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  1. Hi! I am cuurently 26 weeks pregnant and we are considering going from 457 to PR, i know we have to wait till baby arrives to complete the medical but i just wondered if anyone has experience of applying while pregnant. I also wanted to know if i would be eligable for paid parental leave, say we get the PR after 12 weeks of baby being born, according to government website i can get paid leave as long as i apply within 34 weeks of babys birth? is this still true if i have not been pr at time of birth?? sorry if this sounds confusing!!!! just trying to work out if financially its worth getting pr as we are undecided if we will stay past next year!! thanks for any help!!
  2. scotsmum

    how often do u use your pool??!!

    thanks everyone!! my daughter is in it most days and similarly we usually have her friends/our friends around for the odd party too so i think we would miss it too much! good to know it can be used most of the time too.. if only i could bring my house and pool with me!! thanks again!:biggrin:
  3. scotsmum

    how often do u use your pool??!!

    Just looking for opinions on having a house with pool!! At the moment we live in perth and have a pool with our house, since we use it almost every day in summer we had intended on getting a pool when we move to brisbane. Now im wondering as its not quite as hot over there do you think you really need a pool there? I know when it gets below 30 here we dont use ours as much! obviously not having a pool will give us lots more options in finding a home too... but will we miss it?! decisions, decisions!!!:huh:
  4. scotsmum

    Irish family living in Brisbane.

    hi! how is the settling in going? we are due to move to brisbane in april, we are in WA at the moment! We are a scottish family but we lived in ireland for 10 years before coming here so i guess we think of ireland as home now since thats where our house and friends and family are now!!
  5. scotsmum

    WA to Brisbane Western suburbs

    Yeah the fresh(but often frozen) air of scotland is hard to beat!! and the scottish water i miss that!! my mum and dad live in brisbane and we have been over to visit a few times, recently in january when it was very humid and hot but to be honest i didnt find it too bad, my wee one found it warm but we had the added bonus of her wanting to nap in the afternoons which gave us a rare treat of some peace!!! i think it all balances out, they dont get the cold winters like we do in perth, and i think the rest of the year around spring and autumn are generally nice and sunny, my mum and dad are scottish and love the weather there, like everything i suppose you adapt and get used to it!! good luck with your decision, they all sound like exciting places to try!
  6. scotsmum

    WA to Brisbane Western suburbs

    Hi! we are also moving from perth to Brisbane in a couple of months..and a mini sunny Scotland would suit us too!!! we were there in January and drove around some suburbs, the gap being one, we found it a bit isolated but we want to be closer to the city for the hubbys commute, it is lovely tho, some fab houses but very hilly!!! I got travel sick driving around haha!! not sure what rental market is like but I think its better than perth as there is more choice and they don't seem to go as fast... but maybe that's coz its xmas time?? we have had a few quotes and range is from 4k to 6k for a container, its crazy, going to cost us double to get our stuff from wa than it did to ship across the world!! best of luck with the move...exciting!!!
  7. hi nats! small world, im from Cumbernauld, although left there over 10 years ago!! slightly less sunny than perth haha!! citizenship will be great, were only on 457 visas but gonna sort our pr when we come to Brisbane!! Yeah its a bit of a brave move while preggers, we were supposed to come in 2 weeks time but postponed it till april..works out better for us with work and stuff but it will be a bit of a panic finding and moving into a house 6/7 months pregnant!! my mum and dad live in Brisbane so at least I have somewhere to stay at first and someone to do my washing and cooking for a while haha!!! no idea about hospitals and stuff yet, we do have our insurance so ill need to start looking in to it! are you all sorted with what one ur using? iv found the docs here excellent so far, got my next scan next week so that's exciting!! ill try and pm you my email address, might be an easier way to keep in touch! take care!!
  8. Hi Nats!! Congrats on the baby!! exciting times ahead!! im still in perth but due to come to Brisbane in april, hoping to be around toowong/Paddington somewhere I think!! im due in july and would luv to have a fellow bump buddy for support lol!! I think u replied to my post a while back about moving from perth to Brisbane, were both from Scotland? Anyway would be good to meet up when I finally get there :biggrin:
  9. scotsmum

    WA to Brisbane..where to start!!

    Thanks madcatjane! i was just reading an old post of yours about eatons hill as we have been looking around that area as the houses look quite nice there! I have my daughter enrolled in a kindy program near my mums house in toowong until we know where we will be living, the time just seems to be flying in!! I will go and look up the facebook page now as i am keen to try and meet some other mums and kids for the wee one to play with as soon as possible! Thanks for your help, i might be back on to you with another hundred questions haha!!
  10. scotsmum

    Narrowing down suburb choices.

    Can't be of any help but interested in the answers as were also trying to decide where to live!!! I was told indooroopilly is a good suburb near the city with good school but not too sure!! It's all very confusing!!
  11. scotsmum

    perth to brisbane...

    Hi Debbio....not sure where we will settle, will be heading to toowong for the first few weeks till we try and Suss out suburbs...are u in brisbane?
  12. scotsmum

    perth to brisbane...

    Hi! We are hopibg to move from wa to brisbane, just wondering if anyone has done it and whats best way to ship our car and furniture?! Any recommendations as they all seem super expensive so far!!
  13. scotsmum

    WA to Brisbane..where to start!!

    Thanks for the replies...my head is spinning with all the planning!!!!:chatterbox: Nat I had actually found one of those threads last night and it was great...I'll be on the rental site tonight...gotta start looking at schools too...good to know uv made the same move and enjoying it!!! keith and Linda we will be moving jan/February so my wee one is ready for school...hubby will be starting a recruitment company so can work from home in the begining but will need to commute to cbd once office is established, I work with Salvation Army so there's lots of options for me so I'm not fussed about the commute. In perth we are about 20 mins by train to cbd so ideally would like something similar... My parents live in toowong so would also be nice to be sorta close to them!!! Well I better get back to my research.....thanks again!
  14. scotsmum

    WA to Brisbane..where to start!!

    So after living in perth for 2 years we have been offered the chance to move to Brisbane!! Just looking for advice from anyone who has made a similar move...what did u like about Brisbane/miss about perth?? Also looking for advice on where to start looking for a house, ideally we would like somewhere family friendly as my daughter will be starting school, and probably max of 30 mins from cbd?? Hoping to get house with a pool if poss :biggrin: thanks!!
  15. Hiya girls... were another scottish family living in edgewater, we have a 3 yr old daughter! I work part time but would be great to meet up with some fellow scots :0)