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  1. jodieredd

    IT Roles in Brisbane

    Hi Shane, I have sent you a PM with my CV attached. Hope you don't mind me asking for some advise? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. jodieredd

    arrrrggggghhhhh, me heads a shed!!!

    Amanda, we are the same .... mu hubby is a qualified Gas engineer here but doesn't seem to do him much good in Aus. I have worked in IT for years but don't have qualifications. I have a little 3 year old boy and am so confused as to what the right decision is especially for him. I don't think I am going to have the same visa problems as I used to have an Aussie passport (never been before though!) but let it expire years ago. Apparently its easy enough to renew so we'll see. Its all so expensive .... question is is it worth it? There seems to be a lot of negativity on here lately which is opening my eyes a bit more. x
  3. jodieredd

    arrrrggggghhhhh, me heads a shed!!!

    I soooo know how you are feeling. I was 100% sure that I wanted to move to Aus and am now just as doubtful! UK or Aus?!?! Obviously there are good and bad points for both places but am so confused as to what to do. There seem to be so many obstacles especially around work and recognising UK qualifications. Driving me batttyyyyy Jodie
  4. jodieredd

    PIC Plumbing Question

    Hello, Another quick question for all you plumbers/gas fitters. I applied for my licence/registration at PIC Victoria over a week ago and have now been sent an email with a username and password to log into their EToolbox portal. Its says that the login name is your licence/registration number.... does that mean that the application is successful? It really doesn't give you much info! I am still in Scotland but thought I would start the ball rolling before coming out to Australia (after some good advise from a PIO user).
  5. jodieredd

    Citizenship puzzle for you

    Sounds great but I didn't think it would look too great when I apply for my Aussie one - theres a part that asks what your current nationality is and when you obtained it. Thought it would look daft if I put down British for 1 month?
  6. jodieredd

    Citizenship puzzle for you

    I called the Australian Citizenship line and they said it was just a matter of resuming my citizenship and it was pretty straight forward (another family member has just done the same thing). The problem is that I am in the UK on a Dutch passport so have been living here for years but now want to see if my family and I can move to Aus. When I get my Aussie passport, I won't be allowed to carry on living and working here without a permit etc... EVEN though I am married to a Brit and have a British son. Hence the reason I want to apply for my British passport at the same time so I can carry on living and working here until such time we leave. It all seems so complicated!
  7. jodieredd

    Citizenship puzzle for you

    I am resuming citizenship ... had an Aussie passport that expired years ago but I didn't realise that I lost my citizenship by applying for my Dutch passport so had to start the whole process again. (its was originally by decent) We want to start the process of applying for my aussie passport but don't want to risk my stay in the UK so have to apply for my British citizenship at the same time so I can stay here until we have the funds to go. I was just worried that it looks suspicious in asking for 2 citizenships at the same time.
  8. jodieredd

    Citizenship puzzle for you

    Can a person apply for Citizenship for two different countries at the same time? I have a Dutch passport but am applying for my Australian Citizenship and living in the UK! I will not be allowed to carry on working etc here as I am going to lose my Dutch passport (they don't allow Dual in most cases). I therefor need to apply for my British Citizenship ((which I am eligable for) ) at the same time as we might not be ready to leave the UK as soon as I get my Aussie Citizenship. PHEW! Am I doing anything illegal here? Any advise would be appreciated Thanks Jodie
  9. jodieredd

    Bristish Gas Engineer needing advice

    Thanks Humpy. I thought I had replied to you but obviously somethings gone wrong! What kind of Gas work are you doing in the Gold Coast? I have applied for my Plumbing licence in Victoria and am waiting to hear back from them. Getting lots of good advise on here though :0)
  10. jodieredd

    Bristish Gas Engineer needing advice

    Hi Humpy, Thanks for the info, what kind of work have you managed to get on the gold coast? We have been looking into Melbourne as there seems to be a bit more there by way of gas central heating jobs. I have just sent my licence/registration forms to PIC in Melbourne so fingers crossed on that one. Haven't ruled out any other areas in Aus as we would go where ever the work was! Any advise would be appreciated.
  11. jodieredd

    Bristish Gas Engineer needing advice

    Oh no probs. I obviously don't have the issues with visas etc but dont want to arrive out there only to find that I cannot get any work for my trade. $70,000 is more realistic and manageble if I could fetch that sort of wage.... My wife won't be working to start with as we have a wee one and would need to get him settled first. Anything less than that would be pushing it from what I can see! Cost of living (especially rental) seems to be really high! Would be great to secure a job before we get there!! You are helping ta
  12. jodieredd

    Bristish Gas Engineer needing advice

    Jack, got some basic plumbing experience but nothing concrete and no papers for it! Whats the wages like? I was told there were homes with gas central heating but there seems to be no jobs to reflect that! You working ok? Did you get work relatively quickly? Cheers Craig
  13. jodieredd

    Bristish Gas Engineer needing advice

    Thanks Susie, Have looked through some of the job sites but they are mainly looking for gas fitter/plumber combinations which is not the same. Still don't know if my qualications would be accepted in Australia.
  14. Hi all, I am a Britsh Gas engineer looking for some answers please. All the information on various forums is confusing me. I am a fully trained gas service/repair engineer for BG and am hoping to move to Australia in the near future. My wife has an Australian passport so I would be entering on a spouses permit. The information I am getting is that my qualifications are not being recognised in Aus and I would have to sit various exams? Also hearing that the wages aren't very good. Does anybody actually know for sure what the laws are in Victoria (where we are looking to move)? Can somebody perhaps give me contact details of associations that can give me the correct info and companies that employ people like myself? Thanks in advance Craig :arghh:
  15. jodieredd

    Ex British gas technician wanted

    Jim, just a quick note to check if you are still looking for a British Gas Engineer? I am new to PIO and not sure how to send a personal message. Thanks Craig