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  1. Thanks for all the replys and the great advice. I didn't get a chance to go online since friday so sorry about the delay in getting back to you all. Although I'm still very apprehensive I decided I will go for it and I'm sending back the signed contract tomorrow. I guess with any big decision like this there will always be nerves but Im sure once I'm out there everything will work out
  2. Thanks for the advice but that is why i'm on here trying to figure out if Geraldton is a good option. It has a population of over 30000. People do live there so I'm trying to find out if its right for me. Not everyone has thousands to invest. I wish i did buf even if I did go down that route there is no guarantee i would get a job in a better area.
  3. Its more of a cost and time issue than anything I'm afraid. I have another company interested in me in the Perth area but as yet they haven't given me an offer. The company that did, actually seems to be the best to work for by far...except the location of course
  4. I understand there is a big difference and thats whats frightening me. When i was in Oz before i went to Margaret river etc. At 32 i'm not looking for parties every night of the week but I also don't want to be a hermit. Maybe i should hold out for a better offer An independent visa is not really an option unfortunately.
  5. Yes that is the vibe I've been getting. Its a nice town with plenty to do but more for someone that is settled with a partner/family. Its a shame because everything else is perfect for me. I'm not a big drinker or anything but socializing is a large factor. wind surfing etc is great but once the sun goes down there needs to be something else
  6. Hi all Well after months of trying I eventually got a job offer for oz but in Geraldton. Now I've done some research on here and other sites trying to find out about Geraldton but in my experience there is noting like advice from those who have visited/lived there. If i sign the contract I will be out there in March I'm big into sports so I know there is a lot to do there like kite surfing,surfing etc.... but I also like to socialize. Is it as quiet here as I believe? How do new people meet up if they are not in pubs/clubs? Is it friendly to foreigners etc. Does it get busier here in the summer time when people in the city are on there holidays or is it the same all year round? Is it difficult to find house share here? I have searched some sites but only found a limited number and normally not in the better areas (from what I've read). Is car lease expensive? as I won't be able to afford to buy one for some time I have to spend at least 2 years here on my contract so if I don't like it that can be a very long time as I am a single guy moving here alone I have spent time in Oz before but unfortunately this is not one of the towns i visited. Thanks in advance :xmas23:
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    Irelands call

    Thanks Doc. Was the application difficult to fill out yourself?? I've heard mixed reports. I will look up Melissa Hagg for sure. Jimmyk
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    Irelands call

    Hey I did the WRV in 2004 for 6 months travelling. Studidly i came home. I've been told its either sponsorship or pay about 4 to 5000 with an agent to get my skilled visa processed because i a am in the electrical trade and have to have my qualifications passed by the TRA
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    Irelands call

    I am an Irish guy looking to move to Australia ASAP. 1- Does anyone know if there is a database of the different companies that sponsor overseas workers? 2- If I get the 176 visa myself, how long after I actually receive it do i actually have to move to austraila before the visa becomes invalid? (ie if the visa is granted today do i have a few months or a year etc because I've a few loose ends to tie up at home before moving) 3- From experience which company would you use to get the visa? I have shopped around a bit already and there seems to be big price differences but i'm afraid using a lower priced agent might mean less chance of securing the visa and cannot afford to lose the money. Thanks