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  1. Actually, one last question. At least is it Air Mail Postage Service when AFPolice mails the certificates internationally? Thanks, Sander
  2. Thanks for the replies At least now I know what should I expect
  3. so, it's impossible to track it? Is it the old-fashioned mail with stamps? If I ask them, would they be able to give me tracking number, or receipt or anything to prove that the certificate has really been posted? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Do you know what kind of mail AFP are using for mailing the Police Certificates? I am interested esspecially when they are posting internationally, do they post it as a Register Post International? Regards, Sander
  5. Hello guys, Is there anyone who lodged visa in November (non DRC, Parramatta) and is still waiting for decision? Cheers, Sandie
  6. Hi Goto, Congrats for the grant ))) My timeline is identical to yours. I would even say the same (check my signature). My employer has been requested the same way for more information. But unfortunately I am still waiting. Hopefully I'll hear back anything soon from the Immi.
  7. I applied at Parramatta, and my application was non-DRC. I have been waiting for a while but at least they are looking at my nomination now
  8. I lodged both my nomination and visa application last November. And from DIAC finally called my employer yesterday requesting more information. Hopefully this is a good sign. At least they are looking at the file. If the nomination is approved, how long does it take for the Immi to start looking at my visa application? Thanks, Sandy
  9. Hi all, I want to ask, can you send your medicals using the ehealth system even if your application is paper based for 119 RSMS? Thanks, Sandie
  10. Hi Socbba, Thanks a lot for the info Sandie
  11. Hi all, Is it common practice to receive medical examination list along with the acknowledgement letter? Thanks, Sanide
  12. Hi all, Is it common practice to receive medical examination list along with the acknowledgement letter? Thnaks, Sanide
  13. Thank you Susie, Well, I am apiarist. And I have more than 5 years experience, but as a hobbyist. I have professional experience too, and university degree which is not related to my profession. I have got employers, who are ready to hire me, but they have been told that it is a must me to have 5 years professional experience. So, I don't know do I have chance to get 457 visa, or any other visa? Thanks, Sandie
  14. How many years of work experience I need to have to be considered as eligible by the DIAC? As far as I know I need to have 5 years of professional experience. And does it help that I have university degree? Thanks, Sandie