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  1. margojacko

    Anyone fancy meeting up for a drink in the Hobart area?

    Hi Wendy , i would love to tag along again . love margojacko
  2. margojacko

    why would I want to upset my son ?

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I am very pleased to say this morning our son emailed to say although he is very upset & feels like he is grieving he wishes us all the luck in the world. We will be seeing him again in 3 weeks & no doubt we will be having a long talk. So looking forward to our new life in Tassie which will start in July. Once again a big thank you to you all. margojacko
  3. hi we are very lucky to have a Visa which will allow us to live with our daughter & family in Tassie. We love the place & the people also we have found so many things we can do together . (besides going to the supermarket to pass the time on.) Walking on the many beaches & having a coffee after, fishing which we had never done before until last year (we are in our 60's ) Generally pottering about , looking after the grand kids, if fact feeling useful again. My problem is our son & family we are going to leave behind are very upset with us. WE have had a very upsetting email asking why we would not want to see our other grand children grow up. I know we are being very selfish but this is what we want to do. I have tried to explain this but have had no answer back. I am sure others have had the same problem & maybe they could give me some advice.:sad:
  4. Hi crispy, I can't bring anti freezer in December but do you think a couple of packets of Gold Blend would warm the cockles of your heart? love from us xxxxx
  5. Well we have been back from beautiful Tasmania for 2 weeks.:cry: We stayed 2 whole months visiting our daughter & family. while we were there we got the dreaded Tassie bug namely Fishing. I can not believe I have reached the age of 63 & just learned how to fish. I have even caught a few mostly Flatties which are very ugly but very nice to eat. Both me & my hubby love Margate & spent many a happy hour there fishing from the small jetty We can both make a fishing rig up from start as well. It is good that we now have a hobby we both like. We also found Buggsies where we used to buy coffees & flake & chips. Every corner we went round was a delight to see & all the lovely practically deserted beaches. Surprised how beautiful Port Arthur was, yes, I know it wasn't beautiful back then. Everyone we met were friendly. What a shame we wont be back until next year. We loved it all.xxxxx ..
  6. margojacko

    visiting what can I bring in suitcase

    Hi , thanks for advice. we are both on meds so maybe have to declare excess baggage,lol kind regards Margojacko
  7. hi we are visiting Tasmania for a 2 month stay with our family (crispysince70 ) So looking forward to seeing them & also your beautiful country which Christine raves about. It will be nice to have an early summer. We are still in a dilemma on what we can put in the case's Are we allowed to take 2 months medication together with the percriptions in our cases & do we have to declare them? We are also bringing packets of coffee which I know we have to declare, in our hand luggage. Is it better & quicker to put these items & medication in hand luggage instead? I did also want to bring the grand kids some sweets but think this might not be a good idea now. There is a 2 hour time limit to get from landing in Melbourne to our next flight to Tas with Virgin Blue. What are the ques:confused: like in customs? Can anyone advice us. Kind regards Margaret (margojacko )
  8. margojacko

    medication on holiday

    Hi again ken, Glava is a whisky based liqueur 35% volume. soooo delicious. I will declare it but can I put it in my case? Daughter says it is very expensive in oZ. Trying to learn the song "give me home among the gum tree's " So we can sing it with our grandchildren who are learning at School. I love it. Kind regards margaret Ps congratulations to Australia on Winning the rugby on Saturday but my Hubby is sulking.
  9. margojacko

    medication on holiday

    hi Ken , thanks for the prompt reply. I thought you would all be still in bed a this time. Not into that sort of stuff. We are just old farts with Hypertension & usual creaky joint. While you are still there can I ask another question? Ok my daughter likes Glava a alcoholic drink . I thought I would take her a50 cl bottle in the suite case if I declare it to the customs will I have to pay duty on it & can I put it in the case? Regards margaret
  10. margojacko

    medication on holiday

    hi we are visiting our very lucky family who have emigrated to Tasmania. we will be staying for 2 months. Will we be allowed to bring our medication with us in our case ? Will we need a doctors note to say what they are for? Kind regards Margaret
  11. margojacko

    pre loaded cash cards

    Hi snifter , good morning. Thanks for quick reply. You must have got up early. Travelex say they wont charge me for withdrawals but do not know about if the owners of ATM machines will charge. do you know anything about which machines to use? Kind regards margaret
  12. margojacko

    pre loaded cash cards

    Hi,, we are going to visit Tasmania for 2 month & are considering using a preloaded cash card. It will probably be with Travelex . Will we get a good rate of exchange & will we have to pay when we use the ATM machines? If so how much? :confused: Kind regards margo
  13. margojacko

    The drinking song thread

    HI Pablo ,loved the songs.Brown eyes video brought a tear to my eyes. daughter just moved in June with family to tas & we are going to see them for 2 months. she says there is a home brew shop nearby. I wonder if we will have time to brew & drink it. What about pubs, are there any in Kingstone? Not sure if she has got round to looking for one yet. I did hear that STANLEYS (not sure if it's the name of the shop or the wine but she says it is very good. We are in France & find a lot of the wines would be better put on fish & chips. Luckily there is a ALDI supermarket where we can get Austraian & Chille wine from at 2.99 Euros a bottle which is cheaper then in England.Our car is more like a wine celler when it's time to go back. Perhaps I should have said was , because now we wont have to take any for our daughter. love then to bits & miss them but wish them everything they wish for themselves.. Well cheers my dears & look forward to visiting your wonderful country. Love margojacko( grannywag )
  14. margojacko

    luggage allowance

    hi love, don't suppose you have any idea how much? many thanks margojacko
  15. margojacko

    luggage allowance

    Good morning from England, I have had different information about baggage allowance. If say we are allowed 30 kilo's on Eremites flights what happens when we on Virgin blue to Tasmania & the allowance is less? Will we have to pay for the extra? We are going for 2 months so we will be bringing quit a lot ( including goodies for the grandkids) I have already had some good ideas on what to bring form Siamsusie (not sure if I spelt that right sorry) Margojacko (grannywag )