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  1. Wispa

    Mastiff owners

    my friends used Petair shes in mackay Qld and Highly recommends them!! its run by UK vets and they do everything even bulid them a perfect creat for travel etc http://www.petairuk.com/ the quote i got for my masstiff cross akita was just over £4000 but thats driving to london from manchester travel to oz and all tests vaccs etc in the uk they also do the LVi airport checks and all DEFRA paperwork! (which only certain vets are able to do!!) they seem great! Ive also just posted a thread about new Laws getting pets into Oz which isnt great news so please read
  2. There is a very important and significant update in regard to pets travelling to Australia from UK As a results of UK allowing pets into UK more easily from Jan 1st 2012, the Australians have now classed UK as Rabies well controlled rather than rabies free. Which means that pets travelling from UK to Australia after Jan 1st 2012 now have to have pre travel rabies work. Pets have to have a rabies vaccination within 12 months of the flight date and at least 60 days before the flight, but ideally 6-12 months. They then need a rabies blood sample ideally at least 5 months before their flight date. It can be less than 5 months before their flight date, but they will have to spend longer in Australian quarantine if that is the case. The pets are allowed out of quarantine 180 days after the date of the rabies blood sample or 30 days after they land whichever is the greater. Basically - if you are thinking of going to Australia with your pet, start planning early, get the rabies vaccination and blood sample done. If you are planning to go in Jan or Feb next year - either try to send your pet before Jan 01st 2012 or be prepared for pets’ flight to be delayed or the quarantine stay be extended. Check out the following link for more information (the list of countries has yet to be updated by the Australians): http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/countries/cat4
  3. Wispa

    Advice on high schools East Adelaide

    hi thx for your responses It all helps loads! I wouldnt be happy to send my kids to the city for school really which is why im trying to find out as much as possible about the ones around the N east and my OH doesnt want to travel to far to work (i dont really blame him) the south does sound lovely though! but I also love the sound of athelstone, highbury and most places north to golden grove and greenwith so would be very interested in knowing why you wouldnt bother with Athelstone as I dont live there and its not easy to know whats what from looking at pictures and reading reviews and everyone's views are different but good to know them all thx again wispa :yes:
  4. Hi I really need some guidance!! :biglaugh::wacko::wacko: Im trying to research north east Adelaide areas to live (we should be there before xmas) but mainly high schools! any information on Golden grove high school? would be great?! I love the sound of the area (my OHs favorite!) and its VERY! close to my OHs work but Ive heard a few bad stories about the school (a stabbing in 2009?) I want to know if this was a isolated incident? or is the school a no no? I would prefer the blunt truth rather than not know plz help! Id love to Move to Athelstone ideally but want to have a bigger area to find a rental before we leave but this doesnt help with school zoning etc as I was also looking at charles campbell high and banksia park international has anyone any preferences? all positive things about the last 2 so far but can anyone disagree with that? thank you wispa x
  5. Wispa

    Mastiff owners

    hi I have a English mastiff x Akita shes 3 yrs and my baby! shes got the size of the mastiff but fur and looks of the akita yet as laid back as a mastiff Im a little worried about the heat with her thick fur also but animals cope different to us and adapt accordingly plus its not like that all yr round and with fresh ice cubed water and a wet towel to there head no mid day walks etc it all helps im a vet nurse so the paper work is sorted But im worried about the 30 day quarantine also im going to Adelaide so wont be able to visit her either but think thats prob best I would really love to know what shipping companies your all thinking of using or as anyone good feed back of any??
  6. Wispa

    Suburbs, infomation,

    Diane this post really helped me so thx even if u thought it was a little late for the original poster its not for others could u or anyone help me looking for semi rural no more than 20 mins drive from para hills west also a good state high school parks a few shops 4 bed for aprox $400 Ive looked at Hewitt, Gawler, or Athelstone, Highbury so far any advice or advance on these? would be very useful hoping to be there by feb/march 2012 thx claire x p.s. ive also read your blog that helped me LOADS!! keep posting
  7. Wispa


    wow sounds very familiar to us my fellas goin to be workin away 1 week (bed to myself! ) then home and off 1 week so looks like we might be doing daily trips to the local parks? as ive also got a Tasmanian devil lol
  8. Wispa


    My kids are simular ages son 16 daughter 12 plus my other daughter a 2yr old monkey lol yeah my OHs job is at the mines hes a welder there is a face book group for people moving to Mackay called whos moved or moving to mackay qld which is a very friendly group of peeps and seems theres alot goin in the next few weeks/months u should join it helped me loads knowing there were people out there waiting to help that are or have gone through what we are goin through the north Mackay areas seem popular with us brits wispa aka claire xx:wubclub:
  9. Wispa


    We were also told we would prob be in Perth and got used to that idea even choose an area but were told on monday it was infect goin to be Mackay which worried us both but after reading the who's goin to Mackay thread and the why Queensland plus a chat with lala28 I now feel it's a blessing and carnt wait we don't go till early 2012 so if u do want to get the poor fellas together some how emails etc I think that might help as my OH has the same plan with protection from the creepies lol were in Cheshire just near Manchester air port we also have 2x teenagers and a toddler :0)
  10. Wispa

    Whos going to Mackay

    Thought this was my chance to say say hi (brake the ice etc:wubclub:) Ive posted in another Mackay thread (an older one ) then came across this (a newer one doh!) so here goes HI! :biggrin::cool: me, my OH (a welder/bolier maker fabricator etc) and 3x kids son 16 2x daughters 12 and 2 are moving to Mackay early 2012 on a 457 visa its a massive step as with everyone hope im not to late to join the Mackay/uk party as before i read all this the pros and cons! and had a pm from Lala28 (thank you x) i was feelin kinda worried and feels good to know theres a network of peeps in the same boat :notworthy: :yes::yes::wubclub: wispa aka claire x p.s love the icons lol
  11. Hi all my first post on here and thought even though this thread started a few yrs ago! this was the best place to start! :confused: me and my OH have just been told Mackay will prob be the location we will be moving to march ish time 2012! (not long!) he has just been offered a great job,with a 457 visa, hes a welder and will be workin for a massive international company (so not to worried about them struggling etc) we have 3 x children son 16 2x daughters 12 and 2 he will be workin away 1 week on 1 wk off leavin little old me :shocked::goofy: Im really excited bout the move but also V. worried at the same time :wideeyed: a few things i think will be a SHOCK ... 1, flooding! any advice!? the M I MAPS link from the council wont load :mad: (even though im from manchester uk loadsa rain! not cyclone prone! though) 2, schools catchment areas etc does this mean they are struggling with the growth of Mackay? and might have trouble getting them in? and at 16 will my son still be at high school? 3, RENTALS!! the company will be paying for 4 weeks and i think this includes finding a suitable place when we first get out there.. but after that im not sure is it still the case that we will have trouble without prior Australian rent references?? and is there still a shortage i have been keeping an eye on this for a while http://www.realestate.com.au/rent and it doesnt look great but im not there and i know the net doesnt always show true amounts?! 4, also anyone that has moved to Mackay and disliked it and moved back to the UK? I would also love to hear from you because i am not one for going at things thinking it will all be a bed of roses i want the truth good and bad! (even if i wouldnt necessarily agree) pros and cons would be GREAT!! so if theres anyone that could help with my mountain of questions plz get in touch :cool::cool: also is there anyone who is also moving to Mackay in the next yr or has just done so very recently that would like to link as support for each other?? as a problem shared is a problem halved (as they say) always better knowing your not alone in all this! plz pm me! lol xx