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  1. Hi all :chatterbox: I know there are numerous threads devoted to this visa, but I thought I'd start a new one to share experiences and timelines as I can appreciate the frustration of trawling through lots of threads to find that snippet of information. I am a secondary applicant on my partner's visa and have applied for both the 457 that we are currently on and the 186 permanent residency visa that's just been submitted. Our visa was applied for without the use of a migration agent and so was not decision ready. However, I did submit all the required documents at the same time as the application, with the exception of the medicals due to their time limitation and expecting nomination to take longer than it did. Most of the documents were gathered, photocopied and certified before the nomination submission except the Aus police checks which were sought just after. I visited my local pharmacy so many times for certification of documents that I'm now on first name terms with them! :goofy: It would be great to hear other people's experiences. My timeline so far- Employer Nomination submitted - 2 October 2013 Visa Application submitted - 19 Oct Acknowledgement letter received - 22 Oct Nomination approval - 3 Dec Request for medical examination by CO - 3 Dec Medicals booked - 9 & 11 Dec 2013
  2. Stooly

    186 Oct 2013 applicants

    Hopefully it sounds like you'll be hearing very soon, it seems like the closer you get to a decision being made, the slower time passes. Good luck. :biggrin:
  3. Stooly

    186 Oct 2013 applicants

    Have you had any news yet PrinceW? I submitted in October also but has now been granted, it's interesting to see how varied the timelines are.
  4. Stooly

    ENS 186 process and timeline chatterings!

    Visa granted today :jiggy: Medicals were uploaded by Medibank clinic in Melbourne on 16th Dec and a week or so later their status changed on the evisa site to "No health examination is required for this person... etc". Christmas and New Year came and went with no news, so yesterday I sent a polite email to our CO just to nudge them in the general direction of our now complete application, that seemed to work as this morning the grant email arrived. The whole process has taken 97 days from the submission of the nomination and 80 from submission of application. Good luck and fingers crossed to everyone else. Timeline has been Employer Nomination submitted - 2 October 2013 Visa Application submitted - 19 Oct Acknowledgement letter received - 22 Oct Nomination approval - 3 Dec Request for medical examination by CO - 3 Dec Medicals booked - 9 & 11 Dec 2013 Medicals uploaded to DIBP - 16 Dec Medicals Cleared - 23 Dec Visa granted - 7 Jan 2014
  5. Stooly

    186 Oct 2013 applicants

    Hi, We applied for 186 via employer nomination stream in mid October. Received an email from CO on 3rd Dec requesting medical/health info and have just had medicals earlier in the week. It appears from other posts that applications are looked at on an individual basis, but I suppose it also depends on the workload of the case officers. One things for sure, it is a frustrating process :arghh:
  6. Hi Alan I'm a secondary applicant for this visa but doing all the donkey work. The employer submitted all the documentation needed for nomination of both visas, so I never dealt with any financial information at my end. In answer to your second question, not for 457 but yes for PR I've no doubt about it oiling the wheels!
  7. Hi ausHWC I agree with most of the replies so far, the 457 application is relatively straightforward. I applied without a migration agent and have recently submitted for PR without any requests for further information (so far). I researched what info was needed and collated everything before making the application and submitting the documents. It was a bit time consuming but if you go on to apply for a permanent residency visa in the future at least you already know what to expect.
  8. Stooly

    ENS 186 process and timeline chatterings!

    Yes form 80 was sent at the same time as the application, in fact I even sent in form 1221 just in case! Timelines appear to be different for everyone, even those applying for the same visa, I suppose that just reflects everyone's individual circumstances. Good luck with your application, best to get it in asap as no doubt there'll be a break and delay over Christmas. :jiggy:
  9. I've been keeping up with everyone's experiences and thought it time I shared mine. I'm travelling on a 457 as a secondary applicant, my partner is an academic who has been offered a job in Melbourne. We lodged the application ourselves after the visa nomination was granted. In retrospect we should have applied earlier as I didn't realise until after it was lodged that you can submit the application before nomination has been granted! Submitted all the documents at the time of lodging, paid the fee and waited. As a healthcare worker I knew that I would need a full medical, x ray and blood tests and arranged this just after submission. My OH who has a medical condition was requested to have a medical later. Here's the time line so far: Application submitted 29/05/11 Fee paid 29/05/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 2) 29/05/11 Medical examination required 29/05/11 Medical results received 23/06/11 X ray results received 23/06/11 Hep B, Hep C, HIV results received 28/06/11 Application processed further 14/06/07 Further information required 14/06/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 1) 14/07/11 Further medical results referred 14/07/11 Blood tests referred 14/07/11 The question I do have is what is the difference between my medicals results that are shown as received (submitted through ehealth) and my OH's who are shown as referred (sent by snail mail). Have mine been looked at yet or is that still to come?:realmad:
  10. Sorry for the long delay. :eek: I cannot remember exactly where that information came from but probably from another forum somewhere!
  11. Stooly

    spouse visa incorrect informaion in 47SP form

    There is a form you can fill out 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answer, downloadable from the immi website. Just type it into a search engine if you don't want to trawl through the plethora of forms. You can then upload it or post it off as with any other type of form.
  12. Try emailing them first, it's cheaper (well free). If you've applied online, use the contact email on the status page or check the immi website for the particular office contact info. They reply within a day or so, if you still have no luck then telephone, sorry I don't know any of the numbers, but you may find yourself on a phone queue........
  13. I know the answer now so I'll reply to my own post. Received means they have them but have not looked at them and referred means they've been sent to HOC for a look. When all is done they are finalised!
  14. Stooly

    457 processing times

    Week 8 for us is this Sunday 25th July. My status has just turned to Health requirements finalised. All of our documents were loaded with the application on 29th May except the health ones, so with any luck it should be sorted either way soon........
  15. Stooly

    457 processing times

    Our application was lodged on 29/5/11, my OH's medicals were finalised today and mine have only just been referred even though mine were uploaded electronically on 23/06/11 and hers arrived by snail mail on 14/07/11!!!! So much for ehealth being quicker. Anyway it will be 8 weeks on 24/07/11 since we lodged, so it can take 8 weeks or more...........:arghh:
  16. Stooly

    Medical's finalised

    It also seems to depend on the visa you are applying for. Ours is a temp 457. Medicals referred on 14/7/11 and finalised 20/7/11. Have faith.:rolleyes:
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    Germaine says kill your dogs!

    Who hasn't expressed an interest in killing something in the heat of the moment, rats, flies, other road users? I love Germaine Greer! Never one to shy away from a controversial comment or two, she's turning into a real grumpy old woman. Go Ger!! One of the leading feminist voices with a successful academic career although not stretching to flora and fauna! She should come around where I live, there are thousands of native bluebells, not to mention loads of dog owners (my dog often poops on them, without any detrimental effect).
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    how did you upload your photos?

    :jiggy::jiggy:Simples. If only everything in life came in easy steps!