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    Argh! School Dilemna! Help!!

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. It does sound a little crazy to freak out I know but with all the disruption my little girl has already had I definitely do not want to have to move primary schools if things don't work out for some reason. I'm leaning towards the school that is better academically as the safer choice... Thanks Northernbird ...yes good secondary school catchment thankfully!
  2. Hi everyone, We've been living happily in Perth for three years. We have two small kids, the oldest will start pre-primary in Feb. The problem is that we have two local public schools. School A was our school of choice, but we are slightly out of the local intake area and it is local intake only. School A has fantastic results in Naplan, has a lot of great in-school programs, has lots of parental support, and is located in very wealthy area (median house price $1.2m!). We met the v-principal at the beginning of the year and were told we would almost certainly get a place. We didn't get one initially and there has been a lot of messing since (mis-communication etc) but have just been told that we have a place for our little girl. School is about 1km from our house. School B in the meantime has already offered us a place - we are in the intake zone for this school so its automatic. This school is just around the corner from our new house. It has ok Naplan results and area is very nice but still up and coming - lots of lovely newer houses but some areas with a few dodgy flats/units. School has some good programs and principal (we met her) is fab, very enthusiastic and says all the right things (but school has had a lot of principals over past 5 years). School probably has more mixed ethnic background than other school. Parental support is mixed - on the one hand a really active P&C committee who seem to do great things, on the other hand I saw on one of the school newsletters that they had to cancel swimming lessons for a couple of the classes because not enough parents would contribute. Despite the negatives we were committed to this school and happy with our choice, although we both thought that the kids might need us to be more committed to them at home if they were not going to get enough at school (both kids are bright). We have also brought our little girl to the school to introduce her to the environment etc. So now we have to decide do we take the place in School A!! I'm so torn. We were emotionally committed to School B, to sending our kids to the school around the corner, to helping the school community work to improve the school and move it forward, etc etc. The other school has done a lot of messing, and there is no guarantee that we will get our little boy a place when his time comes as we are out of area - they say they prioritize for siblings and its unlikely there will be a problem but of course no guarantees. Having said that School A is obviously excellent academically which can only be a good thing for two bright kids. Truth is I just don't have enough info to make this decision! This is the problem with being an ex-pat - I don't have the contacts to find out the inside scoop on these schools and what it is really like to go there. Anyone have a view?? Sorry for the rant! Thanks, Kate.
  3. Oops! Finally figured out how to track! Ship due to arrive in Fremantle on the 7th December ..so we can still have hope that will have our stuff for Christmas! Fingers crossed!!
  4. Cadas can I ask you how you tracked your container? Would love to do the same!
  5. Hi Wendy, That is hilarious! I must have been psychic about Portofinos! Was there one morning with my little one for breakfast and thought it was a popular place for Mums alright! Would love to come along on Wednesday if that's ok? Assuming I haven't gone into labour at that stage! Will pm you my number and would be grateful for yours. Thanks very much!
  6. Hi guys, Wow this is exciting! Brilliant that so many want to meet up! What would everyone feel about a meet up at Portofino's on Quinn's road? It seems like a good place for Mums and kids to meet, room to move around (and for buggys) and a good enclosed playground. There are outside tables right beside playground etc and its right by the sea so very pretty. If not am completely open to suggestions for alternatives. Shelly it would be no problem at all to pick you up from Hillary's and drop you home after if you fancy it? Would you have car seats for your little ones? Is your 4 year old in a booster? Am pretty sure I could fit 3 car seats in my car ... Am open to any day this week guys except probably tomorrow due to sweep etc!! Talk soon!
  7. Hi guys, Thrilled to see your replies when I logged in. Chiara will be delighted to meet up when you get over. TBH have been a bit overwhelmed since we got here but have had glimpses of how great life could/will be when we settle in fully. Perth is beautiful, weather is stunning. Asked my husband what he thought best things were about Perth so far - he said weather and atmosphere at work which is completely different to what we are used to - he works in busy growing office but said it is very relaxed and huge respect for work/life balance and family life. Shelly would love to meet up! I have a car under my bum and feck all else to do so would be delighted to drive to you. Don't know if you're around tomorrow? Am 38 weeks pregnant now and having sweep on Tuesday so if it takes off I might be out of action for a week or two after Tues! If not could def meet up later in the week? Will pm you my number and my IRL name! Thanks for replying - think all Perth needs to make it great is a few good friends! Kate
  8. Hi guys, My husband and I moved to Perth from Galway about four weeks ago now, and have just moved into our new rental in Jindalee. My husband is a civil engineer and working and I won't be working for a few months as we are due a baby shortly. We have a two year old little girl already. I'm dying to make friends locally so would love to meet up with anyone who would like to do the same! Hope to hear from you! Kate
  9. Hi guys, My husband and I are looking for an au pair to give us a hand with our two year old and baby soon to be born! Wondered if anyone had an au pair they would recommend who is coming to the end of their six months with them and looking for a new placement? Or maybe you've used an agency in the past that you would recommend? Grateful for any tips/advice! Kate.
  10. Hi guys, Anyone have any experience with the above? Would really appreciate any recommendations/warnings!! Kate
  11. Kate10

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    Stephanie try Tracey at ozhouserental.com She was recommended to us by about 10 people on this site and she was fab - sorted us out very much last minute, really nice and down to earth, and very very nice to us when we came over. Muriel have you been to Portofino's on Quinn's Rock Road yet? Went this morning for breakfast with my 2 year old (on the way to check out a creche) and it was amazing - on the water, great climbing frame for kids ..really cool watching the kite surfers through the window etc ..
  12. Kate10

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    Hi Muriel, Just read that you are moving into Jindalee - we are moving to Jindalee too on Friday week into our long term let - can't wait! It's me, my husband, our 2 year old little girl and we are due another baby in 4 weeks. We are from Galway and my husband is a civil engineer - starts work on Monday. Would love to meet up for coffee or something in Jindalee when things get a bit more settled if you would be up for it? Will keep in touch! Kate.
  13. Kate10

    Cheaper shipping insurance from Ireland

    Sorry Irishchicko just saw this! Used Aachener ...
  14. Kate10

    Shipping from Ireland

    Hiya will bump up the other thread for you because I can't remember the exact figures re insurance etc ....they said it would take 6-8 weeks to get to Perth and a week or two in customs here. Have since been told it is sometimes 3 weeks in customs so we'll see ...
  15. Kate10

    Rental Availibilty NOR

    Hi guys, I posted on the other thread yesterday, giving quite negative feedback of our experience searching for a long term rental NOR (houses in terrible shape, very expensive, crazy competition etc). However today we were offered both of the houses we had applied for! We were absolutely shocked. We thought we had a chance at one which was very far north (Jindalee) and quite expensive ($650) but not a chance at the other which was lovely, in Darch with pool and $550 and had about 30 people viewing and agent said loads of applications. We were offered Jindalee first and happily accepted it - absolutely beautiful house - so I rang Darch agent and withdrew offer (didn't want to lose deposit!) few hours later agent called offering us Darch (she hadn't gotten message re withdrawal). We had been told by lots of people that we hadn't a chance at the Darch property given the level of competition and that we had no credit history etc in Australia. Our application was nothing extraordinary, but we had put time into having it put together well, good cover letter etc etc. We also offered a little extra for Darch than asking, but were told by agent's assistant when dropping off app that it was very common to do so and would make little difference. So there you go! A bit weird and certainly unexpected but it seems there are houses out there and it is possible to get them as a newcomer!! I think it gets harder and harder the lower your budget and certainly in the $400 to $500 range it will be tough to get a nice house as competition will be fierce and there are a lot of stinkers out there. Good luck to everyone on the hunt! Kate,