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    Adelaide meet up!!

    Lol you learn something new everyday! :-) we we have a large group of friends in the western suburbs, mostly poms from all walks. How old are you guys?? Where you from?? Your welcome to join us next time we get together, pm me your no. And I'll drop you a message next time we meet :-)
  2. Anybody going to the London grammar gig in Brisbane?? I'm heading up on my Todd from Adelaide if anyone fancies a few jars before / after? From South Wales originally so be good to meet some more poms :-) cheers whatsthestory
  3. whatsthestory

    Adelaide meet up!!

    Hey guys, look, I kno all about it he sister website 'poms in Adelaide', been using it for years. Just wondering if there are any users on this site either in or heading to Adelaide and fancy a meet up for drinks, chips or chats?? the other site is great but it seems to take forever to generate new poms to the area. Anyway, just throwing it out there lol hope to hear from you soon ;-)
  4. whatsthestory

    Single Life - Adelaide?

    Hey nad, I'm currently living in glenelg, it's good here, feels like your on holiday haha. My no is 0413532581 if you want to hook up and go for a beer or something. Where you from mate?
  5. Just seeing if there are any floor layers on the forum that might fancy going for a beer in the next few weeks, I'm on the gold coast for 2 weeks from 27th june, then off to adelaide to try and find some work. It would be handy to meet up with some of you already in the aussie flooring trade to go over a few thing such as suppliers / rates and the usual shop talk. nothing like a heads up on the game. pm me or post back, i will be more than happy to hear from you. Thanks in advance Danny :-)
  6. what happens if the secondary applicant dosent make entry, does it affect the primary in any way?
  7. whatsthestory

    Nightmare property management (UK)

    speak to my nephew, he deals with property management. he might be able to take it off your hands. Ross Smith PM for info Danny
  8. whatsthestory

    Where you from and where you going?

    Currently living in: Barry Island, south Wales Moving To: Adelaide (after a few weeks in qld visiting family) Visa Type: Skilled 175 (Floor Finishing) - Granted 8/11/2011 Family: None - coming on me jack jones Age Bracket: Late 20's Early 30's Hoping to Move: July 2012 is the plan (but haven't booked flight yet) Been to Oz before: Yes 3 times, perth, perth to albany, brisbane. Never been to adelaide so looking forward to having a snoop around. Update: shipped all tools over last week... no going back now!
  9. whatsthestory

    How Do You behave when you have had a drink ..... booze

    like a right numpty! haha
  10. whatsthestory

    Single Life - Adelaide?

    Cheers Nad, appreciate the reply. So where are you from and what sort of work will you be looking for? I quite fancy a studio, that's right up my street! You should of go a 2 bedder, even cheaper, I'm up for sharing . How you finding it over there? Have you met many people? Danny
  11. whatsthestory

    I just got a court summoning...

    whinge whinge whinge! have a look what you've bloody gone and done...your mams all upset!
  12. whatsthestory

    Oh the Guilt - it hits you like a steam train!!!!

    They'll get over it. I'm sure they are really proud of you,I would always encourage my kids to live life and do what makes them happy! (If I had any). :-/
  13. whatsthestory

    Tradesmen sub-contractors - Self Employed Tax in oz?

    Sh*t! What about perminant residents?
  14. whatsthestory

    Tradesmen sub-contractors - Self Employed Tax in oz?

    Oh ok, cash jobs it is then haha Cheer for that. What is the current tax rate?