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    Does anyone know anything about schools in Roleystone, can't find any information on the myschool site. Also, anyone have any information about living there since the bush fires, has it recovered, community facilities etc. Looking at it as an area with a bit more space and still near the city/beach. Thanks
  2. justwannasay

    My thoughts on the UK thread

    Have sent you a pm.
  3. justwannasay

    Should we return to Aus!!

  4. justwannasay

    Should we return to Aus!!

    Thanks for your reply, you are right, the mind plays tricks with you and your imagination runs riote. I didn't work there while having my children and i had always had a career before this...big mistake i think. We have tried to sit down together but by the time the boys go to bed it is late, we are tired and cranky and we never seem to get anywhere. I agree with what you say that neither of us will ever change our opinions of how we feel about the Countries. I understand and agree with all you have said, thanks
  5. justwannasay

    Should we return to Aus!!

    Its funny, we have been to marriage guidance and that is what they say, but we have friends in Perth and the boys would have their grandparents there, we know the place and Hubbie would get a job with his old company. He works in agriculture and specialises in the wheatbelt so that is what he knows. I think i am at the stage where i am so sick of change and moving i just want one more to be the final one and to know that will be that.
  6. justwannasay

    Should we return to Aus!!

    My family is in pickle, we can't decide what to do for the best and we have been like this for so long. This is the story, hubbie and i lived here in UK for 4 years, got married and then moved to Perth, he is Australian and he got home sick and wanted to go home. We lived there for 7 years, i was homesick for a lot of the time, had three children there and just became obsessed with returning to the UK. I thought about it so much and eventually persuaded him to let us give it a go here. We kept a safety net in Perth, he got leave without pay from his employer and we came to the UK. All went well here, he got a good job, found a good school and a nice house to rent. The house isn't that close to the school so have had to drive to school every day but we hoped to buy a house nearer the school. We have looked at houses but can't seem to find something we like, either garden too small or house not right. We have done so much while here, not sure if we have put this much effort in because we think we will only be here for a while. My husband wants to return to Perth, he always has and our eldest 6.5 year old is always talking about Australia and has asked when are we going back, he says he loves it there because its warm!! our younger two are too small to know. Because i just feel i can't go back there, have tried to want to but just get really scared about returning there, depression returning and the isolation returning i agree to go then change my mind again and again, my Husband applied for a different job here more suitable to what he specialises in and it looks like he might get it. It would a mean a move towards Wiltshire area to be able to do the job. Should we try this, i missed my family here when we was in Perth but since being back i have found i am much more independant of them and could live away from them. Or should we just return to Perth, my boys are from there and i have this constant guilt that i am stopping them from growing up where they should be. Is it fair to drag them off somewhere else, new schools, house, area and not really know if it will work or should i just give in and take them home to Perth. I am finding it so hard, going around in circles not knowing what to do. My husband accepts that Perth has some major problems and can be a hard place to live but i know he is not happy here and probably never will be. We have nearly split up over this but we want to stay together for our boys, i just don't know what to do. If we stay here in the UK will the guilt ever leave me? Thanks for listening x
  7. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    Thats good to hear.
  8. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    Hopefully you will find plenty of full time work when you get to Aus where everyone is treated really well and there are no casual, part time, commission based, self employed positions, unless you choose them of course.
  9. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    Absolutely, not all of the streets are paved with Gold, especially the dry, dusty, empty ones in some of the country towns anyway!
  10. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    We lived two hours from Perth and while the unemployment rate for regional WA is not made public, the majority of work is in the city (Perth). My husband was the only person doing his job where we lived, therefore if he wanted to move up the ladder, change jobs or anything we would have to move...no choice there weren't any other jobs in his field. We lived there for 7 years and while in the area i had no choice of work. I think that you would have to visit some of these places to fully understand how remote some places are and how few choices of employment there can be. In the UK one is never very far from choice.
  11. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    I would say it is difficult for some but not all, some industries are still doing really well in this country, some are not. Some areas of the country are doing well and some are not...We moved here from Regional WA and believe me unemployement was higher and choices were less there. However, i believe if you live in an area where you cannot get a job in your field but other areas of the country have work i know what i would and have done in the past to secure work and that is move to where the work is.
  12. justwannasay

    Been back a while now and....

    I really think you can't generalise, it depends on what profession your in and where you live. We have been here a year now and my husband was offered so many interviews he was turning them down. He is Australian and didn't think anyone would give him a chance here, he was offered three good positions within three weeks of landing here. I wasn't really looking for part time work but found plenty advertised and managed to get a job part time doing the days and times i wanted and two minutes from where we live. I think its too easy to say things are so bad here, my uncle arrived here from Ireland two weeks ago for work and was offered well paid work within days, he is living in London and is due to start on the cross rail in the next week (medicals etc all complete now) and they have said there is work until 2018 if he wants it. He is also working while he waits to start. He said only today, there is plenty of work if you want it. Just my thoughts, understand it is difficult for some but its not good to generalise either.
  13. justwannasay

    Think hard before giving it all up in Aus ...

    Hi Stovies Have followed your story and its fairly similar to mine. We lived in WA for 7 years then came back to UK and been back a year now, hubbie and kids (3) all aussies. My children are young, eldest is 6 but is always talking about aus. My hubbie got offered a job back in Perth with his old company and we panicked and he told them he couldn't decide at that time (they only gave us 2 days to decide) so they withdrew the offer. We then went back to them as had changed our mind and they gave the job to somone else. They now have said they have other jobs but we need to tell them when we're coming and they will sort something out for him... My heart is here in the UK but i can't stop feeling that my children should be back there in Perth, its where they are from and they just love being outdoors, soon it will be dark here and i think we will find it hard. I guess what i'm asking is how did you decide to go back and stick to it and how are you feeling about leaving everyone here. Are you worried that you'll get back to aus and think you've made a mistake, thats what i'm worried about. I got very depressed there before. I know you go back soon just curious to know how you are dealing with it. Thanks
  14. justwannasay

    Car insurance drama

    I used tesco car insurance, they accept oz no claims, we swopped to uk licences but try them and see how you go. Good luck.
  15. justwannasay


    I kind of feel like i am in a corner, i know hubbie wants to return to aus, i know my eldest (only 6) wants to return, i feel terrible guilt about making everyone stay in the UK because its what i want and my boys growing up not in their home land. Spent yesterday talking about it and perhaps i should give in, return to aus and try again to make it work there for the sake of my children. I just don't think i can live with the guilt. We went to the flotilla in London on Sunday, had a good day and have done so much here in the last year, can't help feeling though that they are things i want to do and all they want to do is play out in the sun with their bikes.....very hard to make this decision, feel like my UK dream is slipping away..