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  1. andy228

    457 visa but is it just cheap labour?

    I am also here on a 457, safe to say its the best move I have ever made! I'm here with my wife-to-be and our 2 year old son, and we live very comfortable on one wage. I've even managed to buy a brand new car and live in a 4 bed near new house with all the trimmings. It's not all bad in my eyes.
  2. andy228

    Expensive Australia

    I've only been in Australia for 4 months, working as an HGV mechanic, and comparing my lifestyle to Scotland, I'm 2-3 times better off here in Melbourne. Some things are dearer, some things are cheaper, Oz weighs up slightly dearer, but the higher wages and working conditions put Australia in front for me Our Gas bill the past 3 months was only $80 (4 bed house), one month in Scotland last year was £450 (3 bed house)!!!
  3. andy228

    HGV Mechanic

    Hi there, I'm an HGV mechanic, made the move to Melbourne nearly 3 months ago, best thing me and my young family ever done! Have a look on www.osborne.ie for jobs, Paul from Osborne got me a great job here, whole process took only 4 months. I'm on a 457 visa, new employer paid for everything. All the best!
  4. well the average wage for a technician for my company goes from $25-$30 per hour, with 1 + 1/2 time for the first 3 hours overtime, then 2 x time for any hours after that. Also get tool allowances, meal allowances, if you work a saturday u also get a subway bought for u very good conditions, with all the training you need. I'm very happy, I feel as though I have achieved more since coming here 2 months ago than I did in the previous 7 years at my old job. Have a look at www.osborne.ie as thats the recruitment agency that got me here in less than 5 months. All I'm going to say is go for it, best thing you could ever do.
  5. Hi there, I moved to oz 2 months ago with my partner and our young son and I'm an HGV mechanic. Comparing my wage in the uk to my wage in oz, I make nearly 3-4 times as much here than I did back home. I find the cost of living to be slightly better here, simply because I earn more than I did in the UK. I came on a 457 visa, with my new employer picking up all the costs so this made the decision for me very easy. So far I love it, along with my partner and son too, very, very happy here. We live in the western suburbs of Melbourne, a lovely near-new house with all the trimmings. I reckon now is the time for skilled tradesmen to migrate, as my boss done 5 skype interviews before christmas, so there is plenty of work for tradesmen. Have a look on www.osborne.ie as this is the recruitment agency that got me here, whole application only took 4 months. Good luck!
  6. andy228

    How much were your flights ??

    My work paid $2462 for 3 one way tickets - 2 adults and one infant from Edinburgh - Melbourne via Heathrow then Singapore. First 2 flights were with BA and the last was Qantas. Must admit the Qantas was the nicest flight we had.
  7. andy228

    Getting scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been here for nearly 2 months now with my good lady and young son, pleased to say Melbourne is great! Weathers been great so far, a few wet days but the sunshine is fantastic when it comes through! I feel as though I have achieved more here in 2 months than I did in 7 years back in the UK. You will enjoy it, as long as you put in as much as what u want out of it.
  8. andy228

    Wyndham Vale & weribee

    Hi there. I've just moved into a rental in Tarneit, close to Werribee, Wydham Vale etc. and its very nice, very modern. I'm here with my young son and other half so we were looking for a good family place, Tarneit suited us. I'm working in Laverton North, 10 mins away. You will need a car to get around this area, trust me it makes a massive difference! I'm not sure on schools as my son is only coming up for 2. Theres plenty of places to shop, I prefer Werribee Plaza, has all you need really. All the best!
  9. andy228

    Update - 5 weeks in

    Well that's over 5 weeks since I came to Australia for the first time with my partner and our young son, and so far so good! I'm settling in very well at work (diesel mechanic), guys there are great to work with. Being from Scotland, its always nice to meet other Scots, there one other scottish mechanic, the guy who sells tools is also scottish. So far I've managed to get a brand new car, a mobile phone and a rental, all with no hassle. Being here on a 457, I expected it to be very difficult to get a start, but first I got a mobile contract, then we secured the house we applied for after only 3 days, also managed to but a brand new car too. Reading some other peoples experiences on here made me think this would be difficult but hey I must be lucky! We're now living in Tarneit, lovely big house with a big back garden, perfect for my little boy to run about in. Lovely area too, only thing is the streets look similar, so we have been lost a few times tryin to find our house lol The weathers been nice too, a few rainy days but now the sun looks as if its starting to stay out for longer. Theres plenty to do in Melbourne, we can't wait to get out and about now that we have car. Must say that having a car makes life a whole lot easier! Overall the 3 of us are very very happy with our decision, all the stress of getting settled has now gone, time to work hard then relax at the weekends. Melbourne is a wonderful place, when I'm driving to work, I can see the city skyline in the distance and it looks stunning. I would recommend the move to Melbourne to anybody, as long as you put all the effort you have into it then the rewards are amazing! Thanks, Andy :biggrin:
  10. I done this a few months ago, my empoyer asked questions like what areas are your strengths, weakness's, how are you with diagnostic skills, using the laptops, what kind of work were you involved in before... was all straight forward really. just relax and dont let the pressure get to you. for what an employer will pay to get you over to oz they will make back in labour in a week or two. hope this helps!
  11. andy228

    Serviced Apartments

    the couple that own the house are moving abroad to work on the 20th of december, so thats when we get the keys
  12. andy228

    Serviced Apartments

    I'm in a serviced apartment in Flemington with my partner and our young son. This is ideal to start with, as its close to the city and traim/tram lines. This is for 4 weeks (2 weeks left) and we viewed one house in Tarneit. Viewed it one week ago, applied the following day then we were accepted 3 days later. I'm here on a 457 so I have proof of income, this was enough for the estate agent. I've read on here people struggling to get a rental, so I guess i was lucky. Hope all goes well...
  13. I don't think a truck dealer would take on a car mechanic as they will have no experience in heavy vehicles. I was working on a 16 litre V8 today, much bigger than a 1.8 engine in a car lol I'm sure a car mechanic could maybe find sponsorship too
  14. hi there. it was quite simple for me reallly, found a job in the mining industry on www.globalforceresource.com, applied for it, was then handed over to Osborne Recruitment, found it I wouldnt get that job as I had no experience down the mines but they had vacancies in Truck and Bus Dealerships, so I went for this and got it. I'm now in my second week here in Melbourne and its goin great. I was constant nightshift back in Scotland, and over here a basic week with no overtime is more than a 45 hour week back home. I feel as though I have made the right choice, still early days yet but everythings taking shape. I came over with my partner and our young son, on a 457 visa, didnt pay a penny towards it. Try the Osborne recruitment website as I'm sure they have plenty jobs for us mechanics going in Australia right now. All the best!
  15. andy228

    Brits being used as cheap labour?

    I'm here on 457 visa working as an HGV mechanic, back home in Scotland I was working constant nightshift doing at least 5-6 hours overtime per week, just to live. Now I'm here in oz I work dayshift/backshift and I'm making 2-3 times what I did in Scotland. I took advice off this forum and researched into salary vs cost of living, seen that I would be comfortable so I went ahead and done it. Now a basic week in oz pays me more than a 45 hour week in Scotland, so its not all doom and gloom