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  1. Hi - it's at the Hampton community centre on Willis street. There is a big car park just behind it. The centre offers other facilities too like messy play on a Thursday. It's just past Safeway
  2. Tibby

    Meet up in Bayside

    Hi Matilda! Let me know when you are around for a coffee and we'll arrange a playdate for our girls! Send me a message if you want my number. Michelle x
  3. Tibby

    Meet up in Bayside

    Hey - I'll send you a message with my mobile number - or I'm on facebook, Michelle Edmondson pic of me hubby and Olivia at Portsea is my profile pic if you want to add me!
  4. Tibby

    Meet up in Bayside

    Hi - we live in Sandringham, that's me, hubby and 3 year old daughter. Always up for a cuppa and a chat! PM me and I'll send my number if you fancy meeting up. Michelle x
  5. Tibby

    Can't get a teaching job!!!!

    After all that - I'VE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!! It's a 6 month contract but may be extended, but I'm in and that's the main thing! Hurray! Thanks for all the sympathy and advice everyone:xmas16:
  6. Tibby

    Can't get a teaching job!!!!

    Quoll - you are right. At my last interview they said that I would be at the top end of the pay scale with my uk experience. So, some schools will go for the cheaper option, even though I have a proven track record of 15 years etc etc. Thinking of touting myself out to the highest bidder. Will teach for food etc etc...
  7. Tibby

    Can't get a teaching job!!!!

    There seems to be adverts a plenty for science teachers, but look at the comment above- not sure how genuine they are!!!! Every other ad is for maths or science though.
  8. Tibby

    Can't get a teaching job!!!!

    Thank you for your responses! I have applied for both state and private schools, and I am with 3 agencies - the trouble is that I'm an English teacher and, as in the UK, we are ten a penny, and as you have mentioned, I'm expensive! My husband works in the CBD so remoter areas are not on the cards I'm afraid, I just can't get. I shall carry on regardless - just a bit demoralizing after the career I had in UK - just need to keep an eye on the bigger picture of why we moved out here!! Thanks again all!
  9. Tibby

    Can't get a teaching job!!!!

    Hi all. After a few months of settling in etc, I am now looking for my first teaching post in and around the suburbs of Melbs. I have 15 years experience including 2 as Head of Faculty in the UK and have full VIT registration, but I can't get work! CRT is my last chance and I'm with Tradewind for that, but I really want a full time position, even if it is only a year's contract. Has anyone else struggled to get a job? I've applied for about 15 and had 3 interviews, two of which went well but I was pipped to the post. The others have never got back to me. It's getting a bit stressful now! :arghh: Thanks, Michelle
  10. Tibby

    Only 2 weeks to go!!

    Hey Gemma! God time flies! Let us know when you get in and we'll come say hi. Good luck and don't worry about spiders - you rarely see them in the city!
  11. Hi Marshalls! Feel free to give is a shout when you get here. We live in Sandringham with our 3 year old Olivia, and at the mo I'm not working so happy to show you all arounnd a bit. PM me if you like and we'll meet up when you are settled! Good luck with the final move - Michelle, Richard and Olivia.
  12. Tibby

    The hubbys going alone :(

    I can sympathise totally! My husband went without me in September last year and I followed him out in the December as I was teaching. 3 months without him, working and looking after our 2 year old whilst getting everything sent over was tough, I'll not lie, but oooooohhhhh soooooooo worth it!!!!! Good luck with it all and chin up, you'll be here in no time! x
  13. Hi - I live in Sandringham with my soon to be 3 year old, so please send me a PM and I'll send you my number if you'd like to meet up with the kids! Michelle and Olivia x
  14. Tibby

    Just Arrived In Melbourne........

    Hi! I'm Michelle and I am a stay at home mum with my nearly three year old. We live in Sandringham and love it (we've been here for 7 months). i love Bayside - it is very family orientated. If you want to meet up, just PM me and I'll send you my phone no.!
  15. Hi Tracy We live in Sandringham - no sure how far that is from you. I have a 31 month old and am at home at the mo while OH works. We'd love to meet up some time. Also - try meetup.com as they have lots of different groups for all over Vic. Lifeinvictoria.com is good too. I'm on facebook too, so if you fancy meeting just PM me and i'll send you my details x