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  1. We are on a 160 business visa and now want to apply for residency but don't really know how to go about it. Been trying to call the immi number but you never get through to anyone. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We are using HiFX to change our money and they have been brilliant. What is concerning at the moment is the falling rate because of the Euro situation. Would be useful to hear opinions on that as don't know if best to change sooner rather than later!
  3. Clarkes

    Travel insurance or something else needed?

    Great thanks will look in to that then. We are also flying in to Brisbane and then going up to the sunshine coast. Good luck!
  4. We leave the UK on Boxing Day and busy trying to make sure we are all sorted. What do we need to do about insurance for the first couple of weeks. I guess we can't take out holiday insurance like we would if we were just going on a holiday. We are coming over on a business owner visa and so not sure that we are entitled to medicare. Any advice you could give us would be great! Thanks, Natasha
  5. Clarkes

    What paperwork to bring?

    Great thanks for your help.
  6. We were told not to put anything heavy in any drawers but we are only taking bedside cabinets with drawers anyway. With bed linen etc we have been asked to leave it all folded on the beds so they can use it with the packing. How has all the cleaning been? We are hopefully being packed next week. Good luck!
  7. Clarkes

    What paperwork to bring?

    House being packed up next week but what paperwork is useful to bring? Do utility bills / credit card statements help at all? We are going to be in temporary accommodation for 4 months in a holiday let so will get them to give us a reference which might help when we sort out a rental when we arrive. That also means any utility bills will be a bit old? The paperwork I will keep hold of when travelling are passports and driving licences (obviously) and photocopies of, copy of visa letter, birth and marriage certificates. Anything else I should think about? Sorry know it's a bit longwinded but just trying to get myself sorted and you guys know EVERYTHING!
  8. Clarkes

    Family New to Mountain Creek area

    Have you joined the Sunshine Coast Expats page on Facebook? The seem like a really nice bunch and are always arranging things and lots of members living in the areas near you.
  9. Clarkes

    Wooden Toys

    I saw about feathers on the form today guess that includes feather duvets?
  10. Did you have to do anything special when booking the flights to get this extra allowance? I know that now you don't get anything in your passport, do you just bring you visa granted letter with you and the airline can check the visa when they scan your passport? Just trying to clarify as we will be looking to fly with SIA as they have had lots of positive reports on PIO and I know that we can get a migrant fare with Qantas through our removals company which gives us all an allowance of 40kg.
  11. Clarkes

    Will my house phones work?

    Thanks for all your help. Looks like they will be finding a new home somewhere!
  12. Clarkes

    Will my house phones work?

    Thanks, know what you mean but don't really want to bring things for them not to work when I could have given them to a caring new home.
  13. Clarkes

    Will my house phones work?

    Will my cordless phones work in Australia?
  14. We've got two little tikes cars which are a bit grubby from being outside and one you can see sand inside the frame from where it tipped over before. Would we be better off buying and assembling new ones and shipping them instead? Have seen that they are twice as expensive in Australia! Dont fancy shipping them to be told we have to pay for them to be destroyed and end up buying new ones anyway. Was also going to buy the kids a play kitchen for their birthday and ship it in the box in the container but declare it as new and keep the receipt handy. Does anyone know if this would be ok?
  15. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, love the other thread extremely helpful!