which ever decision we end up making - I so hope it will be the best:confused: