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    Home for family after 13 years??

    Hi, I've lived between here and NZ for the last 13 years. My parents are getting older in the UK, Dad suffers from cancer, lives alone and they miss me terribly. I'm happy in Aus as a country, have a good job, loads of friends, 2 cats and a unit I love. The thought of selling up is totally overwhelming and I must admit I dread living and working in the UK; I left there in my early 20's and it doesn't feel like home but what to do? Is anyone else in this position? Has anyone else gone back to the UK for family and not themselves (though the guilt does take the shine off being abroad). When do you know you have to just bite the bullet and go back? Does the decision just come organically? I'm really glad I've found this site and would appreciate any advice given. I realise that I 'should' be going back and that it's a no brainer but I'm still finding it so hard to sell up, rehome my cats, give in my notice at work..... Many thanks and best wishes. Tupelo