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  1. jimkenward12

    Mitsubushi Evo 6 for sale

    The time has come to sell my car as im moving back to the UK The car has done 119,000km comes with 3 months rego, road worthy and has just had a service. Please PM for details. Cheers
  2. jimkenward12

    Non response from Aus companies when applying for vacancies

    Nice to see its not just me who has this problem! Ive applied for well over a 100 jobs now ive proberly heard back from about 8 or 9 to say i wasnt successful. I've given up and booked a flight home,the Gold coast is dire for jobs:arghh:
  3. jimkenward12

    I miss......

    Yes its bad,but nowhere near as bad as here IMO!!
  4. jimkenward12

    I miss......

    Optus are just as bad ive waited 3 weeks for broadband, technician cancelled 3 times, custumer service is horrendous here!!
  5. jimkenward12

    Finding Work on Partners Visa, Advice?

    Hi Marc I am here on a Partner visa and work in IT aswell. Ive been here for 3 months living on the Gold coast and i have really struggled to even get an interview in IT. May be different for you as you'll be in Adelaide and have alot more qualifications and experience than me, but i wouldnt expect to find a job straight away IMO. But good luck and hope it works out for you! Jim
  6. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    Thats the difficult thing for me my girlfriend will not come back to the UK (she was a manager in the UK could easily get her job back) , i could get a job pretty easy im sure, have never had trouble in the UK. This is whats making things difficult if i give Oz up i give up my 3 year relationship with some-one i dont want to break up with! Man i thought Australia was suppose to be a dream not a nightmare lol!!
  7. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    The thing is ive been out of work for 3 months now, i only worked in IT for just about two years and that was only in education. I did the apprenticeship purely to gain some kind of experience because experience is better than qualifications IMO. I wanted to get into a more commercial role or business i.e first line support/desktop support in England and had a few interviews and 1 job offer not long before i came out, but with now not working for 3 months my motivation for IT has really deteriorated, and to be honest its made me completely doubt myself that i can have a career in IT. This doesnt mean ive stopped trying i just have no confidence anymore. I know people on this website must know how it feels to sit indoors by yourself day by day with no social life and no family its so hard,back home i had so many friends and such a good social life here i have none of it,i really do think getting a full time job would change how i feel. Im so torn between giving up and going home or picking myself up and i suppose giving it another shot somehow!!
  8. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    What recruitment agencies tho? I've sent my CV and a cover letter to as many as i can find along the gold coast on google, ive phoned some aswell. I know going into the agencies helps ive been into ones close by and they say they will contact me if anything comes up. I check the gold coast city website regulary aswell as seek, gumtree, im signed up to link'd in, and iprofile. I'm going to look online and see how i can make my CV better. Going to another city for a few months isnt an option as i just dont have the money. I've gotta keep trying and everyones help is really kind and i REALLY do appreciate it :wink:. Oh and Optus are bloody useless i wont have internet until the 10th of Feb now grrrrrrrrr
  9. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    I have an NVQ in IT professional competence (completed an apprenticeship in the UK) Windows 7 certification and currently studying my CompTIA Network + course! im not the most experienced guy in IT but just looking for a first line or desktop support job. Well not just IT jobs ive applied for custer service jobs (they want you to have years and years experiece) supermarket jobs etc etc. Like people say ive now realised the gold coast isnt the best place to find a job!
  10. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    Mine has bullet points and is straight to the point, my girlfriends is similar and she had no problem getting a job, i do feel as if they take one look at it and see all my work history in the UK and think not interested! I always write in my cover letters i have a spouse visa and am a resident!
  11. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    Oh and AllieJ congrats on the new job!!
  12. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    I have wondered if my CV was the problem, how can i australianise my CV??? i have tried changing it abit, but mine is only 2 pages long maybe thats the same problem? I know moving to a city would be better and give me a good chance of getting work but unfortunately my girlfriend has all her family along the gold coast and wont move!!
  13. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    tink, my friends have gone up north to tully,one has got some farm work the other is just hanging around waiting for some0one to leave so she can, again thanks for your help! Gold coast mag,do you know of any good temp agencies along the gold coast i can contact? I worked in air traffic and sport and recreation aswell so if anyone hears of anything id be grateful! Everyones kind words are giving me some motivation back :chatterbox:
  14. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    i did some farm work and painting for one of my nans neighbours in 2008 the plan then was to travel but i met my girlfriend and i ended up trying to land a permenant full time job but i was on a WHV visa so was never going to happen. Decided to go back to the UK get an apprenticeship in IT gain experience come out on a more permenant and hopefully get a job in IT as i thought there was alot of IT jobs about (seemed to be in 2008). I have contacted the bloke i did the work for as we got on really well but he has since moved! I think your right in that everything else seems worse as i feel pretty down with not working. Ive got to the point now where im applying for jobs and i feel so negative i think whats the point i wont get it!! Gotta keep trying though i suppose:mad:
  15. jimkenward12

    Just about had enough......

    Thanks i havent come across that website before ill have a look, im in queensland!!