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  1. zidden

    How the UK sees rudds decision.

    tbh I don't really care what the UK thinks of Rudd's decision and probably neither does most of OZ.
  2. zidden

    Disabled child - UK or OZ?

    To cut a long story short, in OZ on 175 visa, had a baby that is going to have a severe disability. Baby is an Australian citizen due to our permanent resident status. As we are new in OZ we are unsure what support both educational and financial is like here. Does anyone have any experience what country provides better support to parents of a disabled child?
  3. zidden

    Cold/Flu Remedies

    Nothing beats a hot toadie and not the cane variety...
  4. zidden

    Amazon coming to Oz?....

    I don't know if this is a good idea. Personally I believe amazon and other websites have killed the UK high street. Be careful what you wish for...
  5. What did you do? Self pack or pack and pick from the shipping company. Trying to work out which is better. Self pack: More time to pack, meaning less stress. Having to be organised and the difficulty in obtaining insurance Pack and Pick: Stressful in that everything gets boxed in a couple of hours, chance of missing something. Better insurance cover from shipping company. Also costs differ as well.
  6. zidden

    Using an Australian mobile in the UK

    Get Skype credit, you can then use it all over.
  7. zidden


    Interesting article... http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/384881/Romanian-granny-loophole-will-allow-Moldovan-migrants-to-work-in-UK
  8. zidden

    Flying 32 weeks pregnant

    We did call Malaysia airline and their English was extremely poor. I have also emailed them twice and they only state the following: 'For your information, expecting mother may be accepted for travel on MAS services up to : * 35th week into pregnancy (international flight) and * 36th week into pregnancy (domestic flight) provided the passenger need to produce a medical certificate signed by your doctor stating * the expected date of confinement (EDC) * normal pregnancy * passenger is in good health to travel Kindly be advised that expecting mothers beyond those stages will NOT be accepted for travel. For international travel, acceptance of travel must also take into account immigration requirements. Some countries may refuse admission to foreign national in advanced stage of pregnancy. Malaysia Airlines also refuses admission for foreign ladies with 6 month or more into pregnancy. Should you require any further assistance or information, kindly contact us at 1-300-88-3000 toll-free number within Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 outside Malaysia. We will be glad to assists and serve you better. Thank you for choosing Malaysia Airlines and we look forward to hear from you again.' Which is very vague and also states different terms of pregnancy.
  9. zidden

    Flying 32 weeks pregnant

    Yes but I cannot find conformation whether this means entry to an airport for transit purposes or only through immigration.
  10. zidden

    Flying 32 weeks pregnant

    Complete transit for a couple of hours, not leaving the airport at all, with no intention to go through immigration.
  11. Can anyone confirm what countries will allow you to enter in transit whilst flying at 32 weeks pregnant? I know most airlines will allow up to 28 weeks and 35 if you have a doctors letter. However immigration in stopover countries differ. For example Malaysia does not allow anyone in after the 6 month period. Trying to find a transit stopover.
  12. zidden

    from INDIA to OZ .. which Flight

    PIA are generally the best from your location.
  13. zidden

    Worth it?

    Money is not the issue, it is more value for money / quality of life, as in is it worth shipping a dog of that age only for it to become a nervous wreck for being dragged across the world.
  14. zidden

    Worth it?

    Is it worth shipping an 8 year old dog? Doubting whether the added stress as the dog will have to live with family for 2 months prior to departure from UK, then spend 30 days in quarantine. Meaning a total of 3 months from us. Thinking if it is worth dragging our little one through all that and if he will be traumatised / experience attachment issues in future.
  15. zidden

    Maternity Pay

    Found this link that clarifies things. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/publications/specialist-guides/technical-guidance/ni17a-a-guide-to-maternity/statutory-maternity-pay-smp/eligibility/