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  1. Hi Lynne, which class is your daughter in, if you are ever up for coffe wine or a sun bathe give us a shout or a pm im not on this much so will send you my mobile number be great to meet up over these long holidays hope you have all had a great christmas
  2. Well i thought i would give it a go. Their seems to be loads of us that need to meet more people, we are new to secret harbour as are many of you. Even some that have been here a while need to make new friends, i am proposing going to the beach maybe christmas eve we are on our own anyway! i will put up a flag and whoever turns up turns up are beers or wine allowed at the beach??? if not just bring some juice your body boards or just yourself . I would love to see familys and single people anyone who just wants to meet some nice friends so come on whos up for it
  3. Hi andy and Jo, I am tracy 36 hubby tony 39 and i have 2 kids lad 14 and daughter 8, we have been in secret harbour a couple of months and would love to meet some new friends i know the kids are different ages but hey ho! a beach or park meet up would be great. we go to secret harbour beach mostly as my hubby and lad are in the slsc they usually finish club stuff by 11. give us a shout take care tracy
  4. Hi Deboroo2, Have a look at REMAX coastal in secret harbour the lady who owns it is a britt (in fact so are the staff) she will bend over bacwards to help, I think her name was marralin, Be very carefull of the proffesionals in secret harbour just from my experiance !!! And Glenway realty in safety bay are extreamly helpful val on reception is ace and the property manager carole is such a star lovely people. failing that i have a spare room hun. Believe me i know how hard it is when panic mode sets in.
  5. Hi all, I have been in secret harbour for a few months now and i too need to meet more people, i have 2 children 14 and 8 my eldest and husband are in the life saving club and love it. Their seems to be so so many brits here in secret harbour a meet up on the beach of all members would be great :chatterbox: The children go to the commet bay schools and seem to be ok (althought the primary is HUGE compared to home) they have only been there for the last term and so have not made friends you can just call up if you know what i mean ! its going to be a long long holiday till febuary!!!!. I work from early hours till mid morning at the moment which is great as i still get the day to do stuff just means i am in bed early !! I am 36 and hubby is 39 my son is 14 and daughter 8 it would be nice to meet some new friends :biggrin: i live on coffs bend in st anthonys cheers tracy x
  6. I got told off the other day by a RANGER ?? for facing the wrong way at school it was our first day and he was not happy i didnt know the rule said it was unacceptable and that us english should not be driving untill we know the rules _true but what an ar$$£ neverthe less i will look for a road book i have only been in WA 4 weeks. The driving here is toataly crazy in my oppinion they are nutters and i have been told they can apply for a driving licence at 15 here !!!!!
  7. Hi another yes on our 4th week (457) and looks good so far my hubby got sponsored i am sorting the kids and a rental (no furniture till dec though) it feels mad to do with 2 children but we got to give it a go seems very much about family time which is great and why we moved work to LIVE not live to work. my advice do it better to have tried than always wonder what could have been ! my husband has tried for 7 years to get me here just wish i had done it sooner i was shallow and to scared of change i just hope my kids thank me. all the best tracy
  8. Thanks for your reply, I am here already i have found a particular local agent absolutly terrible, no replies when she said she would return calls and constant stalling tactics (lies)if that was my agent in the uk she would be sacked on the spot she has lost that owner money my application still has not been processed for over 10 days supposed to be 3 days to process she was awfull!! i would advise all to avoid. Yet on the other hand the other agents have been absolutly fantastic the one i have secured a rental with in particular have bent over backwards to help me. My advise to anyone coming over if you get the feeling your agent is not up to it forget that property and find another but whatever you do dont stop looking, it is a free for all usually 4 -5 families turn up all after the same one and it goes on your application the first agent kept stalling saying they had not heard from the owner i still dont believe her i think my face didnt fit
  9. Hi guys does anybody know of a rental?? must be secret harbour. if you know of a minimum 3 bed with a lock up garage reasonable garden please contact me, if it makes owners feel better i can give a reasonable deposit up front any help gratefully recieved cheers :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  10. TTAJ

    3-6 months old household goods for sale-Perth

    I am gutted for you but at least you have tried, such a shame when things dont work out just hope going home is all you hope it is!!. i have just been here 2 weeks with my hubby and 2 kids got 2 weeks left in this rental trying desperately to find a long term one and will have nothing untill the container arrives 22nd nov just found out !! i am sure i have rough times ahead too. all the best for you
  11. Hi kids forgive me for imposing on your thread but looked at it before i let my son and i think you should all be very aware that not ALL people are who or what they say they are i think the original poster could be just that so please dont give out your personal details to ANYONE without asking your mum or dad to check the poster out first it is for your own security remember, I may be wrong and if i am i apologise but it does not add up
  12. TTAJ

    shipping a tent????

    We sold ours thought it was less hassle i loved that tent to! however the camping stuff out here is ace you get massive stores full of it and believe me there are many bargins, to my mind if it is well used its not worth the hassle get a decent one here, just my oppinion though
  13. TTAJ

    Dick Smith's views on Aldi

    I loved shopping in Both aldi and lidl. i think they sell good quality stuff and should come here to give some competition as previously said it is not just for the thrifty you get all walks of life shopping there and why should it have a "stigma" attached anyway ! i do find some things very costly here but i am still at the comparing to pounds stage, if we spend less on shopping we spend more on the family days out and wine which sounds good to me
  14. Hi my name is tracy (36) i have a family of 4 me hubby tony(38) and 2 kids 7 and 14, at the moment i am in a holiday rental but i am moving to secret harbour very soon i am waiting to sign on a house ! i would love to join in with the familys both new and established in the area, i am very out going and always up for coffe and wine. anybody have teenagers in the area ??
  15. Saz, Thankyou for your kind words, I am going to try enjoy the last few days with friends and family, i have so many loose ends that need tying up today, wish i had been on the ball sooner but hey "live and learn to be more prepared ". I will keep you up to date for sure as this forum has been so much help to me and all the posters are ace thanks to you all. Where are you hopeing to go and how far have you got in the process ?