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  1. Date applied: 25/03/2018 Agent/ Self application: Agent Date received the acknowledgement email: Unsure agent dealt with this Did you receive a Request for further information: No Date visa application was accepted: 10/07/2018 Priority processing application accepted. Visa approved today!! Husbands company have sponsored him, he is an Engineering Manager. First time company have sponsored anyone and all went through smoothly ?
  2. Beckm

    457 Priority Processing Business Case

    We have an agent but they have put the onus on my husbands company to prepare the business statement. I just wondered if anyone had any tips?
  3. Hi I’ve searched through posts and have gained lots of valuable information but can anyone give advice on preparing a solid business case to support a priority processing request? The main struggle is proving that the business has lost custom / business by him not being in the country. How do you prove this? Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
  4. Beckm

    Horsey family moving to Brisbane...

    Thank you I have x
  5. Hi everyone My husband is relocating with work to Cleveland south of Brisbane and we will be moving out once the visas etc are sorted. Both of my daughters are pony mad and have ponies at home, they’re 9 and 5 and are members of the pony club. My eldest show jumps and they both show their ponies. Once we are settled we would like to have ponies here, I’m after lots of advice as I don’t know wher to start! Are there any members who have children who ride? What is the pony club like here and are there competitions for children, show jumping etc? We’re in Wynnum at the moment doing a reccy and have been having a drive around but it’s so hard to know where to look to live! I’d ideally like to move to a suburb where we can rent a house while we settle and then look to buy somewhere with land once we are settled and have more experience of keeping horses in another country. Any advice and information would be great! Thanks ??
  6. Beckm

    State Sponsorship 190 proof of Funding??

    Hi, Just wondering if you found any answers to this, we are hoping to apply for the 190 visa with WA sponsorship and won't have this much money!!
  7. Beckm

    IELTS work books

    Yes please :biggrin: I'll PM you our address if we're the first. We need all the help we can get as my husband still hasn't got the required mark after 3 attempts!!! Thanks becky
  8. Fingers crossed that he gets sponsorship soon for you so you don't have to be apart for too long. I don't think I could do it and be apart for that long. If he gets sponsorship there should be no need to do the TRA I don't think, but I've never looked into sponsorship so you’d have to check it out. We're from Mid-Wales. If / when we go over then we'd live as near as possible to where the company Gary got a job with is based (unless mining), I don't mind where. TBH I don't want to look too much into it until we are further long in the process I don't want to be disappointed!!! We visited Perth and the region about 8 years ago and loved it. Where are you hoping to live? We're updating Gary's CV at the moment and going to send it out to a few recruitment agencies to see what jobs are out there, maybe someone might offer sponsorship haha! Good luck :wink:
  9. Sorry! He had to prove he is a driller and this was by submitting loads of evidence to TRA (trade Recognition Australia) which included qualifications and evidence of employment. He then has to do the English test IELTS, then get WA sponsership. All of this is to get the points to be able to get an invitation to apply (EOI) where they then decide if they want to invite you to apply for a visa!!! As Driller is now off list (not on the list of Jobs in demand) only a certain amount of people are invited to apply for a visa. There seem to be so many hoops to jump through and I hope Gary gets the scores needed in IELTS so he can then apply for state sponsership!!! If we get a visa then we'll be going out within a year. Is your husband hoping to get sponsored while out in a working holiday visa? Are you going out with him? Good luck to you both ;-)
  10. Hi my husband is also a directional driller and he has had his TRA approved. He is now trying to get the scores needed for IELTS and with some job offers to satisfy EOI our agent tells us we should have a chance of PR even though Driller is now an off list nomination in WA. We're hoping our agent is right as we really want to go! Does anyone have any more info on directional drilling, has your bf been out to oz yet?
  11. Beckm

    Type 1 diabetic - cost in Oz

    Hi, would anyone be able to give me some information on the average cost of being type 1 diabetic in Australia? Im diabetic and we're in the process of obtaining our visas (my husbands the visa applicant, 176 or 175 visa depending in IELTS score) and I just wanted an average cost of things like insulin, test strips, health insurance etc... I have emailed Medicare but they were quite vague and didn't really give me an idea of cost. Any help would be much appreciated, Many thanks in advance Becky