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  1. Hi, Does any one else having some unexpected outcomes from Residence Calculator on immi website? Even if I put more than 90 Days stay in last year immediately before applying , its not affecting eligibility date. I am bit worried about calculator outcomes. following is summary of my travel PR Visa Grant: 28 Oct 2014 First Entry (Lawful Date) : 26 Feb 2015 30 May 2015 ( First Departure Australia) 31 July 2015 ( arrival Australia) 63 days 16 mar 2016 ( Depart Australia) 18 May 2016 ( Arrival Australia) 64 days 22 Apr 2017 ( Depart Australia) 28 May 2017 ( Arrival Australia) 37 days 20 Nov 2017 ( Depart Australia) 2 Feb 2018 ( Arrival Australia) 75 Days 27 Oct 2018 ( Future Departure Australia) 20 Jan 2019 ( Future Arrival Australia) 86 Days Total Days Out of Australia : 325 Days ( 10.7 Months) Last Year Travel: 86 days ( Between 26 Feb 18 - 26 Feb 19) Proposed Lodgement Date Showing on Calculator : 26 Feb 2019 1) with this information & manual calculation I believe I would be able to meet citizenship requirement on 26 Feb 2019? 2) In my case 90 Days absence immediately before application date means roughly between 26 Feb 18 - 26 Feb 19? 3) Even if I move my last travel return to 15 Feb 19 (which is more than 90 days in last year) calculator still saying I am eligible on 26 Feb 2019? Thanks for your time and help in advance.
  2. Greetings, Case officer has emailed to undergo health checks and submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) within 28 days. My wife is 6 months Pregnant and we are not interested to have X Ray conducted so decided to defer the medicals till birth of baby. We have following queries 1) I have unfortunately not updated Case Officer with pregnancy status yet. Should we respond back the email with Doctor Report or we have to attached Form 1022 (change of Circumstances) as well? 2) I believe its not possible to submit my medical right now and submit wife medical later on? 2)Is deferring Medical at this stage due to medical reason have any negative affect on the case? 3) What about PCC, should we submit them with in 28 days or should submit it after baby birth along with medicals? We would like to have PCC submit with medicals so that in case of any unforeseen delay we don't need to resubmit PCC. 4) Furthermore as per my understanding I need to submit single PCC for Single Country, doesn't matter if I lived in different cities. Thanks for your support in Advance. Regards Malik
  3. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Hi, Sorry for posting this info late... Got Case office Assigned on 28 Feb 12
  4. admalik

    Passport Renewal- CO Not Assigned Yet

    I couldnt find such info on the form 929
  5. Hi, I applied for PR 176 this June and uploading documents by last month including passport details. I applied for new Passport as my previous passport(on applciation) was getting expired in six months time. I have recieved my new passport today and privious one has been cancelled. As I dont have CO alotted yet so I need to ask, Should I need to fill Form 929 and email it to adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au? or Should I need to fill Form 929 and attach it on online document uploader window? or Should I directly Upload new passport details page scanned copy on on online document uploader window withoout filling the form? As CO has not assigned and previous documents have not been reviewed. Thanks Regards, Malik
  6. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Congrats..best Of Luckkk ( iam assuming u applied on Oct 2010
  7. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

  8. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Here is the extract from DIAC website Changes to state nominated and family sponsored GSM visas – 1 July 2010 From 1 July 2010, applicants for certain GSM applications will be required to demonstrate that they have been nominated by a state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative apply. These amendments relate to the following visa subclasses: Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) Visa (Subclass 886) Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 487) Departmental forms and systems currently do not facilitate proof of nomination or sponsorship at time of lodgement. However, system changes are currently being pursued. In the meantime, to lodge a valid application, applicants should lodge their visa application form once the relevant state or territory government agency or sponsoring relative have agreed to sponsor them. The nominating state or territory government agency or sponsoring eligible relative should then complete the associated nomination or sponsorship form using the TRN number provided to the visa applicant when lodging the visa application. The nominating state or territory government agency or sponsoring relative should lodge the form within 28 days to demonstrate that the applicant is nominated or sponsored.
  9. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    The online sponsorship form is available on this Page or here is the direct link that you can sen to your brother. Hope it helps
  10. admalik

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Hi All, I wanted to ask that My sponsor filled the online application form on 23 of July. I still haven't got any confirmation email from DIAC for this? I did got an email from DIAC on 23 July with all the same email body as of the email sent by them as an acknowledgement of Visa application lodgement, the only difference was there was TRIM FILE REFERENCE#. In previous email it was blank. But as per forums it has nothing to do with sponsorship application and its DIAC internal reference number? But I dont agree as so much co incidence. has anybody share the same experience? Can you pl let me know that how much time DIAC takes to confirm the receipt of online sponsorship form?
  11. admalik

    176-Relative Sponsored Gang

    Welcome aboard... Good to see some one from Pakistan for same visa class as well in June...
  12. admalik

    176-Relative Sponsored Gang

    welcome Aboard
  13. Hi, As per doucument check list for document to uploaded its stated satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment Do we also need to submit the CDR report submitted to Engineers Australia or should wait for CO request (if required) ? Thanks
  14. Dear Users, Please comment on above question. I have only one assessment from Engineers Australia. I am bit confused to select either one of these?