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    How to get cheap flights

    thanks for that info, we were just looking into flights. Haven't heard about the cookies thing before, but i'm cynical enought to believe it!
  2. 82rhoads

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Hi everyone, Just been reading the posts on this thread and good to see that mostly things are working out for everyone. How is everyone enjoying the Perth winter so far? Perth needs the rain. Looks like most of us are experiencing the same things and funny what Wendy said that we wouldn't know each other in a crowd but have helped each other out :-) Getting a rental wasn't as hard as I thought it would be though. We expected carnage at the viewings but only was only us on a few of the ones we saw. Settled for a place in 'Doubleview' in the end which was near my work and for Wembley downs school for my daughters. Like a few of you we've been so busy sorting stuff out we haven't had a good look around. Now it's settling down a bit we can appreciate the place a bit more. Been using the local library for internet though while we sorted out ours. We went with 'ii net' which is pretty good value. I got a job within a couple of days of landing which has worked out well, I'm liking the idea of having beer on a Friday afternoon once we finish work though. All courtesy of the company:-) I'm too not finding the shopping that expensive. We use all 3 supermarkets and pick up the offers when we can. Looking at going to some farmers' markets that the fellas from work have recommended though as it's good value there. My children love the school and my wife is making friends with the mums quite well which is good while I'm at work. The only downside is that as we arrived they announced that there would be a cut in budget for education assistants and that around 350 would lose their jobs. This is what my wife is qualified for so it's put a little worry on our minds. She's managed to get some relief work which is good and had worked hard knocking on doors and phoning around. Everyone we've met has been very helpful and asking whether we have everything we need and have even lent us some things until our container turns up. My daughter even asked me if we were poor as we have 4 camping chairs in the lounge at the moment and not really any furniture! Won't be for long though. So far it's good, the crows still make us laugh with their odd call, but the parrots and parakeets are lovely. Here's to spring around the corner :-) Cheers, Darren
  3. 82rhoads

    Work is getting harder to find

    Hi, this is a worry as we've just booked our flights. I've been reading the West Australian on-line and been getting job feeds from the west Australian and there seems to be work in my trade but not in the abundance there was when we were over there a year and a half ago. I guess it depends what industry you're in and it does appear the mining is slowing down so things are getting tighter and more selective, hence..' WA experience' only! Although, saying that, i was talking to my relatives in Perth last week and they hadn't heard about the 'wa experience' that much ,so is it just a way of saying politely no! A 112 migrants a day is a huge amount though and I'm glad we've got somewhere to stay when we first arrive....they said the bubble would burst just hope it's not as my plane lands!! Cheers, Darren
  4. 82rhoads

    good deal with IOM flights

    We booked flights to Perth the other day and used the 'international organization for migration' that was suggested on our visa grant. Got a good price of £2490 for a family of 4 at the end of July with the 40kg of luggage each with emirates. The price direct was £4000 on-line although I did find some around the £2700 mark on sky scanner with other airlines. It was quite easy to go through the IOM in London and got i my e-tickets in a few days. Just thought I'd mention in-case others were thinking of using them. Cheers, Darren
  5. 82rhoads

    WA state sponsorship

    I seem to remember with us it took about 4 days. They had a lead time on their site indicating how long the applications were taking. We received an e-mail and a 'pdf' with the sponsorship details on. hope that helps. Darren
  6. 82rhoads

    local experience for employment!!

    thanks for your thoughts. I was right to worry a little then. I've got a contact in perth who's in my trade so i'm hoping to get work with him or, as it seems to be a 'who you know' type of situation in Perth, maybe he can recommend me to a few in the business. I've gone knocking on doors in this country for work so i'm happy to do it over there. cheers, Darren
  7. Hi all, i've noticed recently on some posts and in the job feeds i get from Perth that companies are asking for 3/5 years W/A experience to apply for the positions. It's not every job that comes through, but it seems to be getting more frequent. We're going to Perth in July so i'm a little concerned that maybe things are getting tighter over there....or am i'm just paranoid? Anyone else noticed this or had experience of it? cheers, Darren
  8. 82rhoads

    any golfers in perth NOR fancy a round??

    When we get there in August I'll fancy it. Had a look at Wembley course when we were there a couple of years ago and it looked nice. Not sure of the green fees but imagine it's a touch more than the municipal course near me:-)
  9. 82rhoads

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Hi, as far as I'm aware you need to let them know as the passport number has changed. There is an on-line form you can get....it's form 929 and there's a link on the diac site. Darren
  10. 82rhoads

    Skills Assessment - Cabinetmaker??

    Hi mark, Perth bound and looking to go in august.. we went a few years ago so have a feel for the place and have family there also so that's handy:) What sort of rates could i expect as a cabinet maker/joiner? have you found it quite easy getting work? i've a had a look at some job ads in the 'west australian' so i've got a rough idea but would be handy to know. I passed the skills test and to honest you sort of get a feeling on the day whether you have, as i said they just want you to pass but you have to know what you're doing. Also, they do check your joints and rod for neatness and take a photo of you with it to send to vetassess. As far as submitting evidence, i take it you mean to vetassess? I sent pictures of me working and of some furniture i've made and video from my phone using the overhand,spindle,thicknesser and cnc as well as a couple of clips of me making a table. Whether they looked at them or not i don't know, but it's good to send something to reinforce the evidence for your trade. i just copied it to a disc and sent it with my paperwork. I've got my visa now thanks to alot of the advice i got on here, so no worries about questions. cheers, Darren
  11. 82rhoads

    Skills Assessment - Cabinetmaker??

    Hi Mark, Not in perth yet but should be by the summer! The joiners test doesn't really cover roofing which was handy as that is my weakest point. The carpenters do that side of things and were tested in a seperate room to me and one other joiner fella. All we were tested on was drawing a rod for a casement window and constucting a joint from our own rods which was a haunched mortice and tenon. We covered static machines in the test booklet which the tutor goes through with you which basically involved naming certain parts of say.. a rip saw and a few health a safety questions regaring other static machines. We covered stairs and how to calculate them parts of doors and windows, a bit on scaffolding and leveling devices, most of it stuff you just know, but it does help to brush up a little but to be honest, it was a lot more relaxed than i expected and the tutor just wanted us to pass! hope that helps, good luck, Darren
  12. Hi,thanks for all the replies, i'm glad it was all postive. We're definitely going to book through them, i used this e-mail if anyone needs it bookingsuk@iom.int cheers, Darren
  13. Hi all, been a few months since we got our visa but now looking at booking the flights. Has anyone else used the 'international organization for migration' for cheaper flights and extra baggage allowance? I've just been in touch with them and got a resonable deal for one way, 2 adults and 2 children,£2400, 19hr flight with extra baggage weight, and comparing with companies online it's around £100 cheaper through them. Anyone had any experience they could share before we book up? cheers, Darren
  14. 82rhoads

    IELTS the Devil at some times...

    Hi without a doubt get the ielts test book from the library and do some on-line tests. It's really good to do it under test conditions with time ticking away to give you the feel for the actual test as that's the part that trips you up. Cheers,Darren.
  15. 82rhoads

    Being awarded AQFIII Through vetassess

    Hi,I was offered either but was told the technincal interview was harder to sort out with the time differences. He'll probably go to the college of north London and if he's a level 1 will find it quite easy....but still a little nerve wracking!