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  1. otsmith1

    Ship 3 cars?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I guess that answers the question :-)
  2. otsmith1

    Ship 3 cars?

    Simple question, is there a reasonable limit on how many cars you can ship with you? We're a 3 car family (for 2 adults) and ideally would like to ship all 3 with us. Is that possible?
  3. otsmith1

    Buzzing LED downlights

    **STUPID QUESTION ALERT!** Hi guys, I"m currently in the process of swapping out our halogen 12v down-lights for LED ones here in the UK. We're looking for a short term saving in running costs and then putting the original ones back in when we move and packing up the LEDs and taking them to Oz with us. Shipping used lightbulbs might seem silly to some but we're talking about hundreds of pounds worth and if the stats are right, they'll still have plenty of life left in the them yet. So, here's the question. Will the actually work in Oz? Presumably 12v is 12v wherever you are in the world so the MR16 type of bulb I'm talking about will be ok. However, the other 240v types (E27 & B22), will they work? From reading this and other posts the standard domestic voltage is referred to as 230v. Does that mean this type is simply not compatible and there's no point in bring those?
  4. otsmith1

    Bladdy IELTS!!!

    Go for a remark. Writing is one of the sections that may well be given a different mark if looked at again. It's worth a punt IMO. Book another test though just in case
  5. otsmith1

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    Have you thought about switching to the Academic version? Presuming you sat General. You could have been just 1 correct answer short of an 8. That exact same score would have probably been good enough for 8 in the Academic version as you're allowed to get a couple extra wrong. I really struggled with the Reading (it's a horrible test) and switching to Academic worked for me. For most cases, DIAC will except either although I'd obviously double check your particular scenario first.
  6. otsmith1

    I hate IELTS...........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Can you not squeeze in another test before June? Surely there'll be a test centre somewhere with a spot in that time? You might also consider switching to the Academic version. You are allowed a couple of extra wrong in the Reading and still get an 8. I also struggled with the Reading test as a lot of people do, and switching to Academic worked for me :-)
  7. otsmith1

    ACS Turn around time.... Systems Analyst

    Got my positive assessment back in just over 4 weeks
  8. otsmith1

    Can anyone Help?? Bloody IELTS 8s

    My advice, book more tests and soon! Giving yourself only one chance of getting it right so soon to the rules changes is a big ask! Do not under estimate how hard this test is. Yes get a tutor if you can but there is no substitute for practice and experience. Book more tests! I did my first attempt at 5 days notice and even though I failed to get 8's, it taught me a lot. I passed on my 2nd attempt but had a 3rd already booked and was willing to book many more. I was willing to take as many tests as it took. All 3 were booked in different test centres because they were the only ones free in the timescales I was working to. I was willing to travel anywhere in Europe just to get the dates booked in if I had to. One test date that you must pass is simply too much pressure and you may really regret not making room for more tests in the time that you have got :-)
  9. otsmith1

    IELTS reading any tips?

    Have you tried switching to the Academic? I really struggled with the Reading section too and switched to Academic for just that reason. It's marked slightly differently and you can get 1 or 2 more wrong and still get the 8! I passed by doing that on my 2nd attempt. Just think, your score this time may have been enough if you were sitting Academic rather than General. Personally I didn't find it any harder, just a little bit more formal when it came to the writing test. Listening and Speaking are identical. Don't give up, it can be done!
  10. otsmith1

    What's Tasmania really like?

    Thanks for that, it was just what we were hoping for :-) You want your kids to see the world, maybe spend some significant time away, but when they eventually get the age they want to have families of their own it would be great if they wanted to come back. Hopefully Tasmania will provide that.
  11. otsmith1

    What's Tasmania really like?

    Thanks for these replies, your two opinions mirror our gut feeling that Tasmania could be the place for us :-) One nagging doubt is that perhaps there aren't enough opportunities for the kids when they grow up and they take off for the mainland or further afield for Uni/work etc. What are your views on this? Does this happen a lot? We've a while to worry about this yet (eldest being only 9) but it is a slight worry. We want them to travel and explore of course but it would be nice if they felt Tasmania had enough opportunities to want to return to. Anybody with old children in Tasmania have any experience of this?
  12. otsmith1

    What's Tasmania really like?

    After a long search to find the perfect place to settle, we're now seriously considering Tasmania. For those poms already there, how would you compare Hobart to a place in the UK? Is it the size of a city like Manchester, Cardiff or Liverpool? Bigger than that or more of a large town? I can't figure out just what size of place it really is. Re the jobs market, how did you guys get on and are the salaries lower than mainland Oz? Weather? I know it's not like some of the real hot spots in Oz, but is it still a step up from the UK? Thanks in advance :-)
  13. otsmith1

    IELTS reading any tips?

    My 2 quick tips: 1) Leave questions you're not sure about, but go back to them at the end of that section NOT wait until the end of the whole test. At the end of the section you'll have probably read and re-read the text several times and you'll be best placed to go back to the questions you missed right then when it's still in your head. Leaving it right until the end and you'll have to re-familiarise yourself with the text all over again. 2) If you don't pass this time, consider taking the Academic version next time. You can get a couple more wrong and still get an 8! Good luck everyone :-)
  14. otsmith1

    Ielts 3rd December

    One of the biggest tactics I used second time around on the reading test was to leave a question you are unsure about but come back to it before you move onto the next section of text. The first time I tried to leave any I was unsure about until the very end. The problem with that is that you have to re-familiarise yourself with the earlier text all over again. I found it much more effective to go back filling in the blanks before you leave that passage and move into the next one. For instance, I quite often left say question 2 or 3 and moved on. By the time I'd completed all 15 questions on that passage and been through the text god knows how many times, I found going back to that early question was relatively easy at that point. If I left it right to the end, I'd have to re-learn loads about the passage again just to have a stab at it. Hope that makes sense, but it worked for me and I got a 8.5 :-)
  15. otsmith1

    Ielts 3rd December

    Academic worked for me after failing General once. It seemed more logical and less vague to me but I guess it's personal choice