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  1. lesleybruck

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi all hubby is currently swapping licence over in qld, he’s got exams next week and is a bit stressed as training body have sent him all the relevant info etc and it looks like needs to know all the design side from fitting mains all the way through to house, he said seems needs to know all the calculations which in uk don’t do as electrical board run the mains not electricians. Has anyone had experience of this as he’s starting to stress, he’s done the online course, done log book etc it’s this final bit, he’s worried about all the calculations he’s doing his course through MRAEL Australian trade training college.
  2. lesleybruck

    PR visa expiring- query on Resident return visa

    Sorry didnt make myself clear enough. His depression started in uk but didnt come out until in oz finally told me how he had felt in the uk etc work, life, family etc. It wasnt because in oz. Oz made him very happy and loved it but came back due to serious family illness and money. 16yr old is very happy to move back really misses it hates being indoors.
  3. lesleybruck

    Debt in different states

    Ok great thanks that's exactly what I thought
  4. lesleybruck

    Debt in different states

    Hi all Ive been told that if you have debts in one state then move to another one they can't chase you for the debt this can't be right surely as I thought even thou they may have their own laws etc in different states surely over all things like debt would cover Australia as a whole my relative lives their and said it's true and they gonna move I'm trying to find out if this is true as trying to stop them moving and doing something stupid.
  5. lesleybruck

    UK Electrician in NSW

    Hubby has restricted licence in qld but want to move to wa, did the exam but failed one part is it best to resist in qld or wait until in wa can you transfer restricted licence?
  6. lesleybruck

    Pr return visa

    Oh right that's great news do you think best to apply asap or wait till closer to the time. Thanks for the reply.
  7. lesleybruck

    PR visa expiring- query on Resident return visa

    Hi we are in a similar situation but did move to oz in 2013 but left in 2016 due to finances, hubby suffered depression and felt lost without family. Good job did return when did as hubbys mom then had major heart surgery and now dad has cancer but our visa is due to expire next yr and really want to return just want to know if they would extend it for at least a yr, oldest son is due to finish exams next may gcse yes I know doesn't count in oz but don't feel fair on him to move him again for the sake of a few months. We have a pr visa at present. Any advice is appreciated.
  8. lesleybruck

    Pr return visa

    Hi hope someone can help we moved to oz in may 2013 came back to uk in July 2016 want to return to oz but pr runs out in may 2018 is there a way of extending the visa to give us perhaps another yr before return to oz. Yes I know ping pong poms.
  9. lesleybruck

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi all this is a bit complicated but basically moved to oz hubby did logbook etc took exam but failed on one section. Assessor was a nightmare never returned calls emails etc took months to just do exam let alone coursework. We was in qld aswell, eventually assessor told hubby that they don't really want brits coming over and getting the licence. Anyway was told could resist just that bit of exam not the whole lot. Tried for months to make this happen was really fed up of trying to sort out new exam date. Eventually for other reasons had to move back to uk but desperate to come back to oz. Does anyone know of a way can just do part of the exam he failed or will he have to do the whole thing again plus coursework/logbook etc. Without licence its hard to get work, also don't really want to return to qld would prefer to move to another state would the logbook etc transfer to another state or should he just go qld to do exam etc any help is appreciated I know it's complicated.
  10. lesleybruck

    What would you do differently?

    For us I would say don't rush things. Moved over to oz loved it, has its faults but was loving life. Bought house as hated renting, good job etc great. Then hubby had to give up job due to depression. Downward spiral began, eventually got another job but for less money and stress, I had started own business so I was trapped there and not earning. Finances became horrendous couldn't afford to carry on with the house had to sell quickly before taken from us, as first time buyers purchased the insurance meaning spent more than got back. Came to a head when sold house left with nothing so sold furniture etc moved back to uk, very upsetting time loved oz so much but so difficult when hit hard times and cost of living so high. So for me I say don't rush it biggest mistake we made was buying a house to soon should of waited a few more years.
  11. lesleybruck

    Moving a 16 year old back to the UK.

    we have just gone through this my son is 16. We could decide ourselves which yr group to put him into but for us made more sense to go back to yr 10 as otherwise wont get such high grades as less course work but this was in sept last yr so made it easier. If i was you i would either jump on end of yr 10 and do yr 11 sept or dont stress about it to much as you can take any a levels gcse etc at college anyway so if does yr 11 doesnt get great grades wont matter much cause can resit them at college anyway.
  12. lesleybruck

    Moving back to the UK in February

    We was exactly the same had business here sold everything, had good lives in uk just like you say great holidays every yr lovely cars etc but felt there was something missing moved to Aus lost everything now back in uk pennyless. Like you said i totally agree you need to be younger as older you are harder it is and more you lose if doesnt work out. But i do miss Aus despite our experiences.
  13. lesleybruck

    Moving back to the UK in February

    I know exactly how you feel. We moved to oz in 2013 3 boys. Fell in love with oz but we really struggled with finances i thought it was really expensive and trying for hubby to get licences to work was a nightmare. Came back to uk in march 2016 for a holiday missed family had great time and was really upset to leave cried eyes out on plane. Returned to oz carried on struggling sometimes couldnt put food on table an thought yes its amazing but whats the point if you cant live the way you want to. So sold up moved back to uk been back 6 months and i just cant settle i miss oz so much. Hubby has good job here kids settled into new schools but i just cant shake the feeling we hve made a big mistake and should of stayed. So i know how you feel its really hard choice.
  14. lesleybruck

    Leaving oz can we return in future.

    Yes we have looked at this but trouble is our son is nearly 16 and he would then be in yr 12 by the time we get citizenship due to time it takes waiting for ceremony etc, he would then be a few months off 18 an i know for a fact he will not return with us and i couldnt leave him behind, plus we need to leave around now to get him into a uk school to do his last yr he is fine with this at moment but already has a long term girlfriend so i know once turns 18 no way would he leave. At present hes happy to go to a uk uni then possibly return to oz in future if he can hence wanting to know if we could possibly return if could afford to.
  15. lesleybruck

    Australian Citizenship whilst in UK

    Im after similar advice. We are looking at returning to uk, we are on a pr visa been here 3yrs, love australia but the usual reason looking at returning to uk, does this mean we will no longer be residents of oz, cause im sure ive read somewhere when our five yrs are up we can apply for an extension to carry on out visa eventhou living in uk, but this would gives us the chance then to return to oz if possible in the future or does it mean once we leave we leave for good it ends our visa.