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  1. jo greenway

    Mona Vale and commute to city

    Hi Everyone We are currently renting in Pymble and have been here a year and a half, we are now looking for a new rental and not much coming up in our area. We have now seen a house in Mona Vale that we love, we have to boys 2 and 4 and this house has great ocean views (not much garden compared to now) and we would be close to the beach which my boys would love. Question is how bearable is that commute to the city my husband works in Alexandria, (and before anyone suggest Eastern suburbs we just like North shore we seem to get a bit more for money). I just want to know pros and cons of living near beach. we have settled in Pymble and have made friends but we do spend a lot of time up and down that MOna vale road to the beaches so just wondered if should go for it. Any thoughts would be appreciated cheers
  2. jo greenway

    Changing plugs?

    Hi All our stuff arrives in two weeks! What I would like to know did everyone just change all their plugs themselves or is there someone who will do it for you at a reasonable cost. I am in pymble Sydney.
  3. jo greenway

    Ugg boots

    Ah ok I have seen these stands but want sure of they were real uggs or not, we are on north shore so easy to get to west fields. Thank you!
  4. jo greenway

    Ugg boots

    Hi does anyone know where I can buy authentic ugg boots from for adult and child in Sydney ?
  5. jo greenway

    Pre school advice

    hi We are moving to west pymble this weekend, and I need to start looking at pre schools/kindergartens for my three year old he is a July birthday. I know there is a KU pre school very close by to us, just wondered what these settings are like, or anyone has children at the one in west pymble or others who can let me know what they are like. Also any other experience or knowledge of any other pre schools in the area would be great Thank you Jo
  6. jo greenway

    Sun screen advice please

    Hi all We have been here three weeks and I have been using our sun cream from uk - nivea factor 50 on my boys, starting to look to buy some here and I can't seem to find anything over factor 30, is this the highest you can get here? Both my boys are fair skinned and I want to make sure they are well protected from the lovely Aussie sunshine!
  7. jo greenway

    Where to buy furniture

    We are in Sydney, unfortunately thanks anyway
  8. jo greenway

    Where to buy furniture

    Hi We need to buy some dinning chairs, bed, sofa etc, where are the best places to go other than Ikea that is not to expensive. I have found a website called Fantastic furniture - anyone know what they are like?
  9. hi My husband and I and our two boys aged 3 and 1 have been in Sydney (moved from UK)just under a month, we will shortly be moving to West pymble and I am looking to meet other mums with similar aged children to meet up for coffee and play etc. Looking forward to hearing from you jo
  10. jo greenway

    help moving to sydney

    Hi there thanks for your reply, we are flying out on Aug 30th! stopping off in singapore for a couple of days then arriving in sydney sep 4th - there seems so much to do and such little time! OH is working in Alexandria so thought the eastern suburbs would be ideal - location wise but as I said not so sure now, we have been looking on domain au and are now looking at LNS we also have a re-location compnay helping us but it is just nice to get some other opinions
  11. jo greenway

    help moving to sydney

    Hi all We are moving to Sydney in September, my husband will be working in Alexandria. so far we have been looking at maroubra, cougee, bondi areas to rent but have heard recently that these can be a bit dodgy, especially Maroubra due to commission housing - is this the case? maroubra just seems so lovely and we now have been put off the eastern suburbs:( we have two boys, one and three years old so we want to be near good schools, parks etc. have been told lower north shore might be better? Any thoughts, advice would be great - thankyou
  12. jo greenway

    Hills District

    Hello We are moving to Sydney in September, and have been looing at some of the areas in the Hills district. We have two boys one and three years old and wan to be in a nice family area with good schools, parks etc. My husband travels about an hour into work now in the uk so he doesn't mind a bit of travelling, but just womdered how far areas such as West Pennant Hills, Baulkham Hills etc are from central Sydney and how easy is the commute?