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  1. My husband and I have Aussie citizenship but are British. We work in Australia but have income from the uk. Are we still entitled to our tax free threshold in the Uk? I have some rental income and my husband has a pension....both of these would be less than our personal tax allowance if we were in the UK
  2. Hi My husband and I have just been granted perm res as we had a 457 visa. Anyone know what tax implications this will have for us as we have savings(ISAs etc) in the UK and also rent out a property. Not sure where we will be taxed now and if we lose our tax earning threshold in the UK
  3. Dorsetgirl1

    LAFHA - Minimum Salary Level

    Anyone know if the amount that your salary can't go below if you claim LAFHA....I think it's $50,000 but not sure
  4. Dorsetgirl1

    opening a bank account in sydney

    We used NAB as opened an acct when still in the UK and just collect your cards from a branch of your choice when you get here. You can transfer money via moneycorp with no charges with NAB
  5. Dorsetgirl1


    Hi, Just thought I would post how great Pickfords were...great staff, very through and proffessional and were also the cheapest. Also, Pickfords will deliver the other side too so you have a continuation of service. Stuff not arrived yet but VERY happy with service so far
  6. Dorsetgirl1

    Any LAFHA experts??

    Sorry Ian - put the £ sign out of habit. Can you advise what I would get based on $850 a week. Could I get my company to get in touch with you for advise on processing this
  7. Dorsetgirl1

    Any LAFHA experts??

    Thanks Ian - would £700 be considered too high. I'm in Sydney and struggling to get anything less
  8. Dorsetgirl1

    Any LAFHA experts??

    Can you advise how much LAFHA i would get on rent of £850
  9. Got free transactions as I opened a National Australia Bank acct so not sure what their normal fees are. I've only got the Zero Credit Card - didn't know about the current acct
  10. Just used moneycorp for the first time - really easy. Also santander zero credit card still do worldwide transaction free so you could use that and pay off by direct debit from your UK acct
  11. Dorsetgirl1

    Pension - Taxed in UK?

    Hello! My husband has a military pension which is just above the tax free allowance in the UK. He is not currently working but will be looking for employment in Oz. Anyone know how he will pay tax on this if he's on a 457 4 year visa? Thanks
  12. Dorsetgirl1

    Tax on Uk rented property

    We have a property that is rented out in the UK - do we still have a tax free allowance in the UK if we are on a 457 visa? I will be working in Australia. Anyone have experience of what to do? Thanks
  13. Dorsetgirl1


    Thanks all - I'll get the OH cleaning it all!
  14. Dorsetgirl1


    Just sorting our packing and wondering whether to take out tent. We love camping in the UK but not sure if it's a big thing in Oz. We are going to be based in Sydney. Do we take the camping gear???
  15. Dorsetgirl1

    AFP police check certificate - where is code 33?

    Can i ask how long your AFP check took to come back? They quote 3 weeks but I'm hoing that its quicker than that! Thanks