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  1. Ben and Pea

    Looking for small car - Perth

    Some good tips, very constructive Thanks
  2. Ben and Pea

    Looking for small car - Perth

    Hi guys We'll be arriving in Perth in a week and we're after something on a budget. Got $10k to spend and I know that's not a lot. Any tips or if anyone has one they are getting rid of, give me a shout so we can have a look. Cheers, ​Ben
  3. Ben and Pea

    any tips to find HR Advisor role pls

    Very insightful faisalzone. I'll be job searching in Perth in May.
  4. Ben and Pea

    Perth Glory

    How much does a ticket cost for the game?
  5. Ben and Pea

    any tips to find HR Advisor role pls

    Hi all I've been an HR co-ordinator/advisor for 8 years in the UK. I'm moving to the Perth area in May. We are travelling the world for a little bit before entering on a permanent visa (woop). I'll be looking for work when I arrive. I searched sites such as seek for jobs and it seems there is an abundance of entry level jobs which I'm more than willing to apply for. I presumed that it shouldn't be too hard. I also thought that by signing with an agency I could get temp work fairly easily too. Little bit worried now after reading your post about no local experience. It can't be that hard can it....?
  6. Ben and Pea

    Anyone heard from Wanted Down Under??

    My Brother in law is down to the final group of people. He got interviewed on the phone and then they came to his house in December. He said they were down to the final 20 or so couples so not looking good for those that haven't heard yet!
  7. Ben and Pea

    Savings. How much is enough?

    Really interesting question. Me and my partner have been saving for some time and we have over 20k saved just now but are aiming for 30k or more. I always thought that we might need even more than this but it's good to hear that others are looking at taking a similar amount.
  8. Ben and Pea

    Ielts results from 30/6

    Couldn't agree more
  9. Ben and Pea

    Ielts results from 30/6

    Hi George, I sat my first IELTS exam in April. I achieved all 9s in speaking, reading and listening, but only a 7 in writing. I need all 8s for my visa. I decided to send in an appeal but also booked another test for the 30th June. I was told that the appeal would take at least 6 weeks to process and I was hoping to hear back before having to sit the test again. I still haven't heard back about the appeal but got the results for my 2nd IELTS test today and got all 9s again and a 8.5 in the writing! I'm so pleased! Anyway, for me sending in the appeal ended up being a waste of time (and money). I'm not saying don't do it, but you won't get your appeal back before you sit your next test at the end of the month. If you want to risk the £60 it could be a good back up though. I think the DIAC will take into account which ever test you send them the results for. It doesn't have to be your most recent result. hope this helps. Leah
  10. Thank you very much for your replies. I will go and do some research on the links provided :biggrin:
  11. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anybody had passed the skills assessment for HR Advisor without having any HR qualifications? My husband has a degree but it is not HR related. He has been working as an HR Coordinator for 5 years but I'm not sure if this is a similar role to HR advisor and if he would pass the skills assessment? Anybody any idea?
  12. My husband and I love American sitcoms! Our favourites at the mo are Modern Family, The Middle and The Big Bang Theory. We also like the American Office but it's just not the same without Michael Scott!
  13. Ben and Pea

    Visa advice please

    Hi guys, after reading posts on poms in oz for months now I'm finally getting round to writing my own one! (My husband has posted a few times on our account - he is Ben and I'm Pea). Hopefully someone out there will be able to offer us some advice. After speaking with a visa agent we decided to apply for a 175 visa, with myself as the main applicant (I'm a secondary school teacher. We sent my skills assessment application away at the end of November and I sat my first IELTS test on 21st April. Results were 9 for reading, listening and speaking, but only a 7 for writing, but I need all 8s to get 20 points to bring me up to the 65 point visa pass mark. As you can imagine I was pretty gutted. The next test I could book wasn't until 30th June! Like a lot of people on here we were trying to beat the 1st July deadline, before the new changes come into place. I'm now worried that if I do pass my IELTS with all 8s I will only have 65 points, and with the new system, will just sit at the bottom of the pile and never be invited to apply for a visa. We have also just found out that HR Advisor is on the Western Australia sponsorship list. My husband has been working as a HR Coordinator for 5 years. He has a degree but it is not HR related. Does anyone know if he would pass the skills assessment? If he would then we could possibly apply for a 176 visa (or whatever the new version will be), as he would have more points than me ( at least 70, or 80 if he could get all 8s in the IELTS). I guess what I'm trying to ask is should we continue to try and get the 175 visa with my 65points or would we have a better chance of getting the 176 visa if my husband could pass the skills assessment? Or could we have a note of interest in for both and see which one of us gets invited (if either of us does!!). I'm sorry this was so long winded!! And I hope it makes sense! Thanks Pea x :biggrin:
  14. Ben and Pea

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    Test centre in Edinburgh said: Results were delayed in posting, posted today (Tuesday / First Class). Should have them tomorrow.
  15. Ben and Pea

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    You said it! :jimlad: