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  1. Hi, I have a property to let on a short term basis, I know how difficult this can be having been through it, no job, no references even though you offer to pay the 6 months in advance and still getting knocked back. We are in catchment for top state schools on Mount Tamborine but also an easy commute to top GC private schools...the best of both. The house is 4 bed, all ensuite, master has his and hers en-suite and walk ins, pool, sauna, gym, kids lounge, garage, plus plus....all on 2 acres, don’t worry, we have a gardener!! We are ready to go and just require 2 weeks notice. If you are interested please PM me and I can send you some pictures and details. justin
  2. Black mamba

    Fire and security engineer

    Hi Callum, its do-able!! arrived here in December and secured a job at Honeywell. firstly- get the skill set form filled in. - depending on your age.. Get an IELTS test completed. - get your trade assessed with Vetassess. Will involve a Skype technical interview on basic electronics etc. Just swot up on your old college notes. - we used an agent, no aggro and not expensive. "Concept Australia" - Pippa. - save up and be prepared to spend spend spend. secondly- live the dream. Good luck. if it's something you really want to do, go for it!
  3. Black mamba


    Hi General training is enough for migration I believe. good luck
  4. Hi, I am interested in the roles posted, out of interest where are the positions based. regards
  5. Black mamba

    Fire and security engineer

    Fellas.... finally got it all done and heading over 3rd December to th GC. be interesting to see how you boys are getting on?
  6. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Hi, sent info off to CO on 11th September.
  7. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Bingo!! Visa granted today, applied on the 16th July. Hang on in there people. Thanks to all and best wishes to everyone for the future...maybe bumped into you at a barbie! big shout out to the 'captain'...all the best
  8. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Still waiting also. I hope that's not the case Mrs Smithy81, we also wanted to fly out at the beginning of December and we are seriously running out of time. Going to struggle to get there before school starts. The frustrating thing is the September applicants are starting to get theirs through.
  9. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Great news Emmayer, all the best on your adventure. Hopefully any day for the rest of the July bunch
  10. Black mamba

    189 Visa Grant Delay

    Hi Guys out of interest are you all self employed or business owners?
  11. Black mamba

    189 Visa Grant Delay

    Really feel your pain guys, my application 16th July, you must be pulling your hair out, so frustrating.
  12. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Any news guys..dragging on a bit now don't you think?
  13. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Not sure what team, but it's GSM Adelaide. dragging on a bit isn't it, we're hoping to book our flights for beginning of December, when are you hoping to go and where abouts?
  14. Black mamba

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Still waiting..
  15. Black mamba


    concept Australia...fantastic serve ice