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  1. Hi all, I have another question about this form again. It says -- PHOTOGRAPH The endorsed photograph of the applicant must be attached to this page without obscuring the image. It can also be placed in a plastic sleeve and stapled to this page. If applying for citizenship online, the front and back of the endorsed photograph must also be separately scanned and attached to the applicant’s online application. The photograph IS NOT TO BE SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT The person who has completed the Identity declaration must also endorse the photograph. See Photograph requirements on page 1 ----------------------- We are applying online. Should we attach the photo (front and back) to the form when scanning it and submit it? thank you again
  2. Thank you all again. We have no pet, and so Vets is not an option for us :arghh:, and our kid is only 3 yrs old, , so school teacher is not our option, either. In fact, this morning I checked with a nurse who works in our dentist clinic, and she can sign for us. Thanks to her :notworthy:. Lucky us
  3. Thank you all. We checked with our dentist, but he is not a citizen. we now are waiting for our GP as she only works 2 days a week. Hopefully she can sign for us.
  4. Hello all, I just have a quick question about the form 1195 identity declaration for citizenship application. This forms says that we need to have someone who is in one of the listed professions, and also know the applicant for 12 months. JP is also listed as one of the profession who can sign this form for us. Can I actually ask a JP to sign for this form even we don't know the JP for 12 months? Thank you and Happy new year..
  5. Thank you all for replying.. My husband held a valid visa countinously since first time he entered Australia on 26/08/2011. He had tourist visa (which was valid till 10/6/2012), and then subclass 309 visa (which was grated on 27/1/2012), and then PR (which was granted on 2013). He went offshore in 10/2011 for a couple of weeks to get his medicals sorted out, and re-entered Australia on a valid Tourist visa. He then went offshore again on 25/1/2012 in order for his subclass 309 visa to be granted (he needed to be offshore for this), and re-enter Australia on subclass 309 visa on 6/2/2012. I was wondering if the clock reset at this point, or if he can start counting his 4 years from 26/08/2011. But it seems to me that he will be eligible to apply for citizenship next month (08/2015) :-).. Thanks again
  6. Thank you for your reply
  7. Thank you for your reply... I thought Lawful residence includes time spent on temporary visas (i.e. Student, Working Holiday, Tourist, Bridging Visas) prior to grant or permanent residency? The part I want to confirm is, my husband held tourist visa in and out of Australia a couple of times while waiting for his visa subclass 309 to be granted.. So this time should count towards the 4 years?
  8. Hi experts: I have a question about citizenship application, the residence calculation and the lawful residence date, that I would like to seek for your advise.. Here are the details: My husband got his tourist visa to Sydney on 11/06/2011 valid for 1 year. He applied spouse visa offshore subclass (309 and 100) on 15/07/2011. He then travelled to Sydney and stayed on his tourist visa on 26/08/2011. We went back to Taiwan to submit his health checkup for spouse visa application on 18/10/2011, and came back to Sydney again on 31/10/2011. We went back to Taiwan again on 25/01/2012 and his spouse visa (subclass 309) was granted on 27/01/2012. We then came back to Sydney on 06/02/2012 on his spouse visa. Then his PR got granted on 19/11/2013. My question are: 1. Does his lawful residence date started on the date of 26/08/2011 (which he held tourist visa valid for 1 year) to enter Sydney or does it start on the 06/02/2012 (which he held Temp spouse visa subclass 309)? 2. Is he eligible to apply for his citizenship this year after 26/08/2015 or does he have to wait till 06/02/2016 before he is eligible to apply? Thank you
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    issue spouse visa 309

    Hi there~ how's everyone? i am so happy that my husband CO has confirmed that his spouse visa 309 is ready. i have a final question~ because we submitted the application in taiwan, and so we supposed to go back there to have visa labelled. however, we are thinking to save some money and hence we are thinking to have the get the visa label in New Zealand. i've searched the furum and i think it is possible. my question is, if it is possible, how long does it take for visa to be labelled if we go to New Zealand? do we know where the australia immigration is in NZ? thank you~ :smile:
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    spouse visa 309

    thank you~
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    spouse visa 309

    Thank you all for answering~
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    spouse visa 309

    Thank you GeorgeD and that sounds much easier yo do. The CO has said that the processing time is about 6 month from the day we've lodged the applications. Does that mean they will start reviewing it after the 6 months? Or we are expected to get an anwser around the end of 6 months please? Thank you~
  13. lindajyyu

    spouse visa 309

    Hi everyone~ Happy new years.. I have a question that I will need everyone's advise please~~ I am applying for spouse visa 309 for my husband, and have submitted the application on 15/7/2011 overseas in Taiwan. Our CO has told us that the average processing time for a partner visa application is 6 months from the time of lodgement. We don't want to stay seperated in 2 different places for all these waiting time, and so husband has been in Sydney on tourist visa (ETA). He first visit was on 26/8/2011 and we both went back to Taiwai for holidays on 16/10/2011. Then we've come back to Sydney together on 1/11/2011 until now (he is still on tourist visa). Because of his tourise visa (ETA) for this entry will expire at the end of this month, and we are not sure if his spouse visa will be granted before that. I am thinking of applying for his extended stay on tourise (e676) Visa http://www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/e676.htm Does everyone think this is a good idea? Or should we just go for a short holidays somewhere and come back again? Thank you~~ :ssign16: visa and fees submitted 15/07/2011, received on 18/07/2011, CO assigned 07/09/2011, medical exam 19/10/2011
  14. lindajyyu

    spouse visa 309 evidence

    thank you all for your suggestions~