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  1. I'm not sure if I got you right but my occupation right now is still Math. teaching so I have no occupation in IT yet but I'm looking forward to know what I should do in order to have a high probability in a successful application for PR. If no luck with PR, then it's not the end of the world for me but at least I need to do 3 or 4 years of work so that I reclaim some of my expenses during study and get work experience that can help me apply for migration to USA or Canada from there.
  2. Hey, I'm interested to migrate to Australia from Egypt where my current job (teaching Math.) if fine with me in Egypt but is very complicated for me to carry it over to Australia but I do have a strong IT background (Troubleshooting PCs and networking fundamentals) which I'm planning to make use of by taking it to new higher levels by studying this 2 year course @ MIT (master of networking): http://www.mit.edu.au/courses/86/ My ultimate goal is to become a system administrator for servers running Windows Server OS or something similar to this role. My question is: What else do I need to do in order to have a successful chance of getting a successful pre-assessement skills application by ACS (Australian Computer Society)?. I'm trying to figure out an approximate figure for the associated cost and time for this journey. I'm pretty excited about starting it if it's within my budget and tolerance level. Regards
  3. magmag

    What's after a successful outcome from AITSL?

    I believe I won't be able to achieve great success in doing a master of teaching but I can have greater success in a "Master of Mathematics" but the duration of this master is described as 1-year full time OR 2-year part time so I'm not sure if this complies with the 885 applicant visa?
  4. magmag

    What's after a successful outcome from AITSL?

    Thanks for all the info. I learned new things today that I need to get involved in a 2+ years of study in order to apply onshore. Offshore preparation and application seems to be the only suitable option for me...
  5. magmag

    What's after a successful outcome from AITSL?

    Well, I worked in 5 different schools mostly for middle/upper ages but not anymore as vast majority of high paying schools (mostly international schools) do not recruit Egyptians but rather foreigners or whoever carries at least 1 foreign nationality beside his Egyptian nationality! (and I'm a pure Egyptian) but I didn't care or complain about this stupid situation in this country where I don't have the right to work in many high level schools coz of no foreign nationality and others from outside can work very easily!! so I decided to teach privately and incidentally, I'm making a very good money which is comparable to what these international schools offer and at a reduced effort! so I found myself winning at the end despite all the stupid hurdles but it's not about financial that I want to leave. I really HATE living in this country. I consulted a lawyer and he said the same thing I found online (I need to do a postgraduate diploma in education which is the same thing as that initial teacher qualification thingy + IELTS with min 7 in all modules) and after doing all of that and hand it to him, the procedure is going to take from 1 to 1.5 years so that means I'm still stuck in this country for at least 2 years. And based on what you said, I may have hard times having a job there coz of the more high demanding IELTS results (min. of 8 in 2 modules) and that other harder exam you were talking about. I can't pass all these exams with the required high scores unless I'm living in an English environment for some time but right now, all I believe I can get is 7 or 7.5 in any of the four modules of the IELTS but getting 8 in 2 modules together? I doubt this 'll happen for the time being. For example I scored 8 for the speaking in my 2nd IELTS attempt compared to 7.5 in my 1st attempt but it's not likely that I'll get 8 again in my 3rd attempt as long as the human being assessment is involved. Also I scored 7.5 in Writing on 1st attempt and on 2nd attempt it became 6! and again as long as human assessment is involved, it's not that easy to get what I want AT the same time. Anyway I think I'm about to give up this Australian route because of the huge time & procedures which gives me the impression that I'm going to heaven or something and even after all of this and getting the visa, I may struggle finding a job coz of English. I'll try seeking elsewhere if possible. Thanks anyway for taking the time replying to me "Olga Mhilli" and "hmsmark"
  6. magmag

    What's after a successful outcome from AITSL?

    Many thanks for the detailed answer. However, everytime I look at the visa type 175 page, I get dizzy from the lots of conditions - rules - criteria...etc. There are lots of mysterious things for me which derives me nuts no matter how many times I try to read everything over and over. I came to the conclusion that doing all of this process by myself is something that is not going to happen. I think I'll choose to travel for studying that postgraduate diploma in one of the Australian univesities because I think once I finish it, procedures will be much simpler than the current situation which is quite complex for me. I hope to get that IELTS band score of 7 first of all which is a common denominator condition for all the diplomas I saw online from different universities. P.S. Do you know of any university in Syndney or whatever that can accept me bringing an official certificate from my university proving that I studied everything in the medium of English? The official language is Arabic in my country but in many universitites, the study in in English and I'm not an exception to this. I have seen this before online on one of the Australian universities websites as an alternative for the IELTS but can't remember where I hope what I saw was not a mirage! and that I can offer this an an alternative to the IELTS.
  7. Hey, I'm a Mathematics teacher from Egypt for the middle/upper students and I was thinking about applying for a GSM visa through AISTL. Since the initial teacher qualification thing which is required from me gonna cost me an arm and a leg (not to mention the amount of effort involved), I want to anticipate a little bit and peek into the future and ask a couple of questions. Quoted from the “AISTL Application Assessment Guide” document: “Successful applicants will receive their original Skills Assessment Certificate by mail. The certificate is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue” My questions are: 1) What's after a successful outcome? will I take this original certificate and go to the embassy and get the GSM right away or what? Also my general grade from the Faculty of Science is "Pass" which really has nothing to do with my current skill level as my Math. skills and experience are much stronger than school level Math. but 2) Will this affect my outcome negatively in the assessment or later on when I apply for a teacher registration?. Also after having the successful outcome and the GSM visa, 3) How difficult it is to get a teacher registration in order to teach there in Australia? I'm really sorry for all these questions but I'm trying to sort things out from the beginning before I get myself involved in extra enormous studies that will cost me a lot of effort and $$$ (initial teacher certification + pursuing the IELTS with a min. band score of 7 for each section which gonna take me several attempts before getting this 7 :mad: - I already took it twice so far but still no 7 in ALL of them as required which is frustrating as my real English is very good). Will appreciate all your input guys really. I need to settle this idea and continue with it or stop thinking about it for ever. It's a pain in the neck just thinking about it.
  8. My recent Academic IELTS score (Test was taken on the 25th of June, 2011) is as follows: Listening = 7.5, Reading = 6.5, Writing = 6, Speaking = 8. Overall = 7 I'm not happy because of the reading and writing modules. This is my second attempt for the exam which is better than my first attempt except the writing (Writing in 1st attempt was 7.5 but now it's 6 ) Anyway, is there any way I can use these results to migrate?
  9. Ok, If I want to do a postgraduate diploma in Education in Australia. What is the cheapest available option for me to do that study?
  10. Sure ok, I'm going to send them an email. Hope they will have the time to check this webpage and answer me. Thank you
  11. Thanks PositivePixie for the reply. Ok, I researched the cost of this 1 year study in Australia and I found it to be pretty expensive for me (Study costs alone is approx. 20,000 AUD). The closest thing I have found in Egypt is a study in the American University of Cairo called "Professional Educator Diploma In Middle & Secondary Education". Is this exactly what I need to study??? URL: http://www.aucegypt.edu/GSE/Programs/Pages/Teaching.aspx Many thanks in advance...
  12. Thx for reply but does that mean I need to study some subjects related to e.g. psychology and stuff like that in order to be able to teach I'm really very bad in subjects that has lots of texts to go through, read and then memorize. Thx for the information but how come this isn't to be introduced until 2013 while it's already there in front of my face in the PDF file for the application of assessment which you can download off of the website?!
  13. Hi, I'm from Cairo, Egypt and I'm thinking of migrating to Australia as a skilled migrate. I have a BSC in Mathematics Science and after graduation, I taught Mathematics in different schools for the medium and upper grades. I visited this site: http://www.aitsl.edu.au/ and downloaded their application PDF for assessment and was perplexed by this "Initial teacher education qualification" thing! I just studied Mathematics (Pure and Applied) at the Faculty of Science and after graduation, I taught Mathematics for the primary age (for 1 year) and after that I taught the medium and higher grades (4+ years) and from these years experience was built up. Please advice me on how to get that "Initial teacher education qualification" and if it's possible, I'm ready to travel to Australia to attend all the classes that are needed for it (hope this is possible because I'm looking for legal migration only) Many thanks in advance...