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    Need help with bringing your car to Australia?

    Hi, No I don't work for them (can see why you ask). They've been doing some more work for me recently and are struggling a bit on the imports front which has gone quiet. Just trying to promote a family business who do great work. Let me know if I need to amend post in any way Cheers Adrian
  2. Hi everyone, You are perhaps currently suffering with the same dilemma as I had recently - I wanted to bring my car with me to Australia but didn't know what was involved. There are threads on here to help but still a daunting prospect. We brought two cars with us and used New Prestige World in Brisbane (www.bringmycartoaustralia.com) to take all the hassle out of the process. I cant recommend Kent and Roxy Webb (owners) highly enough. The service was professional in all regards and very friendly with it. I'm happy to chat things over with anyone on here. Just PM me. Cheers Adrian
  3. Hi, High schools question this time. Has anyone got any experience of either of these high schools. Any info welcome Many thanks
  4. TheTillins

    lota and birkdale state schools

    Thanks - all replies welcome
  5. TheTillins

    lota and birkdale state schools

    Looks like we may end up living in Lota. Has anybody got any thoughts on what Birkdale State School and Lota State School are like? These are the nearest two recognising that we can't get into Manly.
  6. TheTillins

    Enrol in School or find House to Rent first?

    Thanks for the advice - sounds like we need to get the house first then.
  7. We are moving to Brisbane in September and will obviuosly need to rent a house and enrol our children in primary school. It looks like we need to be living in the catchment area for a school before we can enrol the children? However, although we know what areas we would like to live in, I suspect it may take a while before we find a property to rent. Equally we wouldn't want to rent a house in an area where the local school is too full to take our 3 children. Ideally we would like the children to start school at the beginning of term in October. Can anybody give us any advice? Will we be able to enrol our children in school before we have found a house to rent in the catchment area? Or will we have to hold off on the schools until we have somewhere to live?
  8. TheTillins

    Brookfield, Pullenvale, Chapel Hill and Kenmore Hills

    Thanks for your replies. I will take a closer look at the other areas you mentioned. Hills shouldn't be a problem for our children as they're 10 and 12, but are a bit more challenging for the daily cycle to work!
  9. We will be moving to Brisbane in September and are looking to rent in Brookfield, Pullenvale, Chapel Hill or Kenmore Hills. My husband will be working in the CBD and I am hoping to find IT work there too. We have 3 children (aged 12, 10 and 10). My husband plans to cycle to work, but I am more likely to use public transport. Can anybody give us your thoughts on these areas and which might be best for us as a family to move to? Any recommendations on schools? They will all be in primary until the end of the year. Then our eldest will need to move to High School. Also what's the rental market like out there at the moment? Thanks.
  10. Excellent news (sort of) - lots of tax to pay but at least its on the value of the car in the UK not in Oz. Incidentally, I heard back from DIT on ICV. ICV is a registration issue (state by state). It does not relate to the import process. For post-89 cars, it's still just 3 routes - Personal Import, Certificate of Conformity or RAWS. Adrian
  11. Now the 911 import looks a goer, here's another question if I may. Regarding Customs Duty and GST, how do the authorities calculate the value? Is it market value in the UK or is it based on the value of the car in $AUD in which case luxury car tax applies? Cheers Adrian
  12. Terrific reply - thanks. I will pursue the ICV route with DIT. My wife does not have a separate 457 - she is coming into Oz on my employer sponsored one. I'll also take a look at your website. Cheers, Adrian
  13. Get the feeling I'm on a hiding to nothing with this one but here goes: I own two cars - a specialist kit car (not on the RAWS scheme list) and a Porsche 911 Carrera S. I meet the qualifying period criteria for both cars but they are both in my name. My wife is a named driver on the 911 and uses it regularly. We will be emigrating on a 457 VISA in October (only 3 months away). Some threads say the import regs are more relaxed for spouses bringing a partners car in. I cant believe this reading all the forms and rules. Any chance you can clarify? Only other option is to see if I can get a Certificate of Conformity from Porsche Australia for the UK spec 911. Many thanks, Adrian
  14. TheTillins

    School Years for 12 year old in Brisbane?

    Thanks for that. I take it that means as he was born in 1999 he will be in Primary School year 7 now, moving to High School year 8 in January?
  15. We are moving to Brisbane in September. My 12 year old will have just finished his first year at senior school in the UK (UK year 7). He will be 13 in April next year. Can someone tell me what school year he will go into in Brisbane? Will this be in primary or high school? Will he then have to move schools again to January? I'm very confused!