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    Hi all, we're moving to mandurah 1st dec and my son would like to find something as an apprentice mechanic, could someone plz let me know how to go about this. Can he apply to employers like here in uk or does it work differently in Australia and is there plenty out there for the recent school leavers. Any help would be much appreciated. If he can't find something he will just carry on with further education any ideas on costs for college etc? Alison.:confused:
  2. mclean


    we're off to Halls Head 30mins south of perth can't wait.
  3. mclean


    :yellow_guy_smiling_:yellow_guy_smiling_:yellow_guy_smiling_:yellow_guy_smiling_GOLDEN TICKET ARRIVED TODAY BEEN A LONG WAIT BUT ITS NOW OVER HERE WE COME OZ
  4. mclean

    Referred to Met

    My daughters were referred on 7th of july and just finalised 25th july so now everyone is done except my husband(main applicant) which is still outstanding soooooooo frustrating. Ali.
  5. mclean

    skill assessment concerns

    so glad to here it hope all goes well Ali.
  6. mclean

    Applying for a 457 with a criminal conviction

    when we got asked for our ACPO we where told by our case officer that all migration people over the age of 16 must have a ACPO done
  7. mclean

    Applying for a 457 with a criminal conviction

    your wife will have to get ACPO done. ali
  8. mclean

    Cant believe it !!!!!!!

    where in the same boat mine and my son finalised daughter refered and my husbands is still outstanding just want to find out what is happening
  9. mclean

    skill assessment concerns

    Hi just thought i'd give some advice, my oh went through this process a short time ago and was so worried about it, but when it came to it it was so stress free he could'nt believe he'd been so uptight about it. The guys doing the interview were so nice and laid back he said it was just like chatting with a workmate, he put him at ease and helped him along the way. Long story short it's not a test as such, just questions on the chosen skill and if there is something he does'nt know that does not mean he will not pass. Hope this helps and i'm sure there will be more posts on the subject that will be of use. Ali.
  10. congrats lexi might just be us soon xxx
  11. hi WA dont really have a requirment for cash but they are looking for you to have between $20-$40 thousand plus most of your documents need to be certified hope this helps dougie + ali
  12. mclean

    Payment by Visa for online application ?

    we made all our payments with my debit card dougie & ali
  13. mclean

    Which region of Wa?

    just awaiting medicals now, could'nt get booked until 16th of june though, tried to get them else where but nearest was manchester and could'nt see us any sooner, so just waiting now. Co was allocated 16th of may. things will go very quickly once you have ss so get all your documents and visa aps ready to send asap. Alison. ps keep me posted
  14. mclean

    Which region of Wa?

    Hi linda, we went to the visa-go seminar in edinburgh and the rep from WA told us they were recomending the peel area and south. hope this helps. My oh is also a painter and decorator and has been told by a family friend that ther is lots of building going on around these areas and tradies have plenty of well paid work. Alison.