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  1. Norfolk Gal

    WBC in urine test. Do we need to go for another test?

    Fingers crossed I can manage a clear sample. As long as there is no additional cost involved. We have Medicare, we are moving from a 457 to a PR. Just the 4 hour round journey to the clinic then! Thanks for the advice. Hope yours is sorted.
  2. Norfolk Gal

    WBC in urine test. Do we need to go for another test?

    Hi have you had any follow up on this yet. I think I will fall into this category as our medical is tomorrow, and can't be altered, and low and behold my little friend makes it's appearance today. How much did the re test cost. It's a real pain as it means I would have to take more time away from work and the train down to Melbourne again too.
  3. From my experience, it certainly seems that being British is a nightmare when it comes to getting a job. The Australian companies want Australian qualifications and Australian work experience. I have also noticed alot more jobs that refer to a requirement being a citizen! I never even get shortlisted for interviews, being British for me means that I am worthless. Bizarely I have been advised to either re-train to obtain a "certificate in" or to lie on my resume. I would just like to be valued for who I am and the experience that I can bring......
  4. Hi, I am struggling with filling in details relating to my parents. My biological father, who I never met, is now deceased, I think he went on to have other children.. But I don't know, and know his mother is also dead I have no idea how to find this out. My mum re-married when I was small, and I have a half sister, this is the person I think of as Dad. unfortunately he is also deceased. Finally my mother is in a de facto relationship with someone who has grown up children. Who do I put down, I potentially have to add these extra siblings, but they are strangers to me... Thanks....
  5. Norfolk Gal

    Which diet do you recommend?

    I too need to,one weight, so some good ideas here. used Weight watchers after I had my babies and that worked for me, but calories are kilo joules here.....can't seem to get my head around that. My problems are, too much wine, too many Sakarta rice crackers and not enough exercise. I used to go to the gym 3 times a week in the UK, but not found one here that fits into my lifestyle, and that I can afford! Tried running, and I hate it with a passion. good luck!
  6. Norfolk Gal

    Architect moving to Melbourne/ Sydney

    He targeted agencies, but he also came to Melbourne on a reccy, and was offered an interview while he was here, so it was probably just chance, that he was here. are you applying for a PR visa or hoping to get sponsorship?
  7. Norfolk Gal

    Architect moving to Melbourne/ Sydney

    My Husband is an architect, and secured a sponsored job from the UK, but only on a temp visa. Alot of his former collegues are also in Australia, but not many are actually working as architects. One is in Melbourne getting 15 bucks an hour serving coffee......
  8. Norfolk Gal

    What have you sacrificed to move to Australia?

    Sacrifices... my job, never thought I would say that! my mojo... !! my gym membership... my friends possibly my sanity.... but there are positives too!
  9. Norfolk Gal

    Is it really worth it?

    its hard work, and the jury is still out on is it worth it, I think it will be, but we are still working on it. The whole spiders and wildlife thing will pass, we have only see one redback spider, it was on Christmas day, my DH stunned it with a spray and flattened it with a thong (they also make great mossie killers). My kids love it here though, there is no going back for them!
  10. You can't call them bulbs, that something you plant in the garden, they are globes!!! As told to me by one of my Aussie friends. Lol
  11. Norfolk Gal

    The negative thread

    yesterday was a bad day, and I hated everything, today I am trying to be more positive...is that ok?
  12. Norfolk Gal

    For the Unemployed

    Thanks for all the responses. Yesterday after I posted this, was when I had had enough, and I just broke down and screamed at my DH, so at least that is out and he knows how I feel. I am registered with an agency to do temp work, but it is very far and few between. .however on a more positive note, I have secured ten weeks work, which was for 12 hours a week, and they have asked if I can do more, so will be doing 18 hours a week there. I am taking a break from constantly applying for jobs, I need to just chill for a month, and as I have some work, this is what I will do. As for how this job arose, I helped out a friend, got invited to a morning tea, and was introduced to the manager, the job was never advertised, they needed a temporary fix, and I was available. I am going to use this opportunity to network, and hope it pays off. Trying to stay positive and relax now.... thanks again
  13. Norfolk Gal

    For the Unemployed

    Just thought I would bump this up again, and ask the question "Has anyone who has a partner on a 457 visa, actually landed a perm job?" I am so sick of rejection, and my DH will not be happy until I get one, as we need the money, its becoming a real strain...
  14. Norfolk Gal

    Is this Winter colder than usual?

    It lasts long enough Jim, was -2 this am when I got up and did the school run! Soo.. cold but much warner than a Sheffield winter
  15. Norfolk Gal

    What plans do you have for Mothers Day tomorrow ?

    I ran the Mothers Day Classic 4km race, and about to have brunch! Five weeks ago I couldn't have run to the end of the street, so a wonderful thing for me . spoilt by my beautiful children,a happy Mummy today. X