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  1. Betty81

    Dubbo NSW

    I'm in Moree, NSW, just under 400ks, so we're neighbours!
  2. Betty81

    Interesting article on cost of living

    So, we earned £38k & £35k in UK. House was £150k. In Oz, $80k & $95k. House is $330k. Marginally larger loan to income rate in Oz. This is rural NSW so we know we're lucky in terms of house prices etc. We couldn't afford to live in one of the cities on our wages and have the same standard of living. Lifestyle is better for us, it's childcare costs that are crippling us. It's the same as our home loan. B
  3. Betty81

    Splitting the family for 6+ months. Can it work?

    We did 3 months apart, me and daughter in Scotland and husband in Oz, I know this is a far easier and shorter situation than your's but here's what we found. The time difference is a pest for keeping in touch, one is tired and the other rushing to get organised for day We spent lots of time discussing 'housekeeping' and didn't really chat during this time But, when we landed in Oz everything was back to normal before I'd recovered from jet lag. End of the day if you think it's the best for your family in the long run then you'll all get through, not easily some days. All the very best, B
  4. I'm also Scottish with Australian PR but won't be able to apply for citizenship until around the time of the referendum. As it presently stands we can hold dual nationality. I think it will just be a case of waiting and seeing what happens. I suspect we could hold dual Scottish and Australian passports but the question I will be interested in is if Scotland will remain (or join I suppose) the EU, will a Scottish passport still be an EU passport? Interesting times ahead, B
  5. Betty81

    Unable to sell house in UK, advice please!!!!!!

    To the OP We were in a similar position, house on Market for 8 months, 1 viewing, despite 3 drops in price. Not in neg equity but all capital in house effectively wipes out. We investigated renting. Rent does not cover our mortgage and we were given 3 years consent to lease by bank but at a higher, although fixed, rate. We were fortunate enough to move in with family for 4 months before we flew, they very kindly expected nothing except a contribution to food and wine. As such we saved a surprising amount of money (no gas, elec, sky, phone it fair adds up). As such we have left the home rented for the past 12 months and removed from market. Now we are settled and both earning Aus $ so are in a position to top up the savings we left to cover the shortfall in rent. We are also putting the house back on the Market with a new agent. I do hope it all works out for you, although we managed I would be lying to say it hasn't caused additional stress. Many a sleepless night and fight has taken place between me and husband which we didn't need, emigrating is hard enough. B
  6. Betty81

    standard of pre school education in Oz?

    Ok, here's my personal opinion. Daughter is 3 and will start 1 day pre school a week here in NSW in Feb, if we were still in Scotland she would be receiving 5 mornings/afternoons a week. This would be part of the Gov'ts curriculum which runs 3-18. There would be outcomes that she would be measured against. She would receive a parents evening and a report card that outlined achievements and next steps. Knowing many nursery nurses and pre school teachers in Scotland many feel this is overkill, it is socialisation that is most important. My understanding of what she will receive here (and I admit my knowledge is not as great but as a teacher I knew a lot about the Scottish system) is that the focus will be: structure, socialisation in large groups up to 20, active learning through play. At 3 I am happy with this, she will learn basic literacy and numeracy as a by product and also through work at home, which is imperative right throughout schooling and especially in the early years. To the OP, it's a shame that you have been unhappy with the quality provided, and the report does highlight the disparity but at a very quick glance does seem to advise that new guidelines will address this. I don't doubt your child will flourish with the support you provide at home and will not be disadvantaged when formal schooling starts, B
  7. Betty81

    Things i need :/

    A UK multiple point plug (or 2) and plenty of UK - Oz adapters. B
  8. Betty81

    Visa Stamp But only 12 months left on Passport

    Have experience of this the other way (OH has perm res in UK and visa stamp in original passport) when his passport expired he had 2 options, pay £600 for stamp in new passport or travel with both. Oddly enough he chose latter. Given largely electronic nature of oz visa I think you're safe regardless??
  9. Betty81

    Living inland pros and cons

    I'm in Moree, NSW. B
  10. Betty81

    Living inland pros and cons

    Ok, as a wife with a 3 year old who has moved to a small town I will confess it is not easy BUT not impossible either. It depends on the first instance whether your wife plans to work, I have found childcare to be quite a struggle to get and have settled on 2 separate providers. There are a number of mother and toddler type things that I took Izzy too and met a few people. The best way I found was through the local rugby club. Husband plays and it's a real social event, so I quickly met other wives / partners and their kids. As for Izzy, there's quite a lot here. 3 options for pre-school for next year, swimming, dancing etc all start at 3. Once she get bigger there is a huge selection of sports for her to try and this isn't a big town, 8-10k s(fluctuates with seasonal harvest workers) We've been here since June and I feel very settled now, have friends and the start of a social circle. Got a good hairdresser / beautician etc. 5 hours to the nearest coast and I'm no longer daunted by the distance, we've made a weekend trip. All the best wherever you end up. B
  11. I only have the option of a small Coles or small Woolies. Personally I prefer Coles but their fruit / veg is a disaster so Woolies for them. Butcher (or local farmer) for meat. Not necessarily cheaper (well farmer is) but quality is miles better.
  12. Wooden furniture is fine, we shipped loads. As were rattan baskets etc. Did lose a Xmas wreath from John Lewis though!
  13. Ours was collected and packed 20th feb (Ayrshire, Scotland). Sat in port for 3 weeks however as we were shipping 1/2 container and had to wait for another 1/2! Arrived Sydney 10th June thereabouts, checked, 1 item destroyed, delivered to Moree NSW (700k from sydney) 18th June.
  14. Ok found my worst . . . I packed 99% of our belongings leaving OH to pack a couple of boxes, he included a yellow pages!
  15. Betty81

    Making it work in a country town

    We have moved to a country town, population 10000 approx, 100k to next town of similar size, 5hrs from coast & 9hrs to Sydney and I LOVE IT! It's certainly not for everyone but I would move back to sunny Scotland before I lived in a city or at the coast. OH is from this town so I had visited 3/4 times over past 10 years and was well aware of what I was moving to but can imagine it can come as quite a culture shock. B