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    Plumbing Jobs

    You will not be able to get a plumbing licence to work for yourself, you will need to work for a plumber under his licence. Therefore, wages will be on the low side $21 - $28 an hour depending on where you are etc. Once, you get your licence you can earn more but the task in getting the licence is a nightmare (many hours at TAFE) they don't like giving licences to POMS! I live in Sydney, and work in the plumbing industry (4yrs) and at present many firms are laying guys off. In the UK, I ran my own plumbing firm (12 yrs), and my wife didn't have to work, here we can't get by on my wage she also has to work full time. Therefore, UK plumbers beware, it's not that easy here even if they say your occupation is in demand.
  2. I make that commute regularly, and it's a nightmare during rush hour. You are brave doing it on a bike, especially as you have already witnessed how bad the Aussies drive. Get a car or get the bus, and " live long and prosper"
  3. The company I work for did sponsor a member of this site, who has been with us several months now. We are currently looking for another pom, but unfortunately this time the company is not willing to sponsor anymore . Therefore, if you are in the Sydney area (with a visa that enables you to work on a permanent basis) and have drainage experience, get in touch with me.
  4. vale1

    Dee Why suburb

    Good beach and restaurants. Mainly units, so one of the cheaper suburbs to find a rental, on the Northern beaches. Not the best to be walking around late at night though. Have a look at suburbs closer to Manly or further up Pittwater road towards Collaroy, but rents or property prices will be higher.
  5. Hi Kchaplin Sorry no email received, please try again!
  6. Thanks BENMORE 10, I got your email. I will be in touch, once I have spoken to the boss.
  7. vale1

    drainer qualifications?????

    Hi BENMORE 10 Check out my post in job forum and get in touch if your interested in Sydney. Vale1
  8. I moved to Sydney nearly three years ago, and now live with my family here on the Northern beaches.I know first hand how difficult it is to get a start here in OZ, so it would be great to help one of you guys out! I work for a family run company, who have been into pipeline relining,cctv and jetting for many years, throughout the Sydney area.My boss has asked me to find a POM who needs a job.You will need to have a clean driving licence, and be physically fit (due to plenty of shovel work/holes to dig).Experience in drainage is not essential, but obviously desirable.We are more interested in someone that intends to make Sydney their home long term, and looking to start the right person quickly. If however, you are sitting in the UK awaiting a visa grant, and do have experience in pipe relining,jetting,cctv survey work; it maybe still worthwhile in sending me your CV, as we are expanding/moving pretty fast.