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  1. Sounds like it could work for me? Anyone else up for darling harbour drinks? I think its happy hour in stacks then!
  2. Surfy Brit

    removals interstate

    They Allied removals guy does removals all across the country so you should be fine just call and ask, if you dont have a full load you will have to wait for next time thery are 'in the area' as they group things! BUT that said even in Townsville they were up every 10 days/2weeks! Very reasonable price wish 30 cases went fir $1200 which isnt bad as they also held it for me for 4 weeks! Everything arrived unbroken!
  3. Surfy Brit

    removals interstate

    Hey Guys! My stuff has doen Melbourne to Townsville and then down to Sydney with Allied Removals, they are happy to do part loads as thats what they did for me! Number is 0755973677 he is based on gold coast but moves stuff everytwhere can sort temp storage too! They were really good and did it for a very reasonable price! Guy who runs it is called Frank Boff hope he can help you!
  4. Surfy Brit

    457 Visa Nomination

    Would think it totaly depends ont eh Job, I am on a 457, had to prove my degree, my postgrad and 3 years work experience, 457 is a skilled visa, be warned though not always everything its cracked up to be, employeers can and do take advatage to the fact you are 'tied' to them (im sure many are lovely) but a few take advantage and will trreat you differently from your Aussie couterparts!
  5. A nice long sunny bank holiday weekend coming up guys! Anybody fancy getting together for a few beers somewhere in the city at some point and meeting up? Aussie partners welcome too of course! Im a pom here on my own and have been a few months but work arent the most social of groups so wuld be nice to meet a few others!
  6. I would try being honest they do have a responsibility to your physical and mental well being under health and safety! In terms of staying if I were you I would try and get PR outright ASAP without anything to do with your employerr as a Nurse you are on the list one of the nominated occupations list so dont need employeer sponsorship (you have to do 2 years with one emplyeer and then apply and stay a further 2 years!) doesnt sound like you would want to do that! I know the feeling on a 457! Im on one too! You can chnge employeers very easilly though if needs be so keep that in mind (depends if your employeer paid any relocation as to if there are any cost to you to leaving) the whole situation does make me feel very anxious though! SO I know what you mean and I think a lot of employeers play on this insecurity and in mine (and I know this is not true for all) take advantage of it to treat those on visa's in a way that never in a million years treat an Aussie (or rather get away with it) like I say its only some and not all, but you are not alone! good luck!
  7. Surfy Brit

    Sedating or drugging children on flight?

    Well I dont have kids and also play the game of trying to sit as far away form the basinets as possible! I have lots of friends and familly with kids who certainly have given kids 'drowsy' meds on flights both long and short haul! I actually am mainly OK with the little babies that scream there is little that their parents can do! But I was on a flight (SYD-Singaopore) where as we came into land the parents of a 6/7 year old refused to put the seat upright and put her belt on as it would 'wake her' the plane manager int he end intervined poitning out that regulations meant that had to happen in order to land the plane and sooner or later we needed to refuel! Said child then would not sleep on the night leg singapore to london, the parents wouldnt let it watch cartoons etiher so it had a screming fit every 20mins or so! Waking nearby babies! Not fun! On my most recent flight I had the missfountune to be sat in the row next to a familly with 2 young children who they allowed to cream , jump up and down on the seats, climb out of their seats stand ont he seats thoughout the flight including take off and landing, no attempt made during the 14 hour flight at all to show any care for nearby passengers! Before I told off for being a fuddy duddy, the child sat nuext to me for the 14 hour flight out spent 7 of it vommiting! Nice the parents and he were very appologetic but I just kept saying 'you cant help it, dont worry!". I saw some survey that suggeted that 85% of all air treavelers (including parents!) would support 'child free' zones on aircraft! Proof that most people value peace and quiet on a flight!
  8. Are you still looking Gary? I have someone who might be interested I will send him your details!
  9. Surfy Brit


    I can see the Alllure of hostel world from a backpabker point of view but as someone who worked in a hostel they take a cut of the cost, so you are less likely to get a deal on there sometime worth ringing hosel direct you might get a better price plus when our availability was 'bitty' we would jsut take the hostel offline as too much hastle! Also a word of caution with reviews remember that mostly people only review if experience has been incredibly bad or incredibly good...so dont be put off soemwhere by 1 or 2 bad reviews....we all have different exppectaions!
  10. Oh sounds good! What are people doing around Easter? Anyone got time off an fancy a catch up? Surfing not compulsory! Drinks or lunch maybe?
  11. Surfy Brit

    Wollongong or Newcastle - which would you choose?

    I would say Newcastle! I really quite liked it when I visited, Wollongong was more 'hoons in ute's' from what I saw of it and at 10 am we got stoped and breathlised on the way to the beach to check the surf....and 15 mins later (surf was rubish) in the same roadblock in the other direction! WE had dont nothing more incriminating than driving a camper with surboards ont he roof! Ironically they should have been there the night before when it was full of teens drinking and driving!!
  12. Hey All I couldnt make Sunday went to the blue mountains its so beautiful I want to go back ASAP! Would have been nice to meet up though! Did you have fun are you gonna meet up again? Ruth I will have a look for you? Are you here on your own or with familly/friends hard in a hostel :-( are you working?
  13. Ohhh Im another pom in the northen beaches! Female 31 a professional! Im here on my own so would be reallynice to meet some people that I could hang out for movies, dinner and shooping for! Who is here already and fnacies a nice girly meet up soon?? Been in Sydney a few months but what with new house new job going home at xmas I am only just starting to settle in and ready to go out and enjoy the amazingness Sydney offers!
  14. Hey Im another pom in the northen beaches too! Dee Why actually! ITs nice up here isnt it? Would love to meet up im here on my own too! WE could do a drink after work one night? Or a weekend? Let me know would be nice to meet up!
  15. Surfy Brit

    Manly Vale

    Just to add to what others have said, Manly vale will be very easy, most express busses to the city stop at the main manly vale stop (byt the community centre) I also go through it every day on the way to north sydney. I live in dee why, not for eveyone mind but has a lot more 'life' than manly vale, bars, resurants, local shops etc and the Beach! Its a little further away but I think nicer (depends on what you want?) although also more expensive I think! Happy Flat hunting! Good Luck !