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  1. /thank you we will get back to you again and let you know how it goes Paulette
  2. His employer showed him the acknowledgement email they got from them with his file number so can he himself contact them to see if anything is wrong thanks again Paulette
  3. My sons employer lodged his application for the 186 visa in December 2013. He hasn't heard anything yet does anyone know how long will it take I would be grateful for any information Thank you Paulette
  4. Thank you Sammy for answering my question but im still confused as on the check list for the employers nomination scheme subclass visa 186 it says to include photos of( non migrating family unit members) does this mean my brothers and sisters. It also says police vetting for( non migrating children does this mean my children ( which i have none) or my brothers and sisters. Thanks for any help would be appreciated im thinking now should i get an agent to help with application
  5. I am applying for permanent residency in Oz through my employer. On the application form it says all my family members will be police vetted my brother has a criminal record will this effect my application. He is living in the UK and will not be living in Australia Paulette
  6. paulette

    Query about 457 sponsership visa

    Hi Furkew Thank you for answering my question Sorry i didnt make it clear he has only been on a working holiday visa previously this will be his first application for the 457 he has never overstayed but on his 2nd year working visa he was only supposed to be employed for 6 months but was employed for 7 months, thats what he is wondering about
  7. paulette

    Query about 457 sponsership visa

    My son is hoping to get a company to sponser him on a 457 visa in Australia the last company he worked for employed him for 7 months as he didnt realise he could only be employed for the 6 months does any body know if this will effect his application for the 457 visa