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  1. Thank god for that.... you had me worried there for a second Pfirsch! lol :wink: So I don't even need to get in touch with them to let them know? Before finding out that my wife is pregnant I was meaning to get in touch with them anyway to notify them that we're married - but I take it from what you're saying thats unnecessary? Cheers
  2. I'm more than happy to wait until three months after the baby is born before gaining permanent residency, I thought you were saying that now my partner is pregnant I have to restart the application process and pay the fee again?
  3. i'm sorry I don't follow - could you please clarify what you mean? thanks
  4. Hi there everyone, I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice. I came to Australia 2 years ago on a working holiday visa to be with my Australian partner (she is an Australian citizen), since then we have got married and I am now on a spouse visa (I think it is subclass 800 - the temporary partner visa pending the 2 year waiting period to prove the legitimacy of the relationship). My question is - my wife is now pregnant and I still have exactly a year left to wait on this temporary spouse visa until a decision is made on my permanent one - does this change things at all? do I still wait another year until my permanent spouse visa is approved or do I get put on another visa? I am really unsure as to what to do and whether or not I need to get in touch with immigration to let them know of my changing circumstances. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. yeah 10th is no problem for me
  6. So The Bended Elbow on the 3rd of November?
  7. Count me in! I haven't checked this forum in months so apologies to my fellow Brits for being slack! but if theres a meet up coming up i'll certainly contribute by downing a few ales
  8. Hi folks, Im a 26 year old male from the UK living in Geelong, VIC, been here for four months now on a working holiday visa and am finding it impossible to get any form of work. I have a masters degree in media and journalism and a strong background in office admin work and cannot gain employment anywhere after endlessly applying for jobs from morning till night everyday. If anyone has any advice for me particularly those with a knowledge of the Geelong/Melbourne region I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance, Simon
  9. neo1559

    Geelong meet

    hey, just noticed this thread, my names Symon 26 years old from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I'd be up for arranging a meet up in Geelong sometime soon! Trying to get a few people together so if you're interested just PM me and i'll try and get a list of people! Cheers
  10. neo1559

    Geelong meet

    Hi everyone, i'm Symon 26 just moved to Geelong about 3 months ago from Newcastle-upon-tyne and would love to arrange a meet up with some of my fellow Brits! if anyones interested then give me a shout and we can sort out a meeting place and date :elvis:
  11. neo1559

    Geordie lad 26 just moved to Geelong! :)

    I will do mate thanks. I'd be up for undergoing some 'research' one Thursday, where have you guys been out thus far? btw like the Morrissey picture - I'm a huge Moz fan! apparently he's got a new album coming out very soon can't wait! Sy
  12. neo1559

    Geordie lad 26 just moved to Geelong! :)

    Cheers Dom I might come along sometime! where do you guys usually go? I went to the "British" pub the bended elbow the other day which seems like a canny place but no sunday lunch with Yorkshire puds on the menu ain't a British pub to me! Gutted there's nowhere that shows premier league footy in town either or do you guys know of a place?
  13. Hi all, new to the forum, just moved to Geelong from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK on a working holiday visa. I'm 26 years old and would love to meet some people of a similar age from old blighty especially geordies! :biggrin: Been here for 2 months now, still looking for a job, I'm qualified with a masters degree in Media and Journalism and have plenty of admin experience but am finding it very difficult getting work out here as if it weren't hard enough back home!! anybody in a similar situation? or have any advice to offer i'd appreciate it! all the best, Symon