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  1. Expatmummy

    Is it a good time to buy a house in Perth?

    My OH has just been made redundant, along with approx. 150 of his HO colleges over the last 6 months by an allegedly successful construction company, after they spent quite a bit bringing us over and then getting us work sponsored PR (he's been with them for several years and gained work for them)... not a mention of this in any of the local press. Several friends OH have gone through the redundancy cycle or, as they are self employed in O&G, not had any work for 6 months. Other friends in a variety of suburbs mainly north of the river have had to sell their houses at a loss. Advice we had from folk when we were thinking of buying (fortunately we didn't) was to go in at least 10-15% under asking.... we know 4 people who did this and were successful in the western 'burbs. Just my penny worth, but things aren't looking as rosy as the papers and pols would have us believe!
  2. Expatmummy

    Private Schools in Perth

    Hi, we looked into schools and had our daughter down on waiting lists before the OH had his face to face interview. By time we arrived she'd been on the lists of 4 school for 6 months (we had to pay to go on the lists), when we spoke to the schools they were hazy about where she was on the lists etc, but once we got here and interviewed things changed very quickly and she was offered places at 3 out of 4! She is in Yr 7 and just started her 2nd full year at the place we decided on. If you've set your heart on a particular school then you do have to get in there early doors for the lists, and work very hard at the interview (we were at on place for over 2 hours). Places for kids born 2000/01 are a lot harder, we've lived in several countries and it has always been difficult, apparently there was a bit of a baby boom to do with people deliberately trying to have a millennium baby (not what we were aiming for!) Good Luck :biggrin:
  3. Expatmummy

    Looking for new car

    Hi, We bought a Nissan Dualis before Xmas, I think they do a 7 seat version from Nissan in Osbourne Park (the lovely Brendan there), great deal, no deposit and interest free for 3 years, plus a couple of grand off the list price. Renault were also doing 0%, and Toyota are doing cheap money too. If you shop around there are some very good finance deals at the mo!
  4. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    Actually we did have to be interviewed and provide her previous school reports, at all 4 of the schools we liked the look of. She was lucky enough to be offered a place at 3 of them.
  5. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    Hahaha, I don't know about that! No 457's don't have to pay international, but as for getting places at these schools I think having quite a smart daughter helped! :wink:
  6. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    Well my girl is at one of those schools. So I really don't know what went wrong there. (The other 2 schools who told us directly the same were Iona and St Mary's)
  7. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    None of the parents on a 457..... Missed out that bit. :-)
  8. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    None of the parents have to pay International fees, believe me they would if they could because they certainly charge for everything else ; ). 457 visa holders don't have to pay state school fees, and those of us who choose private don't have to pay international fees. We were told the same by each of the 5 schools we visited. Nothing to do with luck.
  9. Expatmummy

    Is Perth really as expensive

    Well my daughter does go to a 1st tier private school, and we didn't pay international fees when we were on our 457, or now that we have PR
  10. Expatmummy

    WA family Suburbs

    I have to agree there, Simon is a fab coach. He even managed to get my feeble service sorted!!
  11. Expatmummy

    Renewing british passport whilst in australia

    Hi, We had to renew our daughters passport here, we arrived on a 457 and she had 2 days to go until the 6 month limit. It subsequently expired and we had to send off to NZ to get it replaced. The cost is actually the British Goverment ripping you off, nothing to do with Perth etc, as we have had to renew in Oman where we lived before and it was just as bad and took even longer because the application went to Germany. I must say though that the process here was relatively painless, I'd even filled in part of the form wrong (blonde, I know) and the lady at the post office waited patiently for me to correct it, checked it all, sent it off for us and we had it back in 2 weeks. Far better than wasting days of your holiday!
  12. Expatmummy

    All the good things about living in Perth

    Dolphins swimming round my daughter when she's having a surfing lesson. (though the first sight of that fin nearly gave me a heart attack!!) Outdoor cinema at Kings Park. The most gorgeous breakfasts, with so many fab cafes to choose from. Shopping ( I lived in an armpit country in the ME for 5 years, trust me the shopping here is fab). Great schools with enthusiastic teachers. Lovely landlord (I know that one maybe a bit rarer). beautiful beaches where I can wear my shorts...or even a bikini (again armpit ME) Freo markets and Little Creatures People smiling and say "Morning" when you walk past them when we're out for our Saturday morning stroll around the lake. Margaret River. Needless to say we are loving it here!!
  13. Please let me know when you both arrive, just paid $191 dollars for a full head of highlights, NO cut, NO blowdry, just someone wafting a hair dryer at me so I didn't leave dripping wet! Another hairdressers quoted me $280 for the works!
  14. Expatmummy

    457 visa do they need to be stamped

    Hi, I arrived without my OH, who was the 457 visa holder, because our daughters passport was getting close to the limit. We had printed off a copy of the e-mail from the Agents, and when we got to Customs we just handed over our (UK) passports and they were just stamped. I asked if they needed any paperwork and we were told it was ok because it was all on their system linked to our passport numbers. Easy peasy, it was more traumatic making sure we had no food in our hand luggage!!!
  15. Expatmummy

    really nice restaurant in Perth

    Hi, We went to Nobu in the Burswood complex for my birthday and that was stunning, expensive but easily one of the best meals I've ever had. A bit more mainstream, the Subiaco Hotel has a great restaurant and pretty reasonable, and the best place on the beach has to be Clancy's at City Beach, fab food, great decor, and amazing sunsets!