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  1. angiemalc

    Women ONLY Thread

    OMG Yes!! First couple of months was great.. - 7 months later and im going mad! Feel guilty if I havent ironed OH shirt for work the next day!! What is that all about there's only the 2 of us!! Hoping to get nurse registration very soon and have been for job interview - YAY! Back to normality!
  2. angiemalc

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Elbow! Thats great - will look in to that, where in Perth are you - I have just moved to Duncraig - only been here a couple of weeks, How r u finding things - any sign of registration yet?? angie
  3. angiemalc

    Perth Rentals...

    Bring personal references, employment letter and maybe mortgage statements. Also be chatty with agent showing the house so they remember you - goes a long way I think!
  4. angiemalc

    I phone in app purchases

    Hi has any1 here unlocked there Uk iphone from Australia?? thanks
  5. angiemalc

    where do you livr in perth

    We're in Scarborough just now but moving to 12 month rental in Duncraig, looks a good area, fairly good amenities and good parklands for the dog! The street im in is also fairly well lit - I find some of the suburbs are really really dark with very little street lighting. Duncraig isnt too far from the beach as well! Whoopee!
  6. angiemalc

    Pool Care Tips.

    Thanks v.much for advice! Will head to pool shop asap!
  7. angiemalc

    Pool Care Tips.

    Hii! We are just about to move into a rental with a pool Problem is we dont have a clue what to do with it!! from scotland and never had a pool before!! Anyone any hints and tips to get us started, water is clear, bottom of one side of the pool has black spots and just some leaves that need skimming from the top. Should we get a guy in to check and show us the ropes first - rather than tackling things ourselves?? Any advice would be great!
  8. Hi! We have just gone through the same thing! very stressfull and i cant imagine having to do it with kids in toe?!? We looked at quite a few properties - each viewing had between 6-15 people viewing and I felt the desperation in the room! I had no idea it would be like this - anyway in the end felt it was good to chat at length to the agent!!! They have a big sway on who gets to rent the property! Make sure your paperwork refs ect are in order - Also when you have completed an application form - keep a copy as they are all similar and you can just copy info! Good Luck! : )
  9. angiemalc

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi everyone! I am actually in Oz - just arrived a few days ago! I have arrived on partners sponsored visa. I was wondering has any1 registered with AHPRA after arriving in Australia?? I am in the process of doing that just now and was wondering if you can take original documents into AHPRA office for certification?? If not - any1 any suggestions where i should go to have this done?? Verification and uni transcripts are being sent direct from UK. Any help/advise greatly appreciated! Thanks angie
  10. angiemalc

    Home exchange Perth WA to UK

    Hi iv a 4 bed detatched in Scotland, in Perth now and looking for a place, if interested let me know thanks
  11. angiemalc

    Fiancee coming to join me after I get sponsored issues?

    Hi I was on the VISA application from the start, I presume the company your going to work for know you are a 'couple' so I think its automatic, My partner got offered 457 sponsored VISA from the start angie
  12. angiemalc

    Fiancee coming to join me after I get sponsored issues?

    Hi! Im am going Oz next week! whooppee! Anyway im going over on fiance's sponsored VISA. He went last week. No problems with his company adding me to his visa application which they dealt with. Problem was proving we had lived together for a least 12 months - which is what DIAC ask for, things like joint accounts, bills etc all count tho so if you have them together your fine. Time wise it took approx 8-10 wks from start to finish, that included us getting all relevant paperwork together and me going for medical which as im a nurse took up about 3 wks of that waiting time. Otherwise no problems - the waiting to see if the visa has been granted tho is a nightmare!! Hope this helps, if u need any other info let me know angie
  13. angiemalc

    New girl in Perth!

    Hi Sophie/all I will be moving to Perth in the middle of September, Partner moving out next week! He will be working in Subiaco? I dont have a job yet - waiting for registration from AHPRA, Id love to meet up - I dont know any1! There seems to be quite a few newbys on here - could maybe arrange a social meet up??? angie
  14. angiemalc

    APHRA nurses board NIGHTMARE

    Hi Nikki Im in the process of applying to APHRA, can you tell me how your other half provided proof of 'taught in English'? Is the fact that nurse training etc was taught in English enough?? Just when they talk of secondary education - my school was demolished years ago!! angie
  15. Hi! we're 40 and 43, planning on big move end of august and end of september, im travelling a month after other half as have to do months notice at work! We'd love to meet up - we dont know any1! exciting but scary