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  1. ranjeetsingh2010

    AITSL - Nursery Teacher Training India

    One of my dear cousin is a nursery teacher and has done a 1 year diploma in "Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)" form India. She has also done a Bachelor in Computer Applications (3yrs) and a Master in Business Administration (2 Yrs). Also has 1 year of experience in teaching nursery kids. Now I wanted to know if she gets 7 bands in IELTS, does she need to do a Bachelor of Education. Or NTT will suffice for the assessment???? We are trying to access ourselves for 241111 Regards, Ranjeet Singh
  2. ranjeetsingh2010

    Application status

    The status of my application shows "Application received - processing commenced". When I go to the check list it show required against every document every document although I have uploaded all of them already. Can someone please explain if I am missing anything here. Subclass 176 - Started June 2011.
  3. ranjeetsingh2010

    How to get an agency to send you a 1100?

    I am applying for a subclass 176. I want to know how I can get a 1100 from an agency. Also what agency can be approached to send the same on my behalf. Any information in this regards will be very valuable.
  4. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    Te rephrase my question. My occupation is on the latest SOL list. and I have a certificate for that from proper authority. Do I fall under priority 3? or I should have submitted a different application.
  5. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    @Rupani I am in #4 from your list. And as per the auto reply this category gets picked up in a year. Are we on the same page? Or you have any good update for me
  6. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    @cjdrum Its not state sponsored. My relative is sponsoring my application. Its been about a weeks now Long way to go. Also, I think my IELTS will expire in 2 months... I had given that test for some other purpose... I hope the CO will ask for a re-test if he/she thinks its pretty old... what say?
  7. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    I want to know how time is usually takes for Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 (priority 4) to get picked up.. I have just opened an application online. I have 120 points and also made the payment. my occupation is in the SOL list. can anybody tell me with their personal experience if it was picked up earlier... the auto email from mgsm.processing@immi.gov.au says Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 That is like an year of wait... can I hope for an earlier pick up or this is the actual timeline. is there a way to speed it up.