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    do i need a resident return visa?

    excellent, thx for you help!
  2. james81

    do i need a resident return visa?

    False Alarm, I have just checked my permanent residence acceptance and all is good. It says my permanent residence is valid for 5 years of travel from the date of grant. After that time you will need a resident return visa. phew!
  3. I moved to australia back in 2007 from the UK and have lived here since then. I had my permanent residence visa accepted last September. I am wanting to nip back to the UK at xmas for just over 2 weeks as I havent been back there in 5 years. Will I need the $345 dollar resident return visa? If so, I wish id pulled my finger out and got my citizenship sorted! I was on a cruise in September and went to a few different countries then. Maybe I needed a resident return visa then to!
  4. Got My 801 PR granted on the 9th of Sept, found out yesterday when letter and returned photo album came through the post. Very very happy as its one huge weight off our shoulders and means we can plan ahead for the future! Thanks for all the help and guidance that you guys have given us! very much appreciated.
  5. does anyone have any idea how much longer to wait, not for any particular reason apart from I just want it sorted and finished.
  6. yes, it is an onshore application, the emails arent from any particular person, just the generic email address with no person's name on it, so I guess I still havent been allocated a case officer.
  7. original application was submitted approx 15 months ago, they requested more info approx 3 weeks ago
  8. so ive sent off my evidence to the email, i did my medical monday, rang immigration today to confirm they had everything and they confirmed they did. How long now till I get a decision? any ideas or is it back to the months of waiting?
  9. How much evidence should I send off? Ive got 34 seperate pieces of evidence showing, living arrangements, financial arrnagements and social aspects of our relationship. Ive got 2 x 888s being done and we'll do another personal statement each. I'm doing my medical in the next week or so. Any other suggestions?
  10. I will email the documents back them but it says that if its not a colour copy and is black and white then its to be certified, does that mean all printed docs in black and white need to be certified? A justice of the peace will only certify to say a document is an exact copy of an original. Or do I make copies and get them certified and send them via a scanned email?
  11. thx for that, i supplied 2 x 888's, bank statements, lease details with our names on it, cards and invites with our names on it, it was very comprehensive. I think they are more checking that we are still in a de-facto relationship at this stage. I'll do the 888's, documents of our house purchase, insurances etc etc. Thx for all your help.
  12. do you think it would be ok to get an 888 off one of the same people i got one off for my original submission and one new person or just get two new people to do them? dont suppose it matters.
  13. This is what they sent me: To assist us in processing your application faster, please note the following: DO NOT change the subject line of the email - simply reply using the same subject Scanning your documents and emailing them to the Qld Temporary Partner Team will result in faster processing times than sending documents in by mail or hand delivering them Including your name, date of birth, Client File Number (CLF) and passport number in all emails will ensure your record is found and actioned in a timely manner Please send the requested documents/information via email to the Qld Temporary Partner Team without changing the subject line of this email. 28 DAY REQUEST Dear ******************************************- Please find below a request for further information in regards to your Partner (Temporary) Visa (Class UK) and a Partner (Residence) Visa (Class BS). Current evidence of your relationship is required in order to make an assessment. Whilst I understand you may have provided evidence of your relationship when you first lodged your application the department needs current documentary evidence to demonstrate the nature of your relationship from date of lodgement until now. This may include current Form 888s as well. All information that has been requested is mandatory and is required to satisfy the legislative criteria of this visa. Without this information, the department will not be able to facilitate the grant of your visa. Whilst I understand you may be frustrated with being asked to undergo a subsequent health check or provide further evidence failure to do so, could result in your application being refused. You have been requested to provide this information to the Department within a 28 day time frame. If you require an extension, please request this in writing- include your reason and any supporting evidence to demonstrate that you have taken action to try and obtain the requested information. The following documents are mandatory and required from you: Evidence of your relationship. For further assistance, please refer to attachment. - If you have not yet submitted, please provide a signed statement by yourself and your sponsor regarding your evidence of de-facto cohabitation for 12 months prior to lodgement. (For example: how long you have been together as a serious couple and detail significant events, important dates, addresses that you have both lived at and reasons for any periods of separation, your current living arrangements, what your plans for the future are etc.) - As you have applied as a de facto partner we require evidence that a committed de facto Partner Relationship existed for a full 12 months before you lodged your application. If you have not yet submitted, please provide evidence on the Financial and Householdand Social and Commitment aspects of your relationship. Please do not send photo albums or large quantities of information. Your evidence of relationship should fit into an A4 envelope. Examples of what to provide are listed in the table entitled “Evidence of your relationship with your spouse or partner”, enclosed in this letter. - Current evidence of your Partner Relationship from lodgement to present.. Please provide evidence on the Financial and Household and Social and Commitment aspects of your relationship. Please do not send photo albums, CD’s, DVD’s or large quantities of information. Examples of what to provide are listed in the table entitled “Evidence of your relationship with your spouse or partner”, enclosed in this letter. - 2 x Form 888’s to be completed by supporting witnesses (see attached) - Evidence of resident status of 888 declarants (see attached) You can submit any further evidence that you feel is relevant to the relationship.DO NOT send photo albums, CD’s, DVD’s or large quantities of information. DO NOT resend documents that have been previously sent. Health Assessment for a Permanent visa Your initial health assessment has expired. Please provide a new health assessment Information on how to obtain a Health Assessment for a Permanent visa can be found at the below url. http://www.medibankhealth.com.au/immigration-visa-medicals.asp?t=Immigration+visa+medical+assessment&cid=58 Time frame in which to respond You must respond to this request within 28 days of the date of this email as you are deemed to have received it at midnight on the date it was sent, by either: - Providing the requested documents/information, OR; - Explain what has prevented you from obtaining the information and seek an extension of time. You must be able to provide evidence that you have applied for the appropriate clearances, made medical appointments, or taken appropriate action to obtain the information etc. An extension of time may be given but you must respond. Providing documents Please send the requested documents/information via email to the Qld Temporary Partner Team without changing the subject line of this email. Your application has been given a File Number and Client ID. These numbers identify your application to us. The numbers are located in the top left hand corner of this email. Please make sure that you include your name, date of birth, Client ID and File Number when you write to us. These help us to quickly locate your application. We do not usually need original documents. Please do not send us original documents unless we ask you for them. Please send colour copies of your official documents. If you send non colour copies of your official documents, please ensure that the copies are certified. People authorised to certify copies in Australia include (but are not limited to): Bank managers, Justices of the Peace, Nurses, Pharmacists, Police Officers, Postal managers, Solicitors, Registered medical practitioners and Registered migration agents. How to respondBy Email: we prefer you scan and email all documents topartner.temporary.qld@immi.gov.au. to ensure faster processing times. We can accept PDF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP file formats, although we prefer that it be in PDF format. Please make sure your subject line states “your name, date of birth, file number and your case officer's name”. This office does not need originals. A colour scanned copy of your documents is sufficient. Please do not post originals if you are able to scan and email them. This office is unable to confirm receipt of your documents or emails. Please use the 'delivery options' to get a return receipt to confirm that the email has been delivered. PLEASE NOTE: Official documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation by a NAATI (National Association of Accredited Translators and Interpreters) accredited translator. If you do not respondYou currently have not presented sufficient evidence that you meet all of the criteria for the grant of this visa. If you do not respond, in accordance with sections 58, 494B and 494C of theMigration Act 1958, Regulation 2.15 of the Migration Regulations 1994 and related policy guidance, I can make a decision on your application on the basis of information currently on file without further communication with you. Withdrawing your application You can withdraw your application at any stage during processing. If any applicant wishes to withdraw their application, they must advise the department in writing. This advice can include any number of applicants but must be signed by each person aged 18 years and over. Yours sincerely, Partner (Temporary) Processing Centre Qld Department of Immigration and Citizenship Email: partner.temporary.qld@immi.gov.au Sensitive This document may contain ‘personal identifiers’ and ‘personal information’ as defined under the Migration Act 1958 or Australian Citizenship Act 2007, and can only be used for purposes under these Acts. [TABLE=class: t_fbgc] [TR] [TD=class: t_lnksi] © 2013 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United Kingdom) [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  14. I have been with my fiance for 4 years and we also have a 17 month old girl as a result of our relationship so I was always hoping to go straight to PR 801 as I meet the criteria. I just want to make sure I submit the correct information to get this through as quickly as possible and accurately.
  15. I submitted by spousal visa over 14 months ago and atlast I received a reply via email that the department is requesting further information. They have requested that I do my medical as my old medical has expired which is no problem. They also are requesting further evidence of our relationship so they can see that it is still current. I will submit information showing the purchase of our home together and letters etc with both of our names on it. My question is, will i need to have people who are australian citizens and permanent residents do form 888's again or will the letters etc as mentioned earlier be enough? I just find this quite embarassing but if it means that it makes it better for the application then I will do it.