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    Moving back to Scotland

    Hey very stormy. Do you mind if i ask roughly what you managed to fit into the small move cube. Myself and my husband are moving back to ireland in the next 5 or so weeks and are weighing up between the various move cubes. We dont really have much furniture at all.
  2. crazydaizy

    Want to go back to uk but still have loans

    To some people a dog is just a dog. But to others that dog is like a child. A major part of the family. Kelly go home to your parents, bring your fur baby and when you get on your feet in the future look at paying back your loans. I wish you all the best. And dont take to heart what people say here. Some people might find it hard to empathize with other people.
  3. crazydaizy


    Hi. I passed mine in august and i received the approval letter 2 weeks later in the mail. First week of december i received a letter from immigration giving my ceremony details which is oz day. I haven't received anything else. All up it took 5 months 1 day from lodgement to ceremony and thats brisbane. Some places are much quicker and some much longer. Best of luck with your plans.
  4. crazydaizy


    Received my official invitation in the mail. Citizenship ceremony Australia day 26th Jan. So all in all 5 months for total process for me. I got indooropilly location for the ceremony, was hoping for the city hall but just delighted the journey is almost complete. Hang in there everyone. X
  5. crazydaizy


    I got my approval letter 6 weeks ago and online status hasnt changed. As far as I know its rarely updated and nothing to about.
  6. crazydaizy


    Date applied - 25/8/15 City/Council area - brisbane cbd Online / Paper - online Date received the acknowledgement email - 2/9/15 Date of the Citizenship Test - 10/9/15; passed! Citizenship approval letter - 22/09/15 Date of ceremony - tentative day Australia day. 26.01.2016 Type of ceremony - normal.
  7. crazydaizy

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    Yes i have heard that 2. Positivity will go a long way. We'll make it work just like we made here work. Money isnt everything. Having family around is worth so much more
  8. crazydaizy

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    Myself and my husband are moving back around march next year. We've been saving hard over the last 4.5 years and are now in a good position to go home (ireland) and buy a property with no mortgage needed. We don't wanna take on a 30 year mortgage here with so much uncertainty around the economy. Ireland is still in a dire mess but our parents are getting older ao we'd like to be closer to them. oh is an oz citizen as he was born here. My ceremony is Australia day 2016 so we can always come if we change our minds.
  9. crazydaizy

    Stay for citizenship?

    Stay for citizenship. 1 year will go super fast. Im in the same position, 32 and living in brisbane. Im currently counting down the days to apply for citizenship (august 24th is the day i can apply) so i can leave and go home although im going back to ireland. I'm over oz for all the reasons you have listed however i think its madness to go now when citizenship is so close. No point in closing the door when its so close. You might wanna go back to australia in the future and citizenship is the easiest option.
  10. crazydaizy

    Partner visa - 3 month hol visa

    cheers for replying yeah we've been togeether over 1 and 1/2 yrs, lived togerther in ireland cus hes actually from my town in ireland. he was born in boxhill in victoria but moved back to ireland very young. jesus we've more bills than we need in both our names, from ireand and oz, internet, phones, gas, electrilty etc yeah i think we'll be ok, jesus the dirt we have on each other no1 else wud know lol
  11. crazydaizy

    Partner visa - 3 month hol visa

    hi i entered australia on the 25th august 2011, i am gettin married here next friday and i plan to lodge my partner visa onshore thereafter. i got an eta which allows me to stay in oz for 3 months at a time over the course of 1 yr. whats the latest date i can lodge my visa, would it be the 25th november or the 24th or should i really do it earlier to avoid any issues.
  12. crazydaizy

    cancelled 2nd whv - travel on ETA

    yeah ill deffo give that a try hopefully the fact i cancelled the visa without ever tryin to use it will work in my favour... thanks for your help, its much appreciated
  13. crazydaizy

    cancelled 2nd whv - travel on ETA

    hi i was in oz a few years back. Basically i lied to get my 2nd whv and the visa was granted. I realised what i did was very stupid so i cancelled this visa myself and never entered oz on it. However now i would like to travel to oz for a 3 week holiday to visit my fiance's family, does anyone think i will have an issue wit this. Could they refuse me entry at immigration even after they've granted me an eta. Also we would be looking to lodge a prospective marriage visa sometime next year. Does anyone think i could be refused entry due to the fact i lied previously, like i said i never travelled on the visa and i did cancel it off my own accord. Any input would be greatly appreciated