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  1. ViewAskew

    Savings. How much is enough?

    Mine was just shipping furnishings, flights, dog, initial expected bond. At the moment the minimum spend will be 12.5K GBP.
  2. Hi can anyone help me please? I am a qualified primary school teacher in the UK which was gained through the GTP which I know is not recognised in Australia. I am moving out there next year as my family and I have visa's which we obtained through my husbands line of work. However, I would still like to teach when we move over there and understand that I will need to do another course similiar to the PGCE. I have also been told that possibly some of the content of my degree may not be recognised! Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone know exactly what I need to do and how much this is going to cost me when I get to Australia?
  3. ViewAskew

    coming to SA to validate in 2 weeks yipeeeeee!

    Hi Lorraine, We got our 176 visas on the 10th June this year and are also looking for pop over to activate in August this year and looking to move completely in Oct 2012. We're at this moment on two computers trying to find the best combo of flights, car hire and house for the two weeks in Aug. Looks like landing at Melbourne and driving across to Adelaide saves us about £700. If anyone has any recommendations for a 3+ house or apartment from the 15th to 28th Aug we’d love to hear from you! Hope everyone heading over either for activation or for good has a blast, I’m sure you will. Paul
  4. ViewAskew

    Can't believe the speed - Visa granted

    And to you! Many thanks to everyone for the kind words.
  5. Hi, We were interviewed at home the other Tuesday after a couple of phone calls. Can’t say if it went well as I can rabbit like I’ve had 15 espressos when nervous and in an interview situation and go off tangent. In-between then and now we got our 176 approved on the 10th June (yah) so am now 100% looking to go out before May 2012 to activate.
  6. After what we thought was the show stopper when my skill was removed from the SOL in the July 2010 changes, I logged onto the DIAC site yesterday to be greeted with the news that my 176 for myself and my family has been approved! Can’t believe how quickly it went through in the end since SA released their state sponsorship scheme in Jan. The heartache of believing it was all over in July was worth it now as we would have never gone down the state sponsorship route. Now all of a sudden the activation end date of May 2012 looks so near. Better start making lists of what to do next as I didn’t want to jinx the process and make one before. Best of luck to all those still waiting to hear. Today is a good day! :biggrin: Here's the timeline if anyone's interested. ACS Application 24-04-10 Suspension of GSM applications 08-05-10 ACS assessment passed 22-06-11 Skill removed from SOL 01-07-10 SA releases State Migration Plan 05-01-11 SA SS online application 13-01-11 SA SS granted 24-03-11 176 Visa Application 31-03-11 CO assigned 02-05-11 176 Visa granted 10-06-11