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  1. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Can anyone here tell me what's the procedure for applying for spouse visa? I'm a PR and just recently got married. Thanks!
  2. Azim

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Can anyone here tell me what's the procedure for applying for spouse visa? I'm a PR originally from BD and just recently got married. Thanks!
  3. Currently I have a super account that was provided by my employer but I'm not happy with it and I'm looking to open a new Super account and I need your advice.
  4. Hi, I'm a mechanical engineer with 4+ experience who recently got 176 visa and planning to move to perth soon. I would love to work in the oil and gas industry. Do you have any openings for engineers who are new to oil and gas industry?
  5. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Hi to all, since all of us in this thread are from HR country, I think those who got their grant should share their experience with people who are still waiting or planning to apply for australian visa. I don't want to go in details for every point I'll mention because I think different people have different views. And what I'll write is just my experience with the whole process. Firstly i lived in the Middle East for more than a decade and hate the whole idea of being a foreigner no matter how much u care for the country and they can kick you out any day they want, this is one of the reason why i applied for the visa. When first I was thinking of applying for the visa I didn’t know much about the process nor about pomsinoz and I came to know about the agent I used through a friend, who unfortunately wasn’t bothered much about the whole process and after failing to score more than 7 in ietls for each band twice, he stopped. So, I didn’t get much info about the agent but after the going through DIAC website, since they recommends using MARA registered agents, I thought my agent is well suited for the job. Now here is my experience: Agent (I don’t know about other agents but here I’m talking about my agent, so forgive me if you are an agent and you don’t behave in this manner): Advantage of using agent: You don’t need to read 100 of pages, they will tell you the things you need and what to do. (This is the only advantage I can think of for my case) Now the bad experience: The firm totally lied to me about the processing time for the visa and how long it would take to obtain the visa The agent never told me the strict security process that I might have to go through for being from a HR country They have 3 methods of payment: the first being lump sum payment and the cheapest and the other two options are based on each stage and installment, I choose the first. And this is where I think I made the biggest mistake because they seem to have stopped caring much after they got the full payment. I had to call them up every 3 or 4 months to remind them to contact my CO to get updates. Advice for people wanting to use agent: Ask your friends who already got their grant the agent they used Never sign a contract with agent till you have done your IELTS and got the required score (specially people who are in the skilled migration category) Never pay the whole money in advance Make sure the agent is registered with DIAC (MARA agent) Refrain from using an agent if your case is simple and you know "What to do and what is required" DIAC: Most of my frustrations with DIAC’s visa processing was because of the wrong visa processing time that was given to me by my agent. I was assigned CO within 10 days of lodging my application so which was normal and within the time that’s is mentioned in the DIAC website DIAC don’t control how long the security checks can take, I think it is up to ASIO and other agents who do the background check and so I would advise people who are doing the application not to bother the CO too often (max once every 3 months). When I lodged my visa the processing time for security check was 18 months and mine was done in little over 17 months. The two bad things that I can write about DIAC is they can change your CO anytime, which can lengthen the processing time sometime and the second one is they can take over a month to reply to your emails :@ Medical: I have seen lots of people complaining about their report being referred or taking months to be reviewed. I think the reasons for this are: You did your medical before being asked by CO You have health conditions that might cost the Australian government a lot in future once you become a resident (check the diac website about this) There is a reasons why they consider us HR, like our government our medical system sucks, so I think they still give extra care and extra time to review our medical report J Mine took like 10days to be finalized. Conclusion: Spend less time in pomsinoz after lodging your visa and getting a CO, there is absolutely nothing you or your agent can do about the time DIAC takes to process your visa. As long as all the information and documents that you have provided DIAC are 100% true and real you will get your visa. Visa lodged: 7th Jan 2012, CO: 17th Jan 2012, Med & PCC: 14th June 2013, Grant: 3rd July 2013 Alhamdulillah and good luck to everyone who are in the queue.
  6. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    It was just me, it took 10days to finalize my medical. I had to wait for like 8 days for appointment
  7. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    176 visa: 7 January 2012, CO: 17 January 2012, PCC & Medical: 13 June 2013, Grant: 03 July 2013.
  8. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    got my grant letter today :biggrin:, im a january 2012 applicant
  9. Azim

    Who used or is using a migration agent

    If your are a member of this forum, you will get all the infos that are required to know everything that's requried to know to do the application by yourself. I regret using an agent for my visa application.
  10. Azim

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Thanks for the info, what else can you tell us? how hard was it to find a proper job when you landed?
  11. Azim

    PCC from two countries

    It is past 10 years
  12. Azim

    HR applicants where are you now??

    I thought anyone who is applying for Skilled migration whose native language isn't english is required to score minimum 7 for IELTS. Is your agent registered with MARA??
  13. Azim

    IELTS Reading

    my advice is practice... try to figure out the little tricks they play to make you go wrong... and check out this website http://www.goodluckielts.com/ good luck!